How Much Can You Make By Starting/Owning a Golf Practice Range?

In this video, I record something that I do a lot! I get a lot of random business ideas and fairly often, I check them out in excel to see whether or not they could be profitable at first pass. I’ll do more of this if anyone likes it and gives me more ideas.


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    22 Replies to “How Much Can You Make By Starting/Owning a Golf Practice Range?”

    1. Jasper45 says:

      Dude this business evaluation breakdowns are sooo good man, keep them up!

    2. 590h says:

      500th subscriber

    3. Did you actually go ahead with this in your area?

    4. Patricia Chu says:

      @kiley – will it be possible to share the excel you whipped up? or re-create this video zoomed in? I'm not sure if it was my internet but the excel zoomed out was really blurry, up until the end when you zoomed in. Regardless, thank you for making it!

    5. startup cost is much, much higher than 25k…

    6. Thanks for this video! This is so much easier, especially for formatting and being able to change projections with a single input!

    7. Jay Aeecee says:

      If you want to make 1 million dollars in golf start with 5 million.

    8. Another revenue factor would be alcohol. I go to a driving range with buddies regularly and we all spend like $50 on booze every time

    9. Coolbreeze says:

      I feel like driving ranges could be fully autonomous if not very close with today's technology. The only manual labor that is really needed is for grounds/sanitation maintenance if the facility is simply a driving range and no restaurant or anything like that. Auto ball dispenser (just swipe a card or insert cash), vending machines for snack food, even small golf merch (ball packs, gloves, tees, etc.), a high schooler to pick up balls every now and then a guy to mow the lawn once/twice a week. Obviously behind the scenes expenses/efforts like marketing and local business partnering but that can mostly come from the owner with little need to hire additional help.

      Cool vid though. I am going to follow a process similar to this bc I am considering opening one. Covid attracted a lot of new golfers bc it was the only (or one of) social activity that you could do during the pandemic. Once you start golfing, you don't stop, so I think the industry and nearly autonomous ranges have increasing potential for success going forward.

    10. Thank you for this breakdown, our family owns lamd amd we were planning on making a driving range. This is a great breakdown to use in our research to know if it will be profitable or not.

    11. Nice to see your thoughts.

    12. mio says:

      What if you open a range where buckets are more like 20$ each and we sell alcohol and food? Like a bowling alley..

    13. craigttc says:

      I can only comment from being in the Driving Range business in Southern California since the early 90's driving range boom. The average range in the inland empire of Southern California lost about $1,000,000 dollars before shutting down, some twice that and others less. Most that were opened during the boom are gone as stand alone driving ranges are now rare in the I.E. and Southern California in general. Very few are profitable! Some owners of the land recouped their losses when the land was sold for other uses while most investors just lost. This list includes Jack Nicklaus with his Golden Bear facilities that were also nationwide. The reason the cost to build the range , constant upkeep with ball picking , ball washing, netting is only good for 10 years max, keeping good balls, mats , baskets, dispensers or storage area for handing out balls. Shade structure or building, putting green and grass maintenance or if astro turf it still needs maintenance. You have the usual insurance, electric bills, trash, a way to have the golf channel on a TV, etc., There used to be ways to make additional income, club fitting, club repair, building custom sets. We had Natural Golf clinics for example. Golf merchandise used to be way more profitable, how many golf only stores are left? We used to have about 300 members in our SCGA club. The reason ranges usually don't pencil is the max window of maximum occupancy is small. Lets say 40 stalls at $8-10 per hour . That's $320 to $400 per hour and that is your max and unless you are in a very golf orientated community you will not be maxed out for long! It is tough to average $1,000 per day with a standard range not tied to a golf school in all but the busiest golf facilities like Stadium Golf in San Diego Ca. Its not how many people are in your community its how many golfers as not all people play golf! A well established teaching staff is a must. We are lucky that our corporate owner supports our 14 acre facility. Even though we own the land and building outright, we have not made a profit in many years and would have had to shut down if not company subsidized. I have given this advice to others in the past like Ayala Golf Center that were very nice individuals that fought the good fight. I felt very bad for them when they closed. In less regulated states with permitting fees and construction costs less, and a high density of golfers, I hope Osa and others like him will be very successful with your breakdown. My 2 cents.

    14. Nice! Thank you for that. Can you do a cleaning company? Residential & Commercial

    15. Thanks for sharing this info, I'm thinking about maybe opening a driving range on some land we are looking at buying

    16. Mighty Mitch says:

      Kiley ehe are neighbor is a girl and her name is your name. AHAA Thanks for the tips, because I love easy money etc.

    17. lol, all these places have driving ranges

    18. You only need 3-6 acres

    19. Osa Obanor says:

      Thanks for the video. Over the past week I considered opening up a range, and was glad to use your breakdown during my early research

    20. 2-Putt says:

      Subscribed for your spreadsheet skills

    21. Fayz Km says:

      Great video. I am running a cafe with eateries. Will be awesome if u video essential sheets to be followed.

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