How Bobby Fairways and Joey Coldcuts Met! #shorts

Take a look at Bob Does Sports activities –


Comply with Bob –…
Comply with Chilly Cuts –
Comply with Fats Perez –…
Comply with The Jet –


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    10 Replies to “How Bobby Fairways and Joey Coldcuts Met! #shorts”

    1. Dave Sober says:

      Toto, I don't think we are in Kansas any more…

    2. CapZee says:

      Bad storyteller with boring lies.

    3. motorboater says:

      cold cuts….needs his facial hair…🤣

    4. Adam Rorrer says:

      That bob impression was something special

    5. LP says:

      We can alll take some notes on bobs attitude and positivity

    6. Pete Sampson says:

      Clean shaved Joey cold cuts looks like a high school football coach

    7. Karam Singh says:

      FP start selling your golf bag again man! I wanted to grab one for my buddy for the holidays!

    8. Who knew Cutsy was such a good story teller!? We need to send that lady a thank you card cause that was the birth of a beautiful friendship!

    9. J. Small says:

      The beginning of a beautiful bromance

    10. Love you guys tons. You cure my depression and sadness. Hey, I asked FP on insta about his drone but he’s a narc I think, he’s not answering. Do you boys know what kind it is?

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