How Many Putters Do You Play? – Talking Golf Tuesday – The Vintage Golfer

I have 3-5 putters that always seem to pop up in my bag. That plus putters I’m reviewing equals a lot of putters. Let us know what makes you bag most often in the comments below.

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20 Replies to “How Many Putters Do You Play? – Talking Golf Tuesday – The Vintage Golfer”

  1. One. Bought it when I was 17. That was 22 years ago. Only putter i use and its the best club in the bag.
    Its a tumba line striker 2
    Swedish brand that went out out of business 15 years ago😂

  2. Chris Chang says:

    I play an evnroll er8. I think the brand is going to be a modern classic

  3. I've never tried but Fantasy golf must be quite difficult, the game of golf at that level is ridiculously competitive, I mean really,, who could predict Clark winning this past weekend, his first win too. Looks like Rory Mcillroy has issues with his game so count him out….mark my words he'll probably win the next event he enters,lol!

  4. MrJohnr47 says:

    I consider my main putter the Ping zing2–I have The steel version and it is to short and the grip is too small. Would like to upgrade to a copper version, longer shaft and better grip. That being said I when I play at the local par 3 course, I often have several versions of a bullseye which I bought for 2 bucks each: $10 = 5 putters. Also have used a Ray cook mallet putter ( little light) and several Zebras (don’t like them, but I like that they are ugly). I have a 8802 style Ray Cook Brass putter which you really have to concentrate when putting. For some reason, even though it is the least forgiving, I usually put great with it. I would like to get a odyssey white hot answer style putter and a Rosie. I would like to also get a Mizuno tp mills putter too. Too long a list, common theme is $2 Goodwill finds. The one that got away? Spaulding Tour Series 16(?) that my Dad left on the 6th green almost 40 years ago! Not that I am bitter…..

  5. Jim F says:

    I own 27 different Ping putters, including 1-A, Anser, and Zing. I also have the Bullseye, Hogan, Wilson, and Spalding putters. I have 3 different versions of the Odyssey Two-Ball putter. My go-to is almost always the original Odyssey White Hot 2 ball. My son and mother also have an original Two-Ball putter in their bags.

  6. Hey my friend! I just saw your video on the ping zing 1992 iron set I was wondering how much would the full set be worth? I have 4-SW! Let me know if you don’t mind and also I’m willing to sell to you!

  7. Gil Garza says:

    ONE! Odyssey 2 Ball, the original model. My first putter was a Slotline which I only gamed for a few month until I found an Acushnet Bullseye. Made my first birdie with it. Then I found a patented Ping Anser. Won lots of money against my golfing buddies with it. I also made my one and only eagle putt with it. My friend who's a lefty gave me a right handed Odyssey 2 Ball putter BRAND NEW. And I still use it. Can't find anything better. Well maybe the Rossi mallet. I had one but lost it. 🙁

  8. TheBigEasy says:

    TGI……………….T????? Man you're messing me! I'm retired so I don't always know what day of the week it is because they're basically all Fridays. How many putters do I play…Hmmmmm. Lets see my main putter is my ole faithful #1. Wilson Staff 8813, #2. Ping Zing 2, #3. Odyssey 2 Ball White Hot, #4 Louisville Golf G'Day wood putter, #5. Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2, and #6. Dynacraft Brass head 2 sided (Acushnet Bulls Eye copy), I love my putters and they all putt great. The more the merrier! Good stuff Brother!

  9. Thanks for this piece! Ever heard of Tour Model 103 brass putter?

  10. I remember in the past playing golf with my brother and he would be nailing all these long putts. I would ask him what putter he was using and would be surprised to find he was casually playing some old vintage 50's or 60's putter he picked up for a few dollars at a garage sale or flea market. Something he had bought on the cheap, but played will full confidence. He usually would out-putt everyone in our group. I am sure just having confidence in whatever you are putting with goes a long way, but I do think the older vintage putters were designed in a simple, practical way, with a practical weight, that give them an edge over new putters on long putts, especially on the slower greens found on many Muni's.

  11. Wayne Cooper says:

    I always like the simple lines of putters like tadmoore M range and then a complete contrast like a Futura type style putter.

  12. My putter rotation is Faultless-Trevino (Anser Style, I've had since new appox. 50 years), PING Anser (Original w/slot), PING Anser2, and Mizuno (T.P.Mills). I have other putters, but they usually don't go in the bag often.

  13. bcstones says:

    1 in play, my 1958 H&B Grand Slam Mars 70 (pure blade)…..I have practiced w/up to 7 on the practice greens – favorites are the Ping Doc 17, Burke "Ping" Pong, First Flight "Ping" Ding-a-Ling, and then another 3 different styles (I do have the Response in "silver" & in black), & usually at least 1 hickory shafted……
    just an aside , cuz I play the same putter for the past 65 years – when your main putter "goes off"…it ain't the putter, it's the person putting….just my opinion, of course

  14. Jason says:

    I have a guerin master milled and nothing else
    Answer style 35” putter, just practice with it until I master it. Suits stroke great, no need to switch

  15. I daren't count them but well over 75.
    I try and play as many as I can through the year, favourites include a Spalding W Model, a John Letters Golden Goose, a Greenway, a Cash-In, an 8813, an Onions Crookshank, an Edinburgh Golf,,, I'd better stop or I'll run out of space.

  16. Calloway Faraday putter is my current gamer but also the Tuttle II

  17. Steve Tilk says:

    7. But I use a Ping Anser right now pretty regularly. I switch them out periodically for fun. I have a Tommy Armour Silver Scot, a John Reuter Bullseye, an Odyssey blade and mallet and one or two others that I’ve picked up over the years.

  18. Rob S says:

    way too many… right now the rotation is Ping G2 Tess, Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum Del Mar Three, Pixl T1.8, Titleist SC 33/350 Heavy Flange Bullseye. (And there are a lot more)

  19. JULES DOWNER says:

    you do not have a problem! exceot for you need to play more to use them all. I swap clubs every week! I practice with a hickory shafted putter which is old and very difficult to use. hmm, thinking about it i even rotate my practice putters!!

  20. Jeff Nahass says:

    I have a few. Ping Zing, Zing5, pal 2 , pal 4 BECUs, ping b60 in 3 styles, an Anser 3.

    I will not own a Scotty Cameron

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