How Many Tries Did This Take??

50 Replies to “How Many Tries Did This Take??”

  1. dbraska says:

    She missed the first putt though…

  2. Yeah I doubt just one

  3. Who knows maybe you’re still trying.. first put rolled on by the pin 💀

  4. Niko Joseph says:

    Wait! No Air Max game?!😮

  5. Gabby: Probably 2. Me: 24/7 and still counting. 😊

  6. Ryan says:

    Well I think you told us by holding 1 up 👆unless you were telling us to wait for it

  7. A female golfer who doesn’t just try to post thirst traps while swinging at imaginary balls! Keep grinding❤️

  8. Ryan Parker says:

    the long one im guessing 10

  9. Big Sexy says:

    You're so beautiful young lady

  10. Jerad Webb says:

    First putt appears to be about 10 feet. PGA tour average from that distance is 40%. Second putt seems to be around 40 feet. Average make percentage is 4%. So odds of PGA tour player making those putts back to back is 1.6%. So my guess is 63…

  11. Hands are reversed

  12. What an early call/walk lol

  13. D Holiday says:

    Two for the long putt, one for the short. Just need the line on that long one.

  14. zelldon says:

    We’ll never know… the balls are already set up on the right path. you shouldn’t miss the same putt twice so I’d give you 4 putts.

  15. You’re my favorite female golf influencer. Keep doing it!

  16. SandV16 says:

    Why hold the club like that?

  17. If all golfers look as amazing as you id watch more golf 😍

  18. All of these miles on this chevyyyyyy

  19. What’s this song?

  20. B says:

    I’m not in love I’m not in love I’m not

  21. GREG BYSTROM says:

    Your head moves before your putter makes contact with the ball 😂😂😂😂😂😂 ya might want to work on that. Any good golfer would……

  22. Rick Myers says:

    I always enjoy watching this young lady in her game. takes a tough game makes it simple. just by practicing and playing her game not somebody else's

  23. Brad Dithen says:

    Putting level 💯

  24. Joshua Heck says:

    She so hot ❤️‍🔥😂I barely watching the ball rolling in 😂❤😅

  25. Paddy says:

    Nice putter.

  26. First putt maybe 2 and second putt maybe 6.

  27. Mike Wrobel says:

    2 holes = 2 tries

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