Growing Up in Hollywood, the Brutal Media Business, and Her Exit From Fox News, with Melissa Francis

Megyn Kelly is joined by her buddy and journalist Melissa Francis to speak about rising up as a toddler actor, her mom’s abuse, lifelong challenges of getting a mother who’s a sociopath, the means her mother handled her sister, tales about her time on the “Little Home on the Prairie” set, leaving the Hollywood business, what drew her to journalism, the variations between NBC and Fox Information, the circumstances that led to her exit from Fox Information, the brutality of the media enterprise, her husband and children, and extra.

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    41 Replies to “Growing Up in Hollywood, the Brutal Media Business, and Her Exit From Fox News, with Melissa Francis”

    1. Puggy Nugz says:

      You go girls! You don't need those sexist A-holes because there are more options for you now. I watch Fox but I hate the short dresses, Porn heels and fake eyelashes.

    2. You did it with good intentions, without malice Ms. Melissa. Nothing wrong with it.

    3. Davis Holman says:

      Trust me – finding help for mental illness is NOT available to everyone. My son was unemployed – so severely depressed he couldn’t get out of bed. I signed him up for Medicaid. It was absolutely PATHETIC! I cannot tell you how awful the so called ‘professional help’ is for those with no other options. I ended up getting a second job to pay for him to get some decent medical help.

    4. Ray and Melissa ♥️♥️♥️

    5. Fast Eddie says:

      Great interview! Great job Megyn.

    6. What a wonderful interview…loved getting to know Melissa Francis. Kudos to her for asking for fair pay, no matter the outcome. I wish her well as she moves forward from this unfairness.

    7. Avatar007 says:

      Love how she said the most important part is to be honest with oneself (and others) and be willing to look at oneself. What an insightful, wise, intriguing and beautiful interview – from both of them!

    8. I remember that episode of Little House on the Prairie! I remember being so traumatized when the camara showed the hand sticking out from underneath the wagon. I don't know why it was so upsetting for me, but I've always remembered that scene.

    9. Cyndy Davis says:

      I enjoyed watching Melissa and was sad she was gone.

    10. Vickie says:

      Imagine being in the military in the 70’s – no HR, very few female officers (outside of medical), it was hell! To pass along what my mother taught me “know your worth, never quit and always stand your ground”! We must continue to teach and lift our young ones up – their value is our tomorrow!!

    11. A says:

      Americans have a need for self deprecating ,being overly excited and show vulnerability which actually ,contrary to their false belief leads to weakness not strength .

    12. Oh wow this was such a good interview. I LOVED Missy on LHOTP. I feel like I could be best friends with Megan and Melissa and we would have SUCH fun talking and laughing all night long.

    13. Although I watch Fox over the other news organizations I'm seriously pissed off that this happened to Melissa. What is Melissa up to now? Does she have a podcast? Is she doing another book? Thanks Megyn for a great interview. I'm a huge fan of yours and so glad to get to hear from you again 5 days a week! 😀

    14. slpip says:

      FBI and NY AG abused their authority to issue a fake search warrant and filed a civil lawsuit for a dismissed investigation last year and the NY AG blackmailed $250M from Trump for the NY AG's personal gain. FBI and NY AG's misconduct and abuse of their authorities should be prosecuted by the law and the NY AG should be fired.

    15. Ray Snut says:

      Megyn, thanks for another great show!!!!😍🤟

    16. Michele Lyn says:

      Main Street media is done it's only a matter of time I'm pregnant I'm personally sick of all the d*** commercials and sick of hearing about freaking disease is a mental disorder and ask your doctor to give you some drugs drugs drugs drugs judged drugs every other commercial

    17. Liz Colton says:

      This conversation just took me to another level about any television news media. I loved watching both of you, ladies, and appreciate (so much) your honesty about news and updated information. I'm not in the news media world but also experienced something very similar back in the 1980's as a young lady going out into the 'job world' and having a real eye opener about the way an office works run by men. I'm so glad you are both standing strong! Keep up the great work that you do.

    18. Michele Lyn says:

      And when you're a liar how do you keep up with all the lies like my sister my mom lies so much and you're just like ha and they don't keep up the lives because they tell the same story but with different facts depending on whatever they feel that day so you'll hear the same exact story with the same exact people but a whole different set of facts on what actually happened where you're sitting there didn't he tell me that this happened in this other way and you know you're not trippin and then they get mad at you for being like noticing it How do I tell the democrats have been acting for the last 10 years

    19. Michele Lyn says:

      Because there's usually one child in the family who ends up being the true teller and it's usually the 1 who is the golden child in the beginning but then the golden child starts to see a crack in the mask and they start questioning the mother and she can't have that because when you're about 56 and 7 you start going to school you have friends that you are interacting with around their parents you notice how your parent is different in public than they are at home The meaningfulness spitefulness the no hugs yeah I mean that's me I'm the true teller I'm the true teller and I haven't had a relationship with my mom hit but with my mom to be honest I never We've never had a serious deep you're a deep conversation ever and ever and I really quit talking to her because she's just abusive I always guess I'm mean to say always putting me down I mean Who needs that from the person who's supposed to love you the most someone's wrong with them just remember that

    20. Michele Lyn says:

      But you have to comprehend it's not you it's not your sister it was never either of you you're a prop they don't think of people as people like you're an object to them literally an literally an object to be used they don't even grasp the concept that you have your own life And that actually the only way you can do it and deal with it is don't make it personal your mother is sick just like my mother my sister they are sick you know and and if you had your mother with dementia and she was calling you FMB every day you wouldn't take it personally it feels personal but it's not it was never about you if you look at your mom's upbringing you'll find the truth then ull have sympathy for her at the same time protecting yourself this is abuse in so many levels they lie they gaslight they guilt amd I swear there is some chunk part of their plbrain never developed look back now rhinknof a 4 uear old brat upl see it in them these people have arrested development it's sad but when u see it you can unsee it and their disorder is not excuse to be abused u told my mom once after she called me.a selfish self center b who inly.carews about herself I said yes mom I do care about myself to not be abused uea thats didn't go well of course caise they can handle.the truth amd they turn everything back on you
      Narcisits are empty souls damaged beyond repair they don't see it they don't get it they have so mich guilt and shame they can't deal.with and it's put on their kids and spouses but once u see it u cant unsee it and it's not personal but u have to accept the fact your mother is bat shit crazy before you were even born

    21. Michele Lyn says:

      Sounds like narcisistic personality disorder There is no help they don't get it they will never get it I have a mother and a sister been dealing with and I'm 51 they are mean spirited made at the world think they got screwed out of some perfect life robbed by kids

    22. Mrs. Kelly, I love your YouTube Channel. As an AMERICAN & PERSON OF COLOR/MIX. Is there anyway you can advise or talk to any POLITICANS to make it a LAW to PREVENT AMERICAN CITIZENS from PAYING for a LIFETIME SECURITY for NUTMEG, MEGEXIT, MEAGAIN, JEZEBEL DEVIL in a RED DRESS 💃, WALLIS SIMPSON 2.0, AMBER "TURD" HEARD 2.0, DORIA RAGLAND 2.0 (there is a SAYING in my COMMUNITY like MOTHER LIKE DAUGHTER & the APPLE DOESN'T FALL FAR FROM the TREE, BERNIE MADOFF PONZI SCHEMER 2.0, CON ARTIST, MANIPULATOR, SOCIOPATH NARCISSISTIC, Z-LISTER ACTRESS, USER, PATHOLOGICAL LIAR. My COMMUNITY NEVER TRUST or SUPPORT her from the BEGINNING. NUTMEG CHARACTER SPOKE VOLUMES & when she didn't INVITE EITHER SIDE of her FAMILY MEMBERS told US she would be DANGEROUS to the ROYAL FAMILY & BRITISH PEOPLE. Just like she didn't INVITE her FAMILY MEMBERS & CUT THEM off she would do the SAME REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY with TRAP PRINCE, WHIP, HAZZMAT. HANDBAG, DUMMY, WEAK, USING MENTAL HEALTH (AS A CUSHION to get the PUBLIC SYMPATHY & SUPPORT), EDWARD VIII 2.0. MEAGAIN is the 1 WEARING the DRESS & PANTS in that MARRIAGE. TRAP PRINCE HARRY HANDBAG 👜 doesn't have his BALLS. As an AMERICAN I don't CARE if KING CHARLES decides to make there CHILDREN PRINCE & PRINCESS but I REFUSE to have us AMERICAN PAYING for their SECURITY!!! Both of them must get REAL JOBS to support their OWN FAMILY like the REST of AMERICANS do everyday whether we come from MONEY or NOT!!! If the TRAP, NARCISSISTIC, PATHOLOGICAL LIAR PRINCE wasn't so DUMB he would see or should have seen NUTMEG WALLIS SIMPSON 2.0, TURD 2.0 & DORIA RAGLAND 2.0, Z-LISTER is with him for (1) FAMOUS (2) FORTUNES/MONEY; (3) TITLES. Like AMBER TURD she has (PAY FOR & CALL) the PAPARAZZI & TABLOIDS when she wants to SPREAD more LIES. As far as information coming saying PPL of COLOR/MIX support her that's a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR CHRISTOPHER BOUZY BOTS COMPANY doing that. Please let us know example doing a PETITION or CALLING our POLITICANS. Please do a showing with someone on your show BREAKING DOWN to COST for their SECURITY PROTECTION for these two. That MONEY need to go towards the homeless od AMERICAN CITIZENS that really need the help. Very Respectful,

    23. adam smith says:

      The latest evidence that if Tucker, Megyn and Gutfeld wanted they could start their own mega media company (and bring some friends along).
      Obviously hope they don't but hope Fox always tries to improve and look after their talent the right way.

    24. Melissa's book is in my Amazon cart nosy! Loved this interview!

    25. Jean Ranck says:

      Great video. Love Melissa . Very intelligent.

    26. Curt Dodds says:

      I want to push back on your back of the envelope calculation regarding $15M. If Melissa was making $1M/yr but was underpaid relative to other male cohorts by say 3X, a number like 3 x 15 = 45M would be fair net present value for her lost career at Fox. Then she has a claim for the retaliation and punitive damages, say 2X for retaliation, 2X for punitive. So, I think $180M would have been a fair settlement.

    27. Lost Boi says:

      What a shame Fox news had to stoop to such a low level.

    28. fisher bird says:

      Re the mental illness issue: Have had experience with this in my family. There can be professional analysis of a person and recommended "fixes", but after that if the person is still living at home in the family, it all goes soft and nothing may change. Very disappointing experience.

    29. fisher bird says:

      I like you, Megyn; you're very good at what you do. Cheers from Canada!

    30. Ph Squared says:

      No it’s not just happening in media. I work at a global company., was referred to as bitch by a manager at a leadership meeting, I spoke up, and was told to drop it. Hr buried it. I’ve haven’t been promoted or given decent pay increases since. It’s a very “woke” company. What a joke. There is no justice in corporate America.

    31. Pimpala Mac says:

      I just remember she disappeared from fox after covering for george soros with newt gingrich, and harris had to apologize for her later.

    32. Coco Swan says:

      Despite the "tools that exist in the world," the world is ill-equipped to sustainably respond to mental illness (especially in America) and to sustainably assist patients.

      The #1 goal can be to Prevent mental illness by voluntarily going child-free; Miss Francis could have made that sustainable choice. For the sake of the innocent unborn, I wish shi had made that choice.

    33. Love both of these ladies. Melissa Francis was my favorite on Fox and I didn’t know why she was no longer on.

    34. Wow! I did not know any of this. And when Melissa was describing what happened with her at her last broadcast, I was thinking, “We’re talking about 🦊or CNBC?” What they did was almost juvenile. Not almost. It was just that! I truly hope and pray that this company is treated better by the Department of Labor than Melissa, and in turn all of the employees that have been dealt with illegally, was treated by a company she’d worked so hard and successfully for over nine years.

    35. Joey Bruce says:

      This maybe inappropriate, I do apologize, but the only reason I, and I'm just being honest, the majority of men watch FOX is the hot, gorgeous, intelligent women. Speaking for myself. All the women should be getting 10 times whatever the men earn. Outnumbered, smart gorgeous women talking common sense politics, doesn't get better than that. Give them their 💰 💰 💰.

    36. Companies with deep pockets can afford to be assholes.

    37. utube says:

      I believe that under Roger, however, by exploiting his staff, Fox had a higher and stronger management.
      A woman boss could be extremely tricky.

    38. A H says:

      Dear Megyn – Please do a show on PayPal closing customer accounts for political reasons. Toby Young in the UK has an interesting tale to tell on this. Patreon also seem to be up to no good on this.

    39. utube says:

      Intelligent program!

    40. It worked out for you Megyn, your worth what, 45 Million.

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