Oh my god…THIS IS GROUND BREAKING… A huge CONSPIRACY THEORY ABOUT ‘TOP PLAYERS’ AT SCOTTISH OPEN has been revealed and this is huge. There has been a lot of speculation about the Scottish Open and the organisation of this and there is now a huge conspiracy theory about the open!

The tour pro took to social media to reveal his conspiracy theory and twitter and social media went wild! There has been a lot of speculation about the tee off times for the tour professionals in relation to the Open next week, and this is where this ground breaking conspiracy theory starts!!

There is so much to talk about in this huge golf video and breaking news all about the Scottish open. Rory McIlroy wins Scottish Open with stunning birdie on 18th! Rory McIlroy hit a fabulous second shot before making his birdie putt as he beat home hope Robert MacIntyre by one shot to win the Scottish Open. Rory McIlroy birdies the 72nd to win at Genesis Scottish Open. In the final round of the 2023 Genesis Scottish Open, Rory McIlroy drove his 205-yard approach through the wind and lands his ball 10 feet from the cup at the par-4 18th hole. The putt for birdie meant he claimed his 24th victory of his PGA TOUR career!!

This ground breaking story is huge, tune into today’s breaking news story and breaking golf news. No doubt this is something that will be trending across youtube and trending across golf news!

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  1. BACK 9 FILMS says:

    is this just a theory…or are you thinking it’s true…

  2. Eddie is probably right, and he's always got an interesting take on things. But it's also very wet / windy at Hoylake this week! We're the wrong side of the gulfstream for the warmer weather currently!😢

  3. Jason Boyea says:

    These are the best players in the world, that play for extreme amount of money. Lets of course lets these supposed best players in the world play the best or worst they can.

  4. M C says:

    The R&A moved the starting times last time at Hoylake because of forecasted bad weather..

    Rory was a big benefactor of them doing that..

    If memory serves, didn’t they also have a two tee start on the Saturday??

  5. This is not the first time they have moved tee times due to weather. I agree with it.

  6. 😅😅😅 its " I'm Eddie F####ing Pepperil " stirring the pot..

  7. Philip Hall says:

    Hmmm would a £9m prize pot woth good lunks practice or a bit of wind affect tour players coming back next year?

  8. fredsharky says:

    After what we have seen from the "TOUR" lately – It is not a stretch for them to do this

  9. Mark I says:

    There are always winds there. We played in 2018 at a few courses and I felt like I was playing in a wind tunnel at times and it was wet and cold to make it even tougher. For the moeny we paid for that trip, even a hangover didn't stop us. Yeah, it wasn't easy, but we are not professional players getting paid to play. We had a blast knowing the tradition there. We have seen players play in bad conditions before. I think made a decission based on protecting the leaders and protecting the Scottish Open.

  10. Ken Eves says:

    What a load of rubbish,Eddie is touting.

  11. Craig Moy says:

    Cam Smith back to back. Eddie full of crap, risk to fans of being out in a storm is more of an issue than players have a few hours head start to the week following.

  12. I love watching the tournaments with rough weather because it’s a more relatable viewing experience, rather than watching golfers on dry, sunny, vacuumed fairways.

  13. I don't think it was a conspiracy, just a decision to make sure the tournament got done that day. I did read a few conspiracy theories in the comments though! What would have been fun was "to make things fair for all the players" would be to wait later in the day when the weather really got going and shotgun everyone off. "There you go, boys! Have fun!" It would have been a lololol fest! 🤣

  14. Víctor Hovland & Jon Rahm.Wasn't it always the case the Scottish Open started on the Wednesday thru Saturday leading upto Open week.Why has this changed?

  15. yea i bet the PGA asked to change the times, the PGA needs its top players to win over Liv players

  16. Ren May says:

    What’s to say the conditions won’t be the same next week? So not moving the tee times up and going to 3-some off both tees would just prepare the top players for similar poor conditions in the Open.

  17. Paul Dummett says:

    With a lot of old tradional links, the wind is a major factor in preventing Tour Pro's from shooting super low. Maybe a Shotgun Start is a possibility 🤔 😂 so they all play in exactly the same conditions 😅. Works on another Tour. I also don't think any tournament should be called an Open if there isn't a route available for every Pro to qualify/play.

  18. Who gives a shit…? Storm in a tea cup

  19. Personally i think there is only one reaons for those tee times and that is to make sure to finish on sunday because of all the things happening before a major.
    And i absolutely think it‘s just a theorie because those players olay the scottish open just to prepare for the open, they want those weather and course conditions because they never have them in the US

  20. When quoting letters,texts etc quote them accurately, you tend not to! It’s disrespectful and alters the context!

  21. Chris Thomas says:

    It was perfect for Australia finished and watched Wimbledon final!!

  22. well dont forget that loads of LIV players will be in the open RORY WILL STRUGGEL TO BE IN THE TOP TEN

  23. What a load of absolute rubbish. It’s the same for everyone in the field so what’s the problem? Those that didn’t enter the Scottish Open also shouldn’t get an advantage just because they were scared to play the week before the open. At least this lot entered and played the week before

  24. Equal conditions for all players. It is interesting to see the engenuity of the top players but is it fair?

  25. Chris Loynes says:

    Of course the teetimes were adjusted for the wind. So what ?? Happy with it.

  26. Chris Loynes says:

    Any of 25 players can win, probably not Rory there’s some luck, he’s had his share last weekend sadly ?

  27. Chris B. says:

    Yes,it's ALWAYS about money…

  28. These guys are suppose to be professional so when they play a tournament it shouldn't effect how they prepare for the next tournament and yes they're in the country that can have brutal weather so if they're gonna cry about it dont play there..
    These guys always cry about how hard the course is and say its not fare…please guys you need to man up, ya know I watch a lot of the lpga and I've never heard them cry about a tough course..just saying🙂

  29. N M H says:

    Eddie needs to get HIS attention from playing good golf , and not his Tweets . He is a golfer , not a Conspiracy Theorist . Stick to what you get paid for , playing golf ! Let's focus on BRITISH OPEN.

  30. Mike Glynn says:

    As an avid golf tournament watcher from America I was disappointed I didn’t see one shot due to time of telecast. 430 wake-up a little much. The Open is perfect start watching at 9am threw early afternoon. Looking forward to the Open! Cheers to u Brit’s!

  31. Aussie says:

    Great decision. They should play more tournaments like this. Out early, champion crowned before 3. Job done.

  32. I think people that arent at the top are always going to have a conspiracy about what’s going on if he was on that leader board would he have been putting this out there to make people wonder

  33. P DMV says:

    Hardly a conspiracy…more like good business sense. EP is dead on in his analysis. The golf is secondary. The ching ching ($$$$) is primary.

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