Golf Tips: Get your chin up

GOLF TIPS: Get your chin up

The best golf swings undoubtedly tend to be the simplest. The fewer moving parts you have in your movement, the easier it is to repeat and gain consistency with your ball striking. But a lot of people are guilty of not keeping their chin up.

bunkered Tuition Panel member Andrew Jowett, Head PGA professional at Gleneagles – the host venue for both the 2014 Ryder Cup and 2019 Solheim Cup – runs through a simple tip on how to rectify this.

To prop your chin up, it will look as though you’re looking over your nose at the ball. It may seem like a strange feeling at first, but it’s bound to help improve the consistency of your golf swing.


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    12 Replies to “Golf Tips: Get your chin up”

    1. I noticed my chin was tucked in a down the line video I recorded of my swing. This fix with chin up is so simple and has changed my game. Thanks for a great video

    2. Rich Kidz says:

      I was at range and had an ah ha moment about my chin. Immediately went here to confirm my findings. This has been my biggest issue! Feels so different now have practice to remove the bad habits caused by low chin 🤦

    3. My golf teacher used to caddie for Arnold Palmer and said that he always smoked on the course. He would throw his cigarette down in front of the ball and set up looking at it, then move his eyes down to the ball and his head was up. I thought that was pretty cool.

    4. Kudos. Rory McIlroy mentioned he ends his backswing when his shoulder hits his chin, then he knows it's time to transition to downswing – seemed odd to me because I'd only achieve a half backswing by the time I reached my chin. Realized this must be because my chin is too low, keeping it up allows superior and more repeatable backswing. This video is spot on based on my experience, don't neglect chin angle. 🙂

    5. Diamond Dac says:

      Brilliant thank you so very much..

    6. Nerffy says:

      no wonder my chin is rubbed raw after going to the range!

    7. Love your channel your great

    8. JustJames says:

      Excellent video. I tried this (just have to remember to do it consistently) and my swing instantly felt so much freer. Thanks Andrew.

    9. This is for tall person, not for short or average height. Chin up is as bad as you head up, cause it open wide your swing plane. Little bit of chin down will help your swing plane consistant.

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