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    38 Replies to “Good golfers DON'T DO THIS with DRIVER!?”

    1. colin boxall says:

      I don’t do any of those things 🫠🤥. Oh to have a go to driver swing. Grip pressure and changing grip in practice swing is a defo. Fault.

    2. I only hit my driver 220 carry and I couldn't care Less.

    3. Have to DISAGREE on adjusting the settings loft/direction on the driver. I change mine from 7.5 to 10.5 depending on conditions. Less wind I will bump it up, play for more carry. Windy day, dropping it all the way down and playing for more roll. That is the whole point of having adjustments. Same goes for the weighting on the bottom of the driver as well if that is an option. Learn how to hit it with all settings and know what your best is.

    4. I tend to hang back (hoping I can help the ball in the air) on my drives. James, can you do an instructional video on proper weight transfer with driver?

    5. So truthful. This content should be on repeat.

    6. I have a 12% driver and I’m lucky if I get it 10 ft in the air. So what’s happening there.

    7. Lee Roberts says:

      “Don’t try to out drive your playing partners “? From the guy that routinely brags to everyone he plays with how much farther his drives are than theirs. And then screams “get in” when he makes a putt.

    8. Definitely tried to beat Brett cooper 😂

    9. Stuart B says:

      All I’m hearing is “buy a TSR3”….sold, that’s for the advice 👍🙌

    10. PAUL Mount says:

      Guilty of the try to out drive them! Wonderful advise James

    11. Tied4Last says:

      You can keep telling golfers to check their egos but they’ll never listen. They buy nonforgiving drivers and driving irons lol

    12. Mark Antiss says:

      Hey mate. I know this is a bit out of context but l have had the worst 3 rounds of my life. I have so many swing thoughts going three my head it isn’t funny. Chunky shots, topping and thinning it. I’m about to give it away.

    13. Mark Crisp says:

      NIce lightening in the background 😀

    14. Is that lightening in the background?

    15. Paul McKee says:

      Nice video James, I do have a tendency to over grip. But my main problem is to much hight, even when teed down and having my loft at 9.5

    16. james wilkes says:

      I got fitted a year ago, went to a senior flex shaft. Humbling but I hit the ball better than I have in a long time.

    17. Jay Horrocks says:

      Except your brother, always try to hit further than your brother. 😂

    18. Jamie Ben says:

      My go to shot is a little butter fade but when my grip pressure is poor or I am having a re-grip kind of day it is FORE RIGHT! Best advice…swing within yourself and stop chasing distance. Position is far more important

    19. Barracatcher says:

      Yes I do get guilty of trying to hit more “UP” on it chasing that extra few yards every now and again. And it invariably ends up in a top, or a bottom of the face hook!.

    20. When my HC went from 16 to 10 it was when I hit my driver consistently in the fairway (or at least out of trouble) Once I realized that it doesn't matter if I hit a 7i or a 9i for my 2nd shot as long as I have a chance to be on in regulation.

    21. Keith Ivory says:

      Great tips as usual, thanks James. The last part of the video with the lightning 🌩 was great 👍, hope you and Mr.Fox 🦊 made it back before the rain.

    22. TJVBham says:

      I agree 100%. Great video with so many good points.

    23. Ryan Jacobs says:

      I’m still here Robbo

      I generally hit it 300 with the driver 350 on a good day

      And then I wake up 🤣 I fitted golf clubs for nearly 12 year the amount of times guys came in and apparently the monitor wasn’t right or he is having an off day because it’s showing he’s 30/60 shorter than he is on the course 🤣🤙🏻

    24. Paul Bown says:

      I think you should try some different shafts James

    25. Mathew Webb says:

      Was that a thunder storm in the background good tips I do none of them now since been fitted 4 years ago

    26. John Simpson says:

      Used to play around with the settings of my driver I got fitted for, but not now. Strange, I got fitted for my irons but can’t change them even if I wanted to. Guess that’s just the way it inon adjustable irons , and we just accept it🤔

    27. Gary Tommy says:

      I loved seve's idea about grip pressure. He said hold it like you would shake hands with a woman, not so hard that it could hurt her, but firm enough that she knows you are man. Works for me, and so hard to miss your heroes

    28. J R says:

      This was just bloody great! Very helpful advice.

    29. John King says:

      James, just a thought from your video of you and your launch monitor; if you had a slope from the screen to your tee mat, perhaps that would save you some effort retrieving the ball after you’ve hit over and over. 😁.

    30. Jeff Nahass says:

      Agree with everything you’ve said.

    31. Steelfan 365 says:

      Good tips, was that lightning I see in the background or something with the camera?

    32. Still here James 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    33. Great one James. Can’t wait to see the Foxy video.
      And was that lightning ⚡️ in the distance when you filmed that ?

    34. phil shield says:

      Great tips, I've been working on driver grip and have gained an average of 30yrds this season, now I've stopped strangling it

    35. Great advice James and I’m still here

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