How I Shot a 1000+ Rated Round [My FIRST Ever] // Round 1 David Reed Memorial 2022


*i filmed virtually each shot however missed a few putts. However every part essential from the roudn was filmed!!

I simply performed the final match of my season and one in all my huge objectives was to get a 1000+ rated disc golf spherical. Within the first spherical, I was in a position to make it occur. Right here is *virtually* each shot!

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Infinite Discs –

Discs I’m Throwing:
Pures (3,3,-1,1)-
Zones (4,3,0,3)-

Emac Reality (5,5,0,2)-
Fuse (5,6,-1,0)-
Justice (5,1,0,3)-

🥏Fairway Drivers:
Thunderbirds (9,5,0,2)-
Evaders (7,4,0,2.5)-
River (7,7,-1,1)-

🥏Distance Drivers:
Rive (13,5,0,3.5)- (if obtainable)
Grace (11,6,-1,2)- (if obtainable)

🎒The whole lot Else I Use for Disc Golf: 🎒
Paratrooper Bag –
Disc Retriever –
Gaiters –
Vary Finder –
Basket –
Newbie Bag –

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0:00 – Preparing for the David Reed Memorial 2022 disc golf match in West Chicago, IL
0:44 – Commentary of the entire spherical!
1:01 – Entrance 9 – My greatest entrance 9 EVER in a match
4:05 – Again 9 – Ending a spherical effectively via the psychological struggles
10:20 – Checking my spherical score and breaking down how I performed!


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    12 Replies to “How I Shot a 1000+ Rated Round [My FIRST Ever] // Round 1 David Reed Memorial 2022”

    1. codybee says:

      Congrats! Loving your videos!

    2. RSK MOTO says:

      Congratulations on reaching your goal! You are killing it!

    3. lets go 1000 rated round!!!!

    4. Reptar Jon says:

      Dude you're becoming the Casey Willax(CVlogs) of disc golf, that's awesome

    5. KRITIK0S says:

      Well done Bro! That’s outstanding!🎉

    6. CrimsonChin says:

      What exactly is your sports background before disc golf? Super uncommon to be throwing this far and accurately with 7 months, I'm curious what translated to such fast progress

    7. Congrats on the 1000+!

    8. jwmacr says:

      Bro Spoilers! Just kidding. Congrats on achieving your goal.

    9. Penny says:

      what do you think my rating is im 13 and a half

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