GOLF: Two Drills To Quick Fix A Shank

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There are two important drills that I exploit on a regular basis to repair the shank shot for my college students and we’ll repair it for you.

The largest factor that I see that results in a shank is an error with individuals and the place their weight goes of their toes. Once I take my regular setup the burden is useless center of my toes and I’ve that golf ball in the midst of my membership. If I make my weight go extra in the direction of my toes, my membership goes to maneuver away from me, which introduces the heel to the golf ball. You should not have your weight going extra in the direction of your toes at any level within the swing.

If you wish to fast repair a shank we will use a drill that’ll provide you with suggestions.

Begin with a brief iron for this drill, like an 8 iron, and work your manner up. Even should you solely hit shank photographs along with your driver, nonetheless begin with a brief iron first.

The primary merchandise I’ll use is a variety bucket. I put the bucket proper exterior of the golf ball – perhaps a few sixteenth of an inch exterior the ball. I don’t have a number of room in any respect. If I usually hit a shank – which will probably be my membership head middle mass too far exterior of the golf ball – I might clip the basket. For this drill I have to do a few brief follow swings and hit a few golf balls and I have to really feel no matter I have to really feel to NOT hit the bucket. The identical drill works in an analogous manner with a golf membership field or shoebox. I arrange the field very similar to the bucket and do the identical items.

Drill quantity two is extra of a feel-based factor, however it turns right into a drill. A lot of individuals have the butt of the membership, the deal with, and their working too far to the suitable throughout their downswing and that makes the hosel hit the ball. Definitely the membership head’s going to maneuver to the suitable some quantity in the course of the downswing, however your palms, your deal with, the grip must work left.

Through the downswing, when you get your membership someplace by your proper thigh, it’s essential really feel your palms and the grip ripping left. It must really feel such as you’re hitting your self within the left thigh on the best way by. What does that do? Properly, if I take my regular setup and I rip my grip and my palms up and left, that may make the membership comes extra in the direction of me and would get the hosel away from the golf ball. Hit some brief and sluggish to start out – like 100 yard photographs – and really feel your palms and grip ripping as far left as you may attainable make it go. You would possibly even hit one or two off the toe with this drill which is a ravishing downside if in case you have points with the shank.

So the details right here:

-In case you are combating shank photographs, reference your weight in your toes and distance away. Something overly in the direction of the toe is a matter and any form of path that is loopy exterior of regular is a matter as effectively.

-You’ll be able to repair portion of the burden difficulty with the bucket or field drill. Set the bucket or field up simply exterior of the ball and do brief, sluggish follow photographs with a purpose of not hitting the bucket or field.

-The feeling of all the things – your palms, the grip, the butt of the membership – ripping up and left goes to get you off the shank.

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    31 Replies to “GOLF: Two Drills To Quick Fix A Shank”

    1. Luis Bonilla says:

      I am in the middle of the 3 week shank nightmare. Came off the best round I ever had where I was striking the ball well for me and then all of a sudden shanks, ground balls, nasty low slice hooks. I tried a drill at the range that we recommended to me in which I put my feet together and hit 1/4 and 1/2 swings with the ball in the back of my stance. That has helped some and been able to go back to full swings and gotten some great contact, but then I go back to the shanking next time I go to the course or range. Crazy stuff. I will try your tips. I know that my weight shift is a miss. I under take huge crater chunks out or thin out shots. Hoping this nightmare will end 🙂

    2. magnumpi83 says:

      I knew that was Martin Tower in the background!

    3. Larry Hill says:

      Typically which club would you suggest for short chips, is currently use a 54°, is that ok or more like a U wedge?

    4. I've been shanking my wedges on and off for 50 years now and still don't know why. I've taken many lessons and tried every YouTube tip to no avail. It's simply in my DNA. Eric's advice to whip the hands to the inside on the downswing is helpful, and is similar to my favorite advice which is from David Leadbetter who recommends addressing the ball off the heel of the club and telling everybody to your immediate right to lie down before you swing.

    5. Paul Merrell says:

      I've watched so many YouTube videos, with so many so called experts, showing drills to eradicate a shank!!
      Thank you so much for the advice of ripping the butt of the club around my body. This one simple but obvious bit of advice has cured that unwelcome shank I have in every round!

    6. 27seconds27 says:

      Eric, the second drill was great. Really been a big issue for my shorter clubs. Hitting 6 or 7 a round for the last month and turning a high 70 into a high 80. Will keep working on it. Thanks

    7. SAB FAN says:

      I’m guessing these drills would work with pitching/chipping as well?

    8. Vaughnny says:

      Went to the range armed with these drills and the results were great. Having awareness of ripping the hands to the left helped a lot. Wasn’t even thinking about that before and no doubt my hands were working their way right in the past. I used the ball basket as a guide and only clipped it once. Another thing I did was to keep the ball slightly closer to the toe at address. Last time I was at the range I shanked 3/4 of my shots. Hardly any shanks today and, on the occasion that I did, for the next shot I thought “rip the hands left” and the subsequent shot was solid. Thumbs up for this video.

    9. Joe Marks says:

      I've literally tried everything I could find on shanking pitch shots, been fighting it off/on for the last 2 1/2 years.
      My handicap of a solid 2 has bloated to double digits because of these shanks from 30-60 yards when hitting partial wedges.
      I didn't want to feel a ripping motion, but instead made sure my hands finished left.
      This used to be a really strong part of my game, and I'd found the key was body rotation for solid strikes that produce good spin to stop the ball.
      Hit about 40 balls practicing it, then went and walked 5 holes and hit 2 balls each hole from somewhere between these distances. Uphill, sidehill, above and below feet. Chose a different lie every time.
      Hit every green except one, went at a back pin and ended up in the back fringe.
      Small divots pointing just slightly left, but I do stand open on these to encourage rotation.
      Was still hitting about a 1/4 " towards the heel from dead center , but no shanks.
      Nice mid flight with plenty of spin to stop the ball.
      I sure hope this is a fix.
      It would be great to get back to hitting these 15 feet and inside like I used to a few years ago.
      I've tried so many things that work for several weeks, even a couple months, but then shanks come right back.
      Fingers crossed.

    10. Good content bro.. thanks

    11. Khoo William says:

      Great video Eric, will surely practise this. My question is why do you suddenly develop shank after you many good shots. The shanks comes in all of a sudden esp in a midst of a good game. Wondering if you have any tips or comments on how to overcome this. Thanks

    12. Square Belt says:

      feel like your ripping it left totally fixed it for me thank you

    13. Great tips. Very well explained.

    14. Ron Marrier says:

      I tried this after having the shanks with my short irons for the past two years and it worked perfectly !!! I'm back to hitting nice shots high, straight, and enjoying golf again !!! Thank you for the tips !!!

    15. Bill Bley says:

      Shanking the ball 1 or more times a round was just killing my game. After one driving range session I can already see and feel the difference! The thought of Ripping the hands to the left has also helped shifting my weight. What a great feeling, hitting the ball solid!
      Thanks Eric!

    16. Joe Hommes says:

      Bend over more at the hips to get rid of shanks.

    17. B Michael says:

      a thumbs up, but you need to get reacquainted with a ruler……..3/8" is a finger…….not 1/16th of an inch 🙂 — look at the gap……..3/8" is about right…….ALSO……we amateurs shouldn't be held to 1/16th of an inch for a pass/fail re shanks……heck, if I can consistently hit within 3/8" inch of exact center, I'd be happy.

    18. Ron hudson says:

      Had lesson from my pro yesterday , I’m not hitting with open face, no I’m shanking. Thx for your feelings.

    19. Some super simple drills there! Glad I watched this video as got the shanks at the range the other day and couldn't stop them! Got an open in 2 days time so guess where I'll be going and what I'll be doing tomorrow to try and get a good feeling back in again?!!

    20. Steve says:

      i scored my first 84 2 days ago was buzzing. went on the range today and couldn't hit a single ball correct with my irons. i watched this video and tried the box drill wow it worked straight away thank you back hitting straight.

    21. D. BOON says:

      The box Taylor Made Irons Box makes all the difference puts your hands in the right position. Thanks!

    22. Eec2021 says:

      This video is GOLD. ripping the hands left. MONEY.
      You are a great teacher. Thanks for posting.

    23. Rich S says:

      Thanks Eric great advice. 👌😀

    24. golferkevt says:

      This has to be the best video on shanks I have found, I have struggled for years trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. I practiced in the back yard 3 times today with a box and it works great. All I have to do is rip to the left and no way can I reach the box. Thanks Eric

    25. thowdy says:

      I watch a lot of shank vids…because I have the shanks….this was one of the very few that doesn’t explain what a shank is. I appreciate that because EVERYONE who has shanked know what they are…no need to explain it.

    26. Christoph says:

      I only ever shank with my lob wedge now and again, any idea why that would be or would you need to see a video?

    27. Mehdi Khaku says:

      Hi Eric
      Thanks for the great video. Your content is always very to the point and well explained.

      I have been working with my golf pro to improve my contact, and fix my path to more in to out. As I began this process I began shanking like crazy. He suggested a similar drill to the club box or bucket, however using another ball. I was going thru waaay too many balls at the range so I watched this video and then tried it with the club box and the results have so far been phenomenal. I've started it using my pitching wedge and 9 iron. Ball flying much straighter and even the some draws in there. I'm committed to this process however I have a question.

      When/how long does it generally take to make this swing 'habit' or 'natural' for me? I'm willing practise using this technique for however long it takes, but after 4 range sessions, I still find when I go to the longer clubs my swing begins to revert back to 'out to in'.

      Thanks for your help.

    28. Mehdi Khaku says:

      Thanks for the video. Gonna try this at the range tomorrow.
      I have been working with my pro for the last few weeks in getting my swing more in to out. I struggle with inaccurate short iron play, inconsistent contact, and a slice with the lower lodge clubs especially … which means breaking 90 is extremely difficult.

      As my swing has started to change more in to out, the dreaded shanks have arrived in full force.
      Also, I do feel that I do lean forward (perpendicular to the target) as the downswing initiates.

      Is it common to begin shanking the ball when attempting to change a swing more in to out? Your thoughts/advice would be much appreciated.

      I will try your drill tomorrow.


    29. Todd Walters says:

      My shank was due to an excessively closed club face at impact with a bit of over the top. I know it sounds lovely. But the ball bucket helped.

    30. thanks! going to give this a try

    31. c shaw says:

      This worked better than switching the change in my pockets, flipping my hat on backwards and sticking a tee in my ear.

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