Man, you gotta see Mu hit his 3 wooden over 300 yards with unimaginable membership velocity and ball velocity; JUST AMAZING!! We present you learn how to cease topping it, get pure width for extra easy velocity so you’ll be able to crush your effectivity and smash issue for some superior Private Bests with it!

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00:00 Shawn introduces the golf lesson w/ Mu
00:57 How you need to arrange with the golf green wooden
02:38 Confirming the setup with just a few golf pictures
03:38 decide the place the golf green wooden bottoms out in your golf swing
08:20 The visible that may assist strike your fairway woods persistently
10:38 Golf tip: drag the golf green wooden alongside the bottom into the backswing
13:31 Shawn concludes the golf lesson

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    37 Replies to “HE SWINGS A MIGHTY 3 WOOD OVER 300 YARDS EFFORTLESSLY! Over 123 MPH Club speed!”

    1. Red Wave says:

      Over the weekend I FINALLY discovered the meaning of "throwing the club"!! I realized in my golf swing, if I toss the club in the back swing and then, keeping my back to the target, and starting down SLOWLY, I get the sensation of momentum building up, and near the bottom of my swing, I feel my legs "grab the ground" as I simulate throwing the club down the fairway!! I don't even see the ball as I throw the club!! I truly feel the power and strength manifested in this maneuver, and the ball flies further than ever before!! You are indeed the Mr. Myagi of golf, Shawn. Thank you so very much!!!

    2. Roger Moores says:

      Count Yogi + drag and lag.

    3. Roger Moores says:

      Doesn’t “staying along the ground” promote an image of the sole travelling parallel to the ground? No flat section on an arc,

    4. “Oh my god!! That’s incredible!!” Another great video Shawn 👍

    5. Good evening Shawn!!! Happy to be learning and being schooled by you, Sav and Moo. I have been following you for about 10+ years now. So a question about pelvic tilt. Do we need to tuck in slightly or just relax and point that butt out. Not sure if that puts to much stress on lower back. Thank you for your time.

    6. great video (and a lefty on screen like me!) as I do top my woods quite often and I think I do what Mu was doing. I do have to ask as I received a boxers fracture to my left hand and it healed naturally (no reset) with almost no problems, but a traditional swing puts to much force and pain on it with my club head speed with is a bit slow then Mu's. So I went to large grips and finally to a 10 finger hold or baseball grip to keep from hurting my hand worse even though fully healed for 6 months. Since then I have started topping the ball a bit more with woods. with that grip style i use will this still work? Like I am learning to play again hahaha!

    7. erock3363 says:

      Your task oriented theory is incredible. More instructors should add this concept to their arsenal. I have tried the club toss before with little success but I think I stumbled upon a revelation after watching more of your content. I was failing before because I wasn't trusting my eyes, when I line up and look at the target I feel a mile left (I'm a lefty) so my brain would open my shoulders in an attempt to throw at my target and inevitably I'm throwing it a mile right. But, if I line up square and look down my line at a target that feels a mile left and just trust a throw to that, I can get it to the target every time.

    8. Jacob Uranga says:

      Hey Shawn I have a question, how come it seems like you have a little shaft lean at set up? I was under the impression you should have the shaft neutral with longer clubs like woods and hybrids

    9. WOW ! What a lightbulb moment 4 me ! LOL ! After my 10 month back playing the game…. I’ve just given up on my 3 & 5 wood clubs. Yeah it been great getting so comfortable with my hybrids…. But, I can’t wait 2 get 2 the range tomorrow and try this !!!! Thanks!

    10. LL says:

      Great videos! Thank you. What do you do when you completely loose your swing mid round? Like your playing like a scratch and then a couple chunks turn me into a hockey player and I start the old slap shot down the fairway with extreme anxiety, zero confidence, anger and depression?

    11. Fred Earnest says:

      Shawn I'm struggling with open club face on driver contact. I see it on slow mo camera. Can you recommend one of your vids for help with wrist issues?

    12. How much boost this you add to the machine! LOL. This is a ridiculous 3-wood shot by the big guy! I 🙇‍♂️

    13. Keith Oliver says:

      This really works great tip

    14. David Hust says:

      “Focus on the sole of the club skipping along the ground.”

    15. Mark Poppe says:

      Yes it was most awesome! When I'm striking my fairways well ,the feeling that I have is that I'm giving the big ball a spank where the little ball is sitting. I make a glancing blow on the ground and the ball just takes off.

    16. Importance of sternum-notch being the centre point experienced.

    17. J. Cesar. says:

      Phenomenal coach!

    18. Tommy Saxman says:

      Just what I needed for hitting my 4 wood on those par 5’s!

    19. Just did the wood smack down behind the ball and it was the first time I was able to deliver the ball repeatedly with my fairway wood!! Amazing TY

    20. Lance says:

      Watching a swing come together like this in a single video almost appears to be scripted. Start bad so you look good at the end. I know this isn't true because I've been watching your videos for years. Your teaching technique is second to none!

    21. Julie Hooker says:

      I love the drag theory for the back swing and follow through, would you recommend it for irons too?

    22. Bubba Jones says:

      I would love to hit my driver 250. He is hitting a 3 wood 300. I would never have that distance.

    23. Jim Jimenez says:

      Ahhhhhh I see I see I see ! This explanation of the 3 wood makes the most sense I ever heard. Great video and I gotta tell ya that young man is player of the game! Thanks Mu and thanks mr C

    24. I’ve been trying to understand throwing the club I’ve been a VIP member for years and I still don’t understand the concept

    25. 623baller says:

      thank you sir, same tip for hybrids?

    26. James Wang says:

      These days it's very rare to see someone like Mu, who's got the skills, yet modest and well mannered.

    27. quite often get 300 (total) with a 3 wood but rarely the Driver🤔 it has me absolutely bewildered, been through a stack of drivers trying to beat my 3 wood

    28. E. Az says:

      Another great lesson Shawn and Mu. Started watching your channel last year. Made more progress in months than in years before. Really appreciate your communication and teaching skills. Mu is such a talented young man and so humble nice to see.

    29. clints8888 says:

      typical coach, yells yes as he hits a 50 yard draw. lol

    30. Chris Graves says:

      That was excellent. My game has really taken off by really focusing on a stronger grip, throwing the club, and not focusing on the ball. The party is the target! Thanks

    31. Patrick S says:

      Damn Mu crushed that ball. Dragging it back also gives you more width in the swing with the long club. That last shot ball flight was incredible. Picturesque for sure. I love that piercing flight.

    32. Mu you hit that 3 wood with more ball speed than some of the best on the PGA Tour can get with a driver. You carried past PGA Tour driving distance and your swing speed was faster than PGA tour players with a driver. AMAZING!

    33. Basically, a caddie drag from the ball. 👍

    34. Rick D says:

      Mu casually hits a shot 304 with rollout!

    35. Great time Shawn. That is my problem exactly !

    36. Euriloco says:

      perfect timing! started introducing your technique into my woods!

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