Grant is an amazing coach! #goodgood #golf #granthorvat #golftips

7 Replies to “Grant is an amazing coach! #goodgood #golf #granthorvat #golftips”

  1. I can’t stand with people say “acrosst”

  2. banks7714 says:

    Yet Tiger teaches a more closed stance and wants to feel like hes drawing it

  3. CookieGunner says:

    Grant slices across, Joey looks like hes slicing down a tree

  4. I T says:

    He will always be bad, no amount of lessons will ever turn his game around. With that being said, keep trying and don’t give up!!

  5. Matt Caesar says:

    I think thats harder to do for beginners, i usually tell them to try and hit 1” behind the ball in the sand and that way you dont thin it.

  6. New Wealth says:

    It’s basic fundamentals those two are pretty beginner golfers if they can’t hit it out of a bunker

  7. David I says:

    I’m doing two shots here, 60 yards over into the next fairway or perfect out with backspin 2 feet from hole.

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