HOW MUCH MONEY CAN YOU SAVE?? Enough for a world tour??

HOW MUCH MONEY CAN YOU SAVE?? Enough for a world tour?? – on this video we present you the brand new vary of Takomo irons the 301 MB and the 301 CB two incredible irons value near £550


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    16 Replies to “HOW MUCH MONEY CAN YOU SAVE?? Enough for a world tour??”

    1. Andrew Wolf says:

      How do these differ from the 101T model?

    2. Hi gents , I play project x 6.0 rifle shafts , what would be the nearest comparison in the KBS range please

    3. powder says:

      If you’re state side Pinemeadow you’re welcome

    4. How much is that Rolex clock I wonder

    5. I can very much see the combo set in my bag sometime rather soon… Only thing that has me a bit preoccupied is the top line… Seems a bit too thick for my liking and pics at address of these Iron 301 are very very rare… Maybe I can get used to that? My Bridgestone J38cb are getting very battered but they do have a rather gorgeous thin topline, and (very) traditional lofts (35° 7iron) so I'm not very worried about losing any sort of distance, more about gaining but 1° won't do much, will it? Could you guys show some "at address" looks in more details in a following video? that would be lovely!

    6. Definitely going to order some Takomo irons for next spring. Just Have to see what’s available in left-handed.

    7. Great video as always Chris. Thank you !

    8. Ed Anzore says:

      The magpie is like a 12 year old girl

    9. Oliver Delin says:

      How big is the difference between the CB and the MB? Ease of use, sound, feel?

    10. Just ordered the 101s and I cannot wait to start sticking greens and shooting below 100 😂

    11. Keith Finley says:

      Both lads seemed to struggle with alignment. Not surprising given the setup vs indoor with a screen or on course

    12. Nick Millar says:

      Great looking irons. Great price. Just hard to get in US

    13. Brett Larson says:

      well done…natural athlete

    14. Jeff Nahass says:

      Great video Chris. Love the irons. I’m done paying marketing fees. These clubs look beautiful

    15. Dave Poulsen says:

      Where did Chris’ baby draw go that he had on the course, seems like he was hitting a fade on the sim

    16. Roy Close says:

      Well done Chris and James lovely irons 🏌‍♂️🙂👍

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