He Shot the Course Record….Can I Beat Him? (Unreal Ending*)

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    41 Replies to “He Shot the Course Record….Can I Beat Him? (Unreal Ending*)”

    1. Not the best golfer won today

    2. What a match! Great play boys! 💪

    3. Alex D says:

      Grant is funny af.

    4. quade young says:

      The shadow graphics on the shot chaser is a game changer!!! Really great idea

    5. John Doe says:

      That was some of the worst and best golf I have seen Grant play. Very entertaining match.

    6. Love the tracers along the ground, and nice camera work! Challenging in the rain, but you guys got it done!

    7. Thank you for your service, Travis! You don’t meet too many Soldiers that can play like that!
      Climb to Glory

    8. Jerayjay says:

      Grant needs to go pro asap he da real mvp

    9. Phil Binks says:

      Keep Sadie on camera duties..she is solid.

    10. MrEric0822 says:

      Grant’s game is at an all-time best. Solid bin every area. Fun to watch! He is in beast mode.

    11. The tracer on the ground is awesome

    12. Wet Grant in the outro looks like Ralph Macchio in The Outsiders lol

    13. she high key is good with the camera. I was like no way is she filming has to be a pro

    14. What an insane match Grant! I love how quickly you adjusted and went tournament mode! That’s when you start rolling in them putts

    15. That girl behind the camera is fooiiiinnee

    16. azzFir3 says:

      i relate to that guy bc im active duty navy and im having a steady pace in growing my game. check out the VGA (Veteran's Golf Association), such a great thing.

    17. Erik Swanson says:

      Travis is a stud player. He was money. G-Man you batted back hard. Good for you. BTW Garrett would have crumbled, even with his cheater stick😂

    18. Great match! Solid golf in crazy rain

    19. Philo Beddoe says:

      Is it necessary to put spoilers in the titles all the time? All you guys do it, I don't think you need click bait titles at this point for views.

    20. Kelly Smuts says:

      Sadee: “I got a nice zoom on his calves instead” 😂😂😂

    21. Joseph Tate says:

      Nice camera work Sadee

    22. Ribby Rolls says:

      Everything and Everyone on Grants Channel is DIALED in.
      Walking with a strut? Dialed in.
      Eat a 16 OZ steak? Dialed in.

      Great match!

    23. Al says:

      Travis' swing is so clean and nice to watch. Class player!

    24. Ted Zink says:

      BTW, Casual Water no longer exists. The kids that started playing after 2019 have no idea what that is. Geezers know that and how to put the flag out of the way while still keeping it close.

    25. John B says:

      Fresh out of the military and playing seriously good golf. That is impressive.

    26. Iversonwings says:

      Grant has been on fire lately!!

    27. Awesome match in the rain! Grant, gotta give a shout out to Steve in the video for his service in the military though. It’s people like him that allow us to play golf everyday or whatever hobby it is we choose. Thank you Steve.

    28. Joe Dirt says:

      Loool at the end you legit look like a drowned rat

    29. Cole Moody says:

      This is giving me HUGE caddyshack vibes!😂😂😂😂

    30. That was an awesome match!

    31. Sadee is definitely killing it with the camera skills. Very Collin -esque. Smooth, great zooms, great pan during commentary.

    32. Manuel Afif says:

      We need a rematch. Insane

    33. VINCE ALBA says:

      Forest Creek is so pure two awesom Fazio Designs. Love them both.

    34. Shane Clark says:

      I want this guy back on for another video cause this was very entertaining. I love these videos with random people to make the match play more challenging.

    35. David Holden says:

      Good Good should sponsor Travis and follow his journey. He fits the channel really well and I think a lot of us would like to cheer him on

    36. Leonel Cete says:

      Great match mate, love watching you play and in my dreams i hit the ball that well as well….! Keep these match-ups coming, love to see them.

    37. Braeden says:

      I think you have the best solo channel out of good good! Loving the content grant still waiting for my good good lesson!

    38. Eli Hastings says:

      The ground tracers are 🔥🔥 keep up the great content!

    39. Grant, content is fire my dude. Love it and keep it coming..

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