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    23 Replies to “Here is the swing that made history.”

    1. ティの飛び方まで何もかも綺麗。長年トッププレイヤーでいられるのはこのスイングで良く分かる。

    2. Rudy K says:

      Nope. The swing changes, the man stays the same. I prefer to say: Here is the GOLFER that has changed history. 😊
      But we agree on the fundamentals.

    3. The video improved 1,000 % when I muted the loud annoying music.

    4. Most wins at a time of greatest competition. Injuries kept him from even more greatness👍

    5. Charles King says:

      No that’s the swing after a broken leg

    6. Still not the best. Like Jack Nicklaus never lived?

    7. Hillbilly says:

      A girls swing made history

    8. JJF TV says:

      Let’s take a moment and think about the current sports we have and all of these GOATS…

      Tiger Woods
      Ronnie O’ Sullivan
      Michael Jordan
      Tyson Fury

      Amongst many many more that we can all think of so don’t have a go at me. 🤣
      These people are special individuals, they turn the skills on when ever they want! 🙏🏻

    9. Erwin Monti says:

      And it just doesn't get any better than that.

    10. Watching his swing makes golf look so easy. He keeps lateral side bend increases it. Looks as if to me on the backswing there is just a suddle flatting of the left wrist to maybe a slight bow, he doesn’t release until after impact and stays behind the ball.

    11. Shabih Abbas says:

      Thats not the swing. It was the 2000 tiger swing

    12. Who is this guy? Never seen him before

    13. bygeorge says:

      I'm going to say that's half of what made history, the other half was his putting which equates to exactly one half or more in the regulation of par. You can have the best swing of all time but if you can't putt your nothing. He had the putting game as well.

    14. Vern Stap says:

      How many yards did it fly

    15. Jim Puertas says:

      The swing that was steroids

    16. MJ Kim says:

      Watch his swing when he was at Stanford. Butch Harmon fukt up his swing. Made him into the golf robot he is today.

      Butch successfully took the genius out of his original swing. It's a damn shame.

    17. Chris O says:

      Love the tee coming straight up and flipping perfectly. After watching this 15x that was the cherry on top.

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