In as we speak’s each day vlog we head out to do some thrifting for revenue at Goodwill. We discovered some superior stuff to resell on ebay and one thing Ashley has been searching for without end! What did we discover? Let’s discover out!


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    33 Replies to “GOODWILL HAD WHAT SHE WANTED!!”

    1. It is a minor league baseball team. It’s the El Paso team

    2. Rupert Gale says:

      You never know what you're going to eat… let's go eat it!

    3. Paul Walters says:

      Just wondering… how big are the closets in your new house. You purchase sooo many neat shirts etc. Love the video.

    4. Ashley always covers her mouth with her hand for a few seconds after she takes a bite and starts chewing😁

    5. Mike Sam says:

      Ashley looking quite fetching as always! 🏌️

    6. First Name says:

      1:28 – Check out those racks of luggage.

    7. Noahsrun99 says:

      Broo when I saw that logo on the red hat with the Chihuahua I JUST YELLED SO LOAD THAT IS THE EL PASO CHIHUAHUAS TEAM

    8. Jonny D Cash says:

      Jon & Ash there was some Pyrex in the port orange goodwill yesterday inside the glass case when you walk in front door area . I’m sure you know where I’m talking about as they keep what they think is high end stuff there . I do think it might’ve been that same pattern as it was that color of blue .

    9. No! NO! Please don’t do a whole video at Old Town!

      No one ever would want to see you two do an entire video at Old Town.

      Seriously, just Don’t Do That.

      We don’t need to see you two being even more ridiculous at the…

      Alright, yeah. Go on then.

    10. david reece says:

      Wow guys guess what I just won a prize from you for my comment Thank you

    11. Tdiva-Elly says:

      German in Dutch is “Duits”. Which is closely related to the German word for german, which is Deutsch. Hence all the confusion in the US with things like Pennsylvania Dutch. They are from German descent, not Dutch, so it should be Pennsylvania Deutsch. ( I am Dutch)

    12. So cool you found an El Paso Chihuahuas hat. They are pretty popular and good to see something from way out here made it to your channel. Keep the content coming show more golf as well

    13. Hi guys, just to let you know that in Dutch you would say "ik spreek een beetje Duits". I am not Dutch by the way I'm actually an Australian with dual Australian English citizenship but have lived in the Netherlands for nearly 11 years as my wife is Dutch. Liking the new channel by the way and early subscriber here and also Stacked Golf. Keep up the good work as look forward to these videos on both channels.

    14. El Paso Chihuahuas.. Use to be El Paso Diablos.. minor league team

    15. Barry Muller says:

      I can’t bring myself to buy used shoes. I even bought some insoles from ASICS just in case I couldn’t pass something up.

    16. Brent Colby says:

      we are not here to see john……. lol

    17. The red cap with the chihuahua is for the El Paso Texas Triple A Baseball team.

    18. Video Idea 💡
      Let's see the chipper collection!

    19. Ashley, prestained jogging suit is ok – it's like buying a new car and getting that first scratch! Congrat's on your Pyrex find. Always enjoy the food reviews! Pretzel's from Auntie Anne's are awesome. Keep having fun!

    20. Definitely not Fresno State. They’re the bulldogs. That looked like a chihuahua.

      Edit: I guess I didn’t need to run to the comments so fast. Haha

    21. I Love the adventures with Ashley & Jon. Ugly Christmas sweaters, Pyrex, and a a pretzel. Life is good. Best goodwill couple on youtube. OH WAIT!! Yes, do a downtown Celebration episode.

    22. MJ Daniel says:

      I love your new channel. Have never played golf, but loved your golf channel because you guys are awesome. Yes, would love a tour of old town. And by the way, all the little extra things you add in and think are silly…. That’s what makes your show so personable. 😊

    23. Big Majestic says:

      The Big Show and Mayweather returns! YES!!😁

    24. Jeremy Hyden says:

      Jon that shirt is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    25. Heydeereman says:

      I missed the video
      Rear rubber doughnut went squishy. Had to go to Harley to get a new air filled center 🤣

    26. Gringo Loco says:

      Yes to downtown Celebration episodes!

    27. ChHook says:

      Adventures with Ashley & Jon Fun Content Good Picks! Be Well Be Safe & Stay Blessed.

    28. Randy says:

      El paso chihuahuas

    29. Steve Beck says:

      I would have walked out of there with about 10 of those coffee mugs. My wife says I don’t need anymore coffee mugs.🤔🤷🏼‍♂️ Thanks for taking us along.♥️👍🏼

    30. Ryan Moore says:

      Its a warm up suit not pajamas!! 😂

    31. Mark Noriz says:

      Yeah, if only Stacked fishing….. meh, still love you guys!

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