Golf Tip: Putting; Jimmy Ballard

The most important aspect of putting is to have the putter head come back inside the target line to avoid creating angles Jimmy Ballard: Listed as one of Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers Golf Digest’s #24 instructor in the world; Golf Magazine’s 80’s Teacher of the Decade; Has taught over 300 PGA, LPGA and Senior PGA Tour players


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    13 Replies to “Golf Tip: Putting; Jimmy Ballard”

    1. Kennyc says:

      It makes sense to keep the face square to the path by maintaining the triangle as you turn, which you have to do if you want to come from the inside. You then don't ever have to concern yourself with that aspect. All you then have to do is pick your line and send it down there – easier said than done, I know. I also like Jimmy's trick of pointing your forefinger to the intended ball direction, which I'd never before considered. If nothing else it gives you a repeatable finish.

      It seems like this method might be a way to be more consistent and, after all, isn't that what we all want?

    2. Karl G says:

      The only player I ever saw who violated this principle was Lou Graham who won the 1975 US Open with both elbows pointed out and away from his sides. Can't help but wonder how many golfer's messed up their putting by trying that method after seeing Graham win. We're all such suckers for a new method. KG

    3. The best putting advice ever!

    4. TheNYgolfer says:

      I FINALLY got to see Ballard hit a golf ball LoL. One has to be pretty darn confident in ones knowledge when one claims that "all great players do this". IMO there are 2 things that ALL great players do.
      1 They have great impact alignments
      2.see number 1
      Putting is as individual as finger prints. To say that ALL great players arc their strokes is nonsense.Players like Loren Roberts and Steve Stricker (two great putters) both say they putt on a straight line. Putting is doing whatever works 4 u

    5. C Haynes says:

      Two great putts there, Jimmy! Boy, they sure inspire my confidence.

    6. chm97chm97 says:

      For a heel shafted putter Ballarrd is 100% right. Ben Crenshaw is a classic heel shafted putter and the putter head comes inside target line every time,

    7. jaxfl2 says:

      Traditional putting is too complicated. I'm 65. I'm the #2 Putter in Florida. I do it completely differently. It's a lot easier and more accurate. Face the hole, Look at the target and use just one arm. Check out my video. Search ONE HANDED PUTTING or click on my name below.

    8. jr55ful says:

      ben crenshaw does it like ballard says. good enuf for me.

    9. Jerwy says:

      It's more difficult to putt with an arc if you use a face balanced putter.

    10. bens grandad says:

      if you want to putt the ball straight to where you are aiming it should not have any sidespin on it -to check this get a ball with a line around the circumference and watch it roll-arc putters put right to left spin on unless it is hit dead on the base of the arc-pro,s can do it because they practic for hours-find your own stroke and watch the ball line rolling over and over

    11. Terry .W says:

      the best putters in the world ALL arc their putting strokes…even loren roberts who appears to have a straight back and through stroke. its simple physics. the putter has to follow the angle of the shaft and arc to create consistency.

    12. lewdypoo says:

      If you prefer to go straight back I would recommend that you use a belly putter.

    13. LKskateNC says:

      i find i putt better when i putt straight back and thru because less chance of the putter getting off line before impact.. wen i do the arc.. i almost always push it or pull it

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