How Did THIS Happen? (European Open Breakdown)

The European Open was madness on the MPO side with Paul McBeth dropping out and caddying for Anthony Barela. Calvin Heimburg was a surprise but also not as well. And with a million players in the mix, it was so much fun and I cannot wait for worlds.

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25 Replies to “How Did THIS Happen? (European Open Breakdown)”

  1. "What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise." *Oscar Wilde

  2. Zach W says:

    We all thought Vinny would close out, but I'm really starting to think he folds under heavy pressure.

  3. That lady’s hand is still hurting

  4. derektrips says:

    I wonder if McBeth said anything to AB or gave him any advice to settle him down on hole 16

  5. prattacaster says:

    Shocking how many times he made the SAME mistake, like he couldn't feel his arm?

  6. Corey is definitely one of the best humans on the tour.

  7. Colby says:

    Completely agree about the character of Corey. You could just feel the love and appreciation from the guy in his post interview; seems like a huge relief for him. I wonder if this unlocks some additional wins having taken some of the pressure off of getting that first win. So happy for the guy; been rooting for him for a while because i love his disposition and he's lower effort driving technique that i have tried to now emulate.

  8. Dylan L says:

    Childhood trauma is what happened.

  9. frisbeephil says:

    Why didn't someone tell AB to lay up after the first or second island miss?

  10. Glenn R. says:

    It’s hard to throw an accurate shot while balancing your hat that high on your head. Give AB a break. lol

  11. skb ben says:

    I bet he lands it if he were middle fairway. Probably should have laid up once he pinched himself a bit next to the rough on his drive

  12. j shamz says:

    Its easy to forget AB’s still a kid. He’ll have his time and this experience will end up being a huge learning moment. Hard to watch but he’s got a bright future ahead of him.

  13. Dan Trutron says:

    Solid review/breakdown of key moments !

  14. Mad Ammo says:

    I loved every second of the meltdown. Riveting to watch. Sad for disc golf that Corey Ellis won. He is a very good disc golfer but he is dry as desert wind. For one of the biggest stages in in disc golf to be won by a guy who doesnt seem to want the spotlight and is quiet as a mouse it doesnt help the sport in my opinion. Good for Corey Ellis. AB's meltdown will be talked about more than Corey's win.

  15. is the commentator a speed reader?

  16. "one of us. One of us. One of us."

  17. Jason Esp says:

    When he gave his wife that hard 5 you could feel the stress

  18. I didn't have Corey in the mix, but he's someone that proved last year he can pop off on occasion, and was still top 20. He seemed to have the nerves dialed in, which is what he lacked last year closing things out. I don't think you can overlook him now on those Appalachian type of courses.

  19. Jared says:

    As someone new to playing the sport but not new to dealing with pressure in a sport, I feel bad for Anthony and happy for Corey. Not sure how much time AB took between shots. Probably should have taken a minute or two and reassess the approach after the second OB. I know there's a time limit but take the penalty and get your bearings and make the shot. I'm sure he'll bounce back. Kudos to Ezra, I watch his channel and Brodie Smiths channel for the practice rounds. Good to see Brodie playing well and making the cut too!

  20. David F. says:

    I feel like Calvin feels almost as bad as AB… 2 stroke lead, playing well, no ricky or paul competing with him, and just… even par for 70% of the round. just a slow burn out, feeling worse and worse as the round went on.

  21. brekko says:

    I think a thing to note with the "consistency of scoring" being what the course is about, that the weather plays a huge role and some days it was worse, or even some portions of the day, so certain players had to battle through rain on a hard hole, and another group got perfect weather on it, so I think its more complicated than just, who can play most consistently.

  22. he has no finishing skills has happened before

  23. Jeff Ring says:

    What do ya mean how did this happen? He threw OB 3 times🤦

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