Golf Training Like Adam Scott To Help Increase Rotation Mobility and Agility

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Rotation, mobility and agility are important aspects of golf fitness program. These factors are the tenants of a good solid consistent golf swing. Phil Mickelson just recently miseed out on his 59. He displayed all aspects of great golf, mental strength, short game, putting, but his golf training regime is regular for one thing and also very effective. Ok he may not be ripped like some athletes, but his ability to deliver great rotation and create a swing.

Increase Rotation for golf;

Alex Fortey from Athletic golf training answers some viewers uestions to give some golf exercises to help with rotation, mobility and agility.

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    2 Replies to “Golf Training Like Adam Scott To Help Increase Rotation Mobility and Agility”

    1. Mr33223322 says:

      A bit distracted from 35 seconds to 54ish

    2. Jellibelli87 says:

      Great video Alex!
      I noticed something that i bet alot of ppl wonder. When you are doing exercises with a dumbell or medicineball or whatever, you almost never tell what weight you are using.
      At least i am wondering 🙂
      Keep up the good work!

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