Hallow Point Driving Range and Golfer's Lounge – Hallow Ridge Filipinas Golf, Philippines

“This Driving Range Creates a new Level Benchmark what a Driving Range Should be.”- Roy Golfer

Bringing to your Screen in 4K video and Aerial Footage, watch as we Unfold the Beauty of Hallow Ridge latest Addition- the HALLOW POINT Driving Range and Golfer’s Lounge.

Practice? Learn? Chill? Food trip? Bond with Friends? Shop? Name it, this Range Does it All.
Sitting few steps away from the Legendary Hallow Ridge Golf Course, this new Facility will motivate you more to Level up your game.

And Yes, In- house CHEF will left you craving for more delicious mouthwatering Menus.


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    3 Replies to “Hallow Point Driving Range and Golfer's Lounge – Hallow Ridge Filipinas Golf, Philippines”

    1. Roy Golfer says:

      Roy Golfer is a Golf Content Creator, who is Passionate to give you Insights about our Philippine Golf Courses. Bringing to your screen- Filipinos, OFW’s and Foreign Golfers around the world- can watch, scout and enjoy what our Philippine courses could offer. I’m doing my best in presenting to you (in finest editing, Cinematic and 4K video Production) the real life inside the rope of Game.

      I can’t do this Alone, this journey is quite expensive! But with your support, I can continue this work, and entertain you to New heights. Thus, keeping the Channel Alive and vibrant.

      Please support me by Clicking Super Thanks (Heart-dollar icon), and send some of your extras. I will truly appreciate it. It will help me Fund next and “Future content” and reach more “Significant Course Destinations” around the Country.

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      Love and Thanks!

    2. Where’s this located

    3. Nald Golfer says:

      Nice content Roy Golfer – Hallow Point Driving range promotion.

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