"Happy Gilmore was on to something!" Rory McIlroy's Incredible Running Start Drive | TaylorMade Golf

Rory McIlroy is truly one of a kind with a Stealth 2 Driver in his hand. For this TaylorMade Cards For Fargiveness Challenge, Rory was tasked with hitting a drive using a running start and boy he did not miss. Is 332 (yards) down the middle any good? Stay to the end for the super slow mo action of Rory’s impressive shot. #shorts


20 Replies to “"Happy Gilmore was on to something!" Rory McIlroy's Incredible Running Start Drive | TaylorMade Golf”

  1. He's a scrawny little thing too. Here I come!

  2. U hit that guy
    Well, he shouldn't have been standing there!

  3. Chase Moray says:

    The fact that he is more accurate walking to the ball in swing than I am stationary is quite disappointing

  4. Boston Nate says:

    If you pause it just right…. It looks like his head is spun around

  5. Just lands into absolute perfection. What a master.

  6. JBbucs90 says:

    The way he just floats into that transition is sick.

  7. Start the video from the time his front foot hits the ground before he starts the down swing. Clip it next a regular standstill swing of his and they’re identical. This dude is unreal

  8. his arms stay so connected sheesh i need to be on that timing

  9. Brett Shaver says:

    Love how you wouldn’t be able to tell he got a running start if you just watched the downswing

  10. Alare says:

    If you watched just the foreswing you'd think he just took a normal shot

  11. D B says:

    Would of laughed if the card was "make the cut or show up to a tournament"

  12. Ethan Rogers says:

    If you edit out everything except from the top of his backswing forward it looks almost completely normal

  13. John Valley says:

    I do that in my sleep. Too easy

  14. James Allan says:

    Still gets into near perfect position

  15. Wtf. He’s gunna do the new happy Gilmore now just like Lebron did spacejam

  16. Kybo5 says:

    he made that look EAAAASY!

  17. J T says:

    The most perfect swing 😊

  18. You know he has been practicing since last year

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