How does the Inner Core by Trash Panda Fly?? | Beginner Disc Golf Tips

Nearly two years in the past, Jesse and I talked on the cellphone for the first time and I keep in mind listening to his desires of producing his personal absolutely recycled discs. He was busy getting swole in his storage hand urgent plastic into his injection machine whereas shaping the sport of disc golf at the similar time.

Two years later, I am SO extremely proud to say we’ve got a completely recycled disc in our arms that feels superb!! The Inner Core is every part I dreamed it might be, and I can not think about how stoked Jesse needs to be with it. We have been blessed right here on the channel to be considered one of the first individuals to get to throw it and make content material with it, so I am excited to indicate yall the way it flies!! I’m so so so pumped for all the success coming Trashpanda’s means, and I can not wait so that you can watch to see the way it flies!!

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Thanks once more for stopping by, however till subsequent time I hope the birdies outnumber the bogies!!

0:00 Intro
0:38 Setting the Desk
1:38 Who’s TrashPanda??
2:46 How did you meet Jesse??
4:26 How does the plastic really feel??
5:58 How does it Fly??
7:14 What do you want about it??
8:57 Who’s it for??
10:16 Does it Dye??
11:47 Does it Go Far??
12:55 When Can You Get One??
13:57 Remaining Ideas


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    36 Replies to “How does the Inner Core by Trash Panda Fly?? | Beginner Disc Golf Tips”

    1. micah_lee says:

      Why is every company not doing it? Opportunity cost.

    2. This disc sounds a lot like the Proxy in my bag. Would absolutely recommend a disc like this to every player!

    3. Legit question, how is the inner core vs the Innova colt. Is it like a colt with no bead?

    4. Tip…. check out "Dairy is Scary" on YouTube.

    5. ifyouwereme says:

      I did think for a moment that this was going to be the first video I'd seen of you with no quacks.

    6. Alex Flynn says:

      "see you on hole 1" cuts to hole 2. lol

    7. Mom2Schman says:

      Not me getting all verklempt over the Bromance 🥰🥺 and can’t wait to add this disc to my bag. ❤

    8. Hey I used your method to dye my first discs! Super stoked!!! Came out amazing only wish I could share my dyes…

    9. I think this is awesome. Just curious though, I know Innova makes the ecoStar. Isn’t that the same idea?

    10. It seem to fly much like a frisbee when I played with it. I would assume your nova comparison is very accurate. If you make a mistake, you will know out of the hand.

    11. I’m sorry to leave this comment on the YouTube channel but I have tried on Instagram, FB and Patreon but haven’t heard back…

      I signed up for the birdie game on patreon about three weeks ago. I sent a message through patreon, and sent a request for the Birdie Fam page on Facebook but have still not been accepted or messaged back. I’d like to send my videos for form review and be a part of the conversations and everything on the Facebook Page….is there something that I am missing or haven’t done because I haven’t heard from anyone?

    12. Rob Ricks says:

      Honestly, when I see the disc fly and hear the way you describe its characteristics, the IC reminds me of a Warden. That's a good thing.

    13. Cameron B says:

      A rare video where most of the front nine at Alabaster aren't under a foot of water

    14. Been looking forward to this. Hopefully I can get one or two to throw some sick dye on them

    15. FrigginCats says:

      So pumped to get a couple of these! I haven't waited nearly as long as most but the anticipation is crippling haha awesome video as always Robbie! 🥏🍻

    16. Brad Smede says:

      Looks like it flies very similar to one of my favourite discs, the RPM Tui, and on the PDGA specs it looks pretty similar too. Would love to get my hands on one in NZ!

    17. Youtube needs to make a function where it is possible to like a video multiple times 😀 allready liked the video BEFORE the V for Vendetta reference !!!! WTF !!!! kudos my man !!!

    18. Rob Raincock says:

      Anyone else notice that slick disc trick at 4:32?

    19. I'd love me some intercourse, where can i handle some in Europe?

    20. Wait, you're VIKINGS fan?


    21. Justin says:

      you had me at recyclable, sign me up!

    22. KRITIK0S says:

      Preach brother! Can’t wait to get my hands on the inner core!

    23. I need another putter like I need a hole in the head but I will buy one to support what he’s doing.

    24. Preston Dier says:

      Cmon Trash Panda parody!!!

    25. 1st_riddick says:

      I was just at veterans park today

    26. The inevitable quack after saying "No pressure!" XD

    27. Chad Emond says:

      As far as I’m concerned there are for outstanding people in my book and that’s trash panda, Robbie C, OT, and miss frisbee. I say this because there the only people that reply to my comments every time without fail. That is y there the only people I still subscribe too. ❤

    28. Alex says:

      If you said “This disc is trash” would that be a compliment?

    29. Would a fully recyclable disc degrade at a faster rate you think?

    30. Alex Chaves says:

      I second the petition for all trash Panda discs must contain an "o"

    31. Mob of One says:

      I’m Mikey. And I’m gonna be using this too. So where does that leave us with the distance competition? 😂

    32. Kc wizo says:

      As soon as you showed bottom I said every disc should have in "o" in it as you said it. 😱🤯

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