Mark Crossfield tests the new Cleveland golf XL launcher Halo irons and asks have golf irons been redefined. The golf iron has looked very similar for many years where the HALO XL Launcher irons challenge the ideas of a set of golf irons and what is the best golf iron. Cleveland golf have been making the Launcher hybrid/ iron golf sets for years and they definitely promote mixed emotions among golfers looking for the perfect golf club and the best irons in golf. What could the launcher XL Halo irons do for your golf game and how could they help golfers lower their scores and play better golf. Mark takes these new golf irons onto the golf course as well as showing you the data from such a different looking golf iron.

In the comments below let us know if you would play these iron or not?

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    1. ken ken says:

      Just saw Cobra's T-Rail irons Look great.

    2. Ernst Paul says:

      Most firgiving irons on the market!!

    3. 1957jhs says:

      I use these irons and love them. The 6 iron has some kind of sticky gel that leaks out of the triangle plug at the end of the toe of the club. Anyone know what this is? I thought they were hollow.

    4. Roy Robinson says:

      Yes I would, in fact I do.

    5. Mike Weston says:

      Enjoy your videos, very informative. After watching your videos numerous times, I would try the clubs every time I went to the pro shop. First time hitting them, I knew those where the clubs for me. I’ve rebuilt my whole set of clubs thru this year after watching your videos and your reviews on Cleveland clubs. Just got my halo launcher xl irons a month ago 5i-9i, love the feel of them. I’m a Cleveland club gamer know with launcher xl driver, launcher xl 3 wood, launcher xl launcher 3hy wood, launcher 4 hybrid, halo xl launcher irons, cbx 44deg wedge, all 3 smart sole 4 wedges gap, sand and chipper, Huntington Beach 10.5 putter. All chosen after watching your review videos.

    6. Frank Stark says:

      Why do you spend so much time on looks. It should be all about performance. Don’t forget who they’re targeted for, seniors and beginners who I really don’t think they care what they look like as long as you can hit them and improve your game

    7. vasonar says:

      I' d play with anything that helps my game. I'm playing with some old Cleveland Launchers right now. NO SHAME!

    8. John Jordan says:

      The most telling part of this review…. Mark is not a fan of 4 irons or 5 irons for that matter. He hit the 4 over and over in these. He didn’t like hitting the 4 so much in the launcher xl irons though. I already played 4 and 5 hybrids, I like these even better than my hybrids. Great hybrids/irons/whatever you want to call them. Best irons I’ve ever played.

    9. Discr says:

      Late comment on this video – I'm a 55 year-old self-taught golfer that plays off 15. My biggest challenge is compressing my irons, and I tend to have very bad misses when I do have a bad swing. Bottom line – I rarely feel like I hit my irons purely, but I can't figure out on my own how to improve. I DO hit my hybrids quite well, though. I was planning on getting lessons next year but have recently been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease in my C5-C7, which caused me to sit out two months this summer due to a bad flare-up of nerve/muscle issues on my right side. Bottom line for me is that I've put myself on a "pitch count" regarding swings, so no more range time. In order to keep playing I must be smart. So, for me, I think lessons are no longer an option because I would need to spend range time hardwiring whatever swing changes the teacher suggested. That's where irons like these come in. If I can play clubs in a somewhat lighter shaft that are more forgiving, I can take some pressure off my body and possibly get my handicap closer to 10. A win-win!

    10. Neil Ogden says:

      “You sound fun” well said 😂

    11. I’m a Titliest guy …..If Titliest made a t400 power back irons with a 5,4 and a 3 irons with this type of the design.. i would buy a set …

    12. Nomi Malone says:

      How do they work out of the rough?

    13. Apollo says:

      I own the Wilson LP's. They are great. My game has improved tremendously. I recommend them.

    14. I'd try them with some flinching just from what I was brought up to like.
      Which of cause says more about me than the model .

    15. Rich Hanson says:

      Bad go,fears like me need the confidence these irons and there looks inspire

    16. Does graphite shaft help those clubs mark or would you think steel be better

    17. Oldgolfer says:

      I play all hybrids so much easier to play.

    18. Brilliant just brilliant

    19. K J says:

      Hybrids are definitely easier to hit well and forgiving. Using them depends on your situation. I play with a couple of groups for friendly wagers and no way I could show up with a set of these.

    20. Karl Dann says:

      Hi mark
      Can I ask was those irons regular graphite? And how did you get on with your swing speed

    21. Paul P says:

      Why not, its not as though people using them are cheating, they'll still be able to thin, chuck and fat them but hopefully these will help them eliminate aloud of those bum shots. Use what you want, great idea.

    22. Live Free says:

      Don’t care a bit on looks, performance is the only thing that matters.

    23. Was a 9 handicap, when I 'retired' from golf 18 years ago. Retired because I was addicted and it was telling on my working hours. Now, after 18 years, hit a few balls with my 25 year old Callaway set. Going to pick these up on my trip to France next week. Can't wait. Thanks for the great review.

    24. David Cole says:

      Like the look the Wilson Launch Pad 2 Look better. Wonder which performs better?

    25. Dean Sanders says:

      i will play anything that will help my game be more consistent…i have no ego with golf for sure.

    26. Jack says:

      I played my first round with these yesterday and scored 2 birdies for the first time ever.

      I hit some incredible shots with these, some from deep rough, still came out like a rocket and straight as an arrow.

      Played a few rounds now and already I'm playing super confidently with them, so well in fact that I've retired my chipper because the 7 iron does the same job better, and I'm looking into ordering the 4 iron to complete the set at which point I'll retire my 4 hybrid and 5 wood, the halos are so consistent and forgiving, the little extra distance gained from a wood is nerfed by its inconsistency and ability to put me in hazards.

      If all goes well, my bag will be:
      G425 max driver
      4-pw xl halos
      48,52 and 56 cleveland CBX2s
      Spider x putter

    27. Sign me up. I would rather play a hybrid than an iron. I hate my standard 7 iron. Looking forward to getting a set of these halo clubs

    28. David Page says:

      Absolutely love these clubs. Which gives thanks to your review, which I watched maybe four or five times. Plus others.
      I was a little jealous seeing them reviewed all over the place, and a Brit living in the Philippines didn't expect to ever see them here.
      Yet, I found them for sale, and not much more than pricing in the UK or USA.
      Spent a weekend hitting them at our dodgy range before playing on a Monday.
      Luckily, like you, I'm a hybrid guy, so for me they looked perfect.
      Distance longer than my TM M3 irons, but targeting is way above what I was expecting. It goes where you aim. Unless one of those left toe or heel hits.
      Overall best irons I've ever had.
      Btw, 64 years old. So these help with a body which is dying quicker than paint drying! 😂

    29. Of the iron/hybrid sets, anyone prefer the Clevelands, Wilsons, or Tour Edges?

    30. TK Pakman says:

      I've a design suggestion for Cleveland: Make ALL the irons with the narrower sole width of say the 9 iron, and let length, the loft and clever weight placements take care of the launch,distance, height,and spin characteristics. That would result in a much more pleasing look and thus more acceptable to a larger number of players .

    31. Gee Williams says:

      Yeah I'd happily play them. I would definitely get a comment or three from mates but I wouldn't care and some of my mates would be like let's have a go. I think they'd blends with my CBX wedges nicely

    32. yes I would use them ,and brought some online after your review

    33. Chevy 4x4 says:

      I had a set of launchers a few years ago. I liked them. However, if u play the ball without fluffing ur lye, situations in the rough can be tough to dig out. I enjoyed the 6-p.

    34. David Howard says:

      Who cares what they look like if you can hit them good play them fuck what people think

    35. James Park says:

      Thinking of hybrid irons myself. Have you tried the Cobra t-rail hybrid irons?

    36. They look suspiciously like a set of Brownings a friend of mine played while we were in college in the early 80's.

    37. alam gir says:

      I want to no about the 3 and 5 wood of this make

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