Golf Tips : What Do the Numbers on Golf Balls Mean?

The number on a golf ball exists so that people know the difference between their balls, because golf balls can be indistinguishable. Discover how golfers put marks on their golf balls to make them unique with help from a member of the PGA National Teaching Committee in this free video on golf balls.

Expert: Jay Golden
Bio: Jay Golden has been a PGA Member since 1982, and was selected for the PGA National Teaching Committee in 1988.
Filmmaker: Suzie Vigon


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    47 Replies to “Golf Tips : What Do the Numbers on Golf Balls Mean?”

    1. Great explanation thank you !!!

    2. Edward Price says:

      Damn, I have been paying more for used balls with #1 on them for years.

    3. What about a red no.1 or black no.1

    4. You would know if you bought a colorful ball lol

    5. Wow I've read most of these comments and I am disappointed by how snotty so many of you people are. I've actually just started to take an interest in golf over the past few weeks, so I've been trying to read and watch all that I can. A video like this IS news to me.

      How unfortunate for you snotty types…your mothers must've really labored to deliver both you AND your 11-piece beginner sets simultaneously, since you all have been perfectly acquainted with golf right from the get-go.

      It's sad you think nothing of mocking someone for taking time out to carefully teach us latecomers.

      Maybe in the last ten years since this came out, some of you have improved. If any of you haven't, and you're struggling in the relationship department, this is a big red beacon "why".

    6. BangHammers says:

      So helpful!! Hopefully they do a video about the numbers on the club next!

    7. Kyle J. says:

      My dog could care less what the numbers are while he destroys golf balls!! lol

    8. Of course everything in this clip is rubbish! . A number 2 ball weighs 2 kilos…. 🙂

    9. 79palace says:

      I still don’t get it 🤔 I think he should do a hour long clip just so people understand ……also it would be great viewing

    10. ok titleist no 1 (black print) titleist no 1 (red print) anyone know the difference?
      all good golfers know — over a certain age

    11. yap long says:

      numbers are for identification purposes and not weight as some thought so. cant imagine that !

    12. Oh my god, for real? People need to know why their balls are numbered? Some people really think it indicates a difference in weight? Please tell me people aren't really that retarded. 

    13. jabooky15 says:

      @George Gardner im from new york and i pronounce it almost like srix-in lol

    14. Dot Matrix says:

      Good explanation.

    15. Något unikt says:

      But the on balls i've played with the pattern has got more dots the higher the number, why is that?

    16. drivingiron says:

      Jay Golden. Specialist subject: The Bleeding Obvious!

    17. Steve Tilley says:

      it doesn't take 2:25 minutes to explain this.

    18. Lyne G says:

      Thanks! I was actually wondering about does numbers! Tumbs up ;0)

    19. "Srixaan 1" Is that how people from the US say Srixon?
      I pronounce it Srix-un

    20. John Willis says:

      your balls are sagging

    21. ksmith610 says:

      Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

    22. Juan says:

      lol…on the tee ,, hey don't u dare play titleist 8,, or else we'll be so confused! : o !! lol funniest video ever man


    24. Jason Bruce says:

      Geeez imagine talking about numbers on a golf ball for 2 minutes

    25. what a waste of time, you should mark you golf balls before you start.

    26. FULL 951 says:

      Fucken auto correct… Messing up what I was trying to say

    27. FULL 951 says:

      I actually asked myself this question. Be foenthebsame video I thought they were numbed like the irons. A #1 ball would be best used with a driver for distance and a #8 would be best used for high lofted iron. Glad in didn't ask about it on the course. :-/

    28. probably should have mentioned that black numbers are 100 compression and red numbers are 90/80 compression

    29. ductile12 says:

      kud yoo pleese talk about left and right handed balls,,cause it makes as much cents!!!

    30. Um..not to be a d-bag but seriously. ..who didn't know that?

    31. OMG I bought à pack of 12 balls , the first ball in the package had the number 1 on it but the second one had the number 3, I was sooooo confused and look for the number 2 for an hour but realized that number 2 was missing and that I had 2 balls (last time I checked) that had the number 3 on it, but now that I know that the numbers are not important and that has nothing to do with the size, I'm so glad that my balls are normals, at least, two of them, thank god for your help!

    32. Kyle Marx says:

      It's great seeing Christopher Walken's brother on video.

    33. What do numbers on golf balls mean? “So theres no real reason for numbers.” Thank you professor.

    34. kilbraur says:

      I buy Calloway balls with number 3 on them………but I put a tick mark on them, fill in the 3 to look like 8 and pretend I'm playing with Nike number 8 balls.

    35. Bill Taylor says:

      I'm thinking if you don't know this mmmmmmmm might be time to watch a Justin Beiber concert on T.V.

    36. teetertotz24 says:

      "Whose ball is Who"

    37. AB C says:

      I could not stop laughing. Great video and comment!

    38. josh carter says:

      Biggest waste of my time

    39. My partner and I hit our ProV1 (2's) right next to each other in the middle of the fairway, we got so frustrated we went home.

    40. darth bog says:

      why would you have to declare both balls lost and hit your fifth from the tee? wouldn't you play the second regardless as once you chose to hit your second from the tee you deemed your first ball lost

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