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This video is about how to stop hitting behind the ball in golf. For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.







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    1. ⛳ Grab your "Solid Strike Formula" course here:

    2. shay stern says:

      that ball never landed

    3. Andrew Quinn says:

      This advice helped me a great deal.

    4. the comment on arching the wrist after impact is good- I will try at the range tomorrow- thanks

    5. wceager says:

      Great video. 3 buckets of this will cure you.

    6. Just what I needed! Thanks

    7. Adam – Thank you for the tips. Always great suggestions.

    8. Cubfan69 Kmz says:

      Adam, I just started playing again after being away from the game for about 10 years. I started practicing in March of this year. My issue that I am having is I am a huge toe hitter. Now, my swing is from the inside, but I never get my club to the ball enough to hit it in the center. I seem to pull my hands close to my body. In fact, I will occasionally do it so badly that I almost miss the ball to the inside. I am guessing that this drill should help my issue as well. Anyways, love your teaching technique, keep up the good work.

    9. dogsarefun2 says:

      wow, that grass is beautiful, would lower my HC 6 strokes playing on that.

    10. Idk why but I was struggling with heel shots before and I watched one of your videos about squaring the club face, and I tried that and it work out awesome but then I started hitting toe shots, and I tried this drill and my first shot was pure but then the heel shots came back again 🤦‍♂️. Any suggestions?

    11. I think you hit the nail on the head with this video. For some reason, if I play an excessive amount of golf, I battle toe shots(BAD). My theory is that it happens because my back gets sore and stiff after too much golf, therefore I lose proper rotation in my back swing and I end up swaying back too much. also to favor my back, I tend to suck my arms close to my body and lose proper extension through the ball… It happened to me today so I took a break, watched this video, went to the range, kept this info in mind and I ended my day with 3 nice straight shots. Thank you!!

    12. thes1KK says:

      I didn't realize until recently this was the core mistake in my game. Simple drill…total game changer. Thank you!!

    13. These fairways 😍

    14. Greg Linnell says:

      I have found that if the ball is addressed on the heel of the club, you can accomplish what he is saying. Good lesson from him, saying the same thing.

    15. Hunting Guy says:

      I hurt to see you take that divot on that grass

    16. i cant figure this guys accent out. half the time is slightly english and the other half is slightly southern

    17. M Al D says:

      My fairway toe shots are sometimes so bad that I actually hit the ball 90 degrees to my stance and the direction the ball should go. Is this caused by standing up? How do I prevent this. I try drills to stay down but in play lose the ability.

    18. Soma says:

      Only old mans lime you do toe shots

    19. g p says:

      I’ll take it on the toe vs the hosel anyday

    20. The concept “practice that on a small scale” is helpful. It emphasizes a way to help the play experience and feel the correct body and hand movements. Thanks.

    21. Kept it simple and a drill that Has helped

    22. Ipdex says:

      This 1 video made the complete difference. I've been off 5 for ages, pleased with the way I play, often inconsistent but I know how to score. However, I've always had a swing path that was across the ball. No matter what I tried nothing changed the path. But this video has finally explained where the hands & arms should be through and most importantly after the strike. The hand/arm extension 'outward' as the vids of the pro's show was like a light bulb moment. I started trying it and it felt totally, totally strange. Why? Because I've always been pulling the swing 'in to me vs out away from me. I guess through ball position and manipulation over the years I've got it round very nicely, always a little fade (which sometimes becomes worse until I correct it thru temp and inside backswing etc) but I intend to use this always going forward. It's still very odd to swing like this but the ball flight is so much better. Many, many tks Adam!

    23. ben says:

      Im even hitting chip shots of the toe. I am so confused as to why i cant middle a chip shot. I had a lesson with a PGA pro last week. He had me hit a 7 iron. I proceeded to hit about 40 balls straight down the middle. He was like, "so what is the problem again?" My frustration right now is beyond words.

    24. David Taylor says:

      I would like to see you working with students,

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