Hidden Gems Series 3 – Scotland Wick Golf Club

That is the third episode in our Hidden Gems sequence 3. We deliver your to Wick golf Club in scotland! Me, an 8 handicap golfer, Mr barlow a 15 handicap golfer and simon payne the pga skilled are enjoying in a 6 gap match. though the overall scores from the sequence depend in the direction of a grand prize! Who will win this installment of HIDDEN GEMS?

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    35 Replies to “Hidden Gems Series 3 – Scotland Wick Golf Club”

    1. Golf Mates says:

      Please remember to 👍 , comment he secret word 🤫 and subscribe 🎁 for a chance to WIN!!!

    2. Danny Howson says:

      Liam's "McKenzie" word count is through the roof

    3. Doug Munro says:

      I want to play Wick! Another great video on a fab course – keep the videos coming!

    4. MDR1405 says:

      Beautiful vistas, great course, good fun in glorious 4k 👍

    5. Mizuno Golf says:

      On another level now Liam. Looks incredible and not lost any of the original GolfMates charm.

    6. chrsalg says:

      I want to play at wick

    7. I want to play Wick
      Glad you guys enjoyed the drive up. It is spectacular.

    8. Spannerman says:


    9. Rob Woodcock says:

      I want to play Wick! Great video guys.

    10. So glad you got the footage recovered. I live in Glasgow but have never really travelled much within Scotland. Seeing videos like that really makes me want to. I want to play wick

    11. "I want to play Wick". Another great video glad you got it recovered. Used to stay in Inverness but never managed to venture up to Wick. Beautiful part of the country

    12. Neil Mcbride says:

      Great video I want to play wick

    13. I want to play Wick. What a place!

    14. I want to play at Wick! Absolutely loving Steve’s draw, right foot back cracks me up but works a treat Mr B😎

    15. Sean Walsh says:

      Love wick I want to play wick

    16. trevorjoice says:

      I want to play Wick please.

    17. Great video – that is what golf is all about – great day out with lots of laughs – well done.

    18. Zeke Quinn says:

      "I wanna play wick" Gotta be with golfmates though!

    19. Pete Frances says:

      I think I share the same love of Scotland as you Liam, just back from our four game tour based in Prestwick as Champion! Scores of 40, 30, 26 & 31 saw me retain the trophy amid the usual bandit shouts of course 😄… most important though was the fantastic standard of courses and the friendly nature of all the people we came across … a wonderful trip 💙💙💙🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    20. tony mather says:

      Liam keep the hidden gems coming 👍⛳ the views in Scotland are always great if you get the weather i loved going up there when I was working was a driver it will be a change for Simon after living in Dubai??🏜️

    21. Charlie Goff says:

      Liam mate – you've got to get down to Cornwall for the next hidden gems! Plenty of sea, less of the cold! 😉

    22. Phil Rice says:

      Just to say, when I watch the hidden gems I just can't stop smiling and wish I was retired so could watch you all in person. Great videos great mates and some great golf, apart from family surely life doesn't get better than this.

    23. I want to play at wick

    24. I want to play Wick. What a golf course!

    25. TheStevieh1 says:

      Another cracking video. Well Done. I Want To Play Wick..

    26. Mr B is now hitting the ball up the backside instead of over and round it. He is no longer captain slice unless he reverts to how he was hitting it before. A very nice to see transformation..

    27. Gutted used to go to Wick every year for work but never managed to play the course it looks brilliant 👍👍

    28. Fantastic vid again it puts a smile on me face when Mr Barlow plays there's always something to talk about. Thank the Lord these weren't lost PHEW!!!!! ''I WANT TO PLAY WICK!!!" Please 😄

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