Great Drill to Focus on Balance and Lower Body Stability

10 Replies to “Great Drill to Focus on Balance and Lower Body Stability”

  1. Paco Valero says:

    Centro de gravedad en las acdominales superiores

  2. david harris says:

    Ok…that conflicts the last 1 of yours I liked..where you stopped and adjusted shoulders by that point in the downswing

  3. Mike Moore says:

    Highly recommend the drill videos , keep doing what your doing for the golf community !!! Also received the stitch golf driver head cover for the 4th of July give away, great quality and in the bag !!! Much love to the channel and appreciate what you do !! Thanks again

  4. mruhuji says:

    Great drill to play golf on a cruise ship

  5. Great drills to never hit a ball while playing a sport where the most important thing is how you strike it.

  6. Ycombine says:

    Lol no it's not.

  7. Joshua King says:

    Couldnt do that without trying to swing a club

  8. golfbike says:

    Iā€™d be wearing a helmet šŸ˜€

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