How Did Gannon Buhr Lose? (INSANE PLAYOFF FINISH)

Gannon Buhr lost this past weekend at the Mid-America Open on the Disc Golf Pro Tour which was way more shocking and intense than you might guess from a SIlver event with few players in the field. The level of intensity really proved that any event can be great to watch if the players are giving their all.

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19 Replies to “How Did Gannon Buhr Lose? (INSANE PLAYOFF FINISH)”

  1. Bulk Bogan says:

    Gannon said it was because of the audience.. Then he said he rushed it.. Gannon buhr is lame asf.

  2. I've been a fan of Prez for years now. He is very professional and highly focused throughout, and I was glad to see him not just do so well, but to pull out the victory in the end. And yes, my jaw hit the floor when Gannon missed that putt. That said, these sorts of "yips" or moments where coordination is off, are so disheartening. I know he'll spend more time on his putts after this. (which is insane, as he already putts a lot as it is)

  3. Bulk Bogan says:

    Gannon buhr is insufferable.. Watching him spit out after those bad opinions on baskets at the preserve is pure gold!

  4. AJ Brown says:

    Anyone else feel like Ganon gave this one to Pres out of the goodness of his heart? I could see him doing that.

  5. Chi Slicer says:

    Presnell put a TON of pressure on Gannon those final holes, most notably his brilliant second shot on 18. I honestly thought Gannon was just mentally drained and "annoyed" that Pres was not gonna let up at all. I think that's exactly what led to the rushed putt on the playoff. Shoutout to Pres for being tenacious and ferocious when it counted.

  6. this could not have been more of a spoiler. Would love if you did this after post prod was out

  7. 😂😂Haha! I laughed right outta my chair when Gannon missed! 😮

  8. It was great to see Prez winning this event! Congrats to Andew!

  9. Thanks for the spoiler in the title DB, why do you gotta be like that

  10. brekko says:

    the fact that the lead card was a full 4 holes behind after only 2 holes of play is pretty insane, but I guess thats what happens when locastro is involved.

  11. Jani Kakka says:

    Hahaha, get wrecked

  12. This sport is losing itself

  13. Joshua Hodde says:

    Not trying to shit on your takes, but The Bends is easily a top 3 course on tour and isn’t just some “swampy course in Missouri.” The field being weak is the tours fault for putting it right after the Euro swing, especially considering the tourney before the Euro swing is in KC. Lastly, the course is just scorable if you hit your lines, not easy. Unlike the open courses that usually get played, Bends requires accuracy and power. The course is great and deserves to be appreciated by more people on the tour and those who cover it.

  14. Cesar Dothe says:

    Silver Series courses > Elite Series courses ( in the US). It’s really interesting to see the number of FPO players that had mid to bad rounds and then follow it up with -8 to -9 down. It goes to show how precise u have to be at HB

  15. puckerfest says:

    CCDC coverage not out yet – recommended video immediately spoiled = "Don't recommend channel" 🙁

  16. James Oliver says:

    So much disrespect for the course. Smh

  17. angstony says:

    PREZ! another great video. Keep up the great work!

  18. DGN's video quality and editing still leave much to be desired. There wasn't a final standings chart for the FPO at the end and there was a very tight race with Fajkus and Mertsch for 3rd and 4th. I still don't know how that turned out!

  19. CitizenX3639 says:

    He was lucky to be in a position because that 1st tree hit at 15 and then the pull on 18 which was so lucky getting through all those trees, Presnell deserved it more.

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