How Older Golfers Can Increase Distance (Golf Swing Tips)

One of the most common things to happen to your golf game as you age is losing golf swing speed and distance. But there are golfers out there who still hit it as far as – or farther than – they ever did as they age.

So why do older golfers lose distance? And how can senior golfers increase their power and overall distance? This video gives you some simple reasons for a loss of distance, as well as some senior golf tips and drills to help you regain that lost distance off the tee!

Golf equipment – if you have golf clubs that are 20 years old, they were probably built for someone who was 20 years younger. Also, adding a couple of golf hybrids to your bag to replace some long irons. Hybrid clubs are typically a little easier to get the ball in the air and are generally easier clubs to hit than long irons.

Flexibility and mobility – as we get older, we tend to lose some strength, our balance might not be quite what it used to be, and we also lose some flexibility. So what are some things we can do to offset these things?

Setup tips – give your toes a little bit of flare, which will allow your hips to turn and open up more, which allows your chest and body to rotate more, your arms to generate a longer swing, and the club can travel farther and increase a little more length in your golf game.

Specifically for the driver, bump your lead hip toward the target and tilt your upper body a little bit behind the ball, which will preset you to hit up on the golf ball. And if you hit up on the golf ball, you increase launch, decrease spin, and add some distance as a result.

Finally, take a slightly wider golf stance, which will help with balance in the golf swing. If you struggle with staying balanced, you probably slow your swing speed down to stay more in control. Having a wider, more stable golf stance and posture will allow you to turn up the speed and stay in balance through the swing, adding to your overall driving distance.

How about some golf swing basics to add some speed and distance? When you swing the club, feel like you are swinging your arms. If you have a lot of body movement, you need a lot of strength, athleticism and balance to get more distance and speed. But if you are using your arms versus your body to increase swing speed, you can generate it much more easily.

For some drills, start with your feet together and swing your arms back and through. As you make your backswing and swing through, you may start to feel your weight swaying from side to side. But as you get more comfortable and feel your body staying more centered, you will also start feeling what it’s like to swing your arms and add speed.

The next drill is a balance drill, but also helps with rhythm, tempo and pressure shift. As you make your back swing over your trail shoulder (for right-handed golfer), say right and feel your pressure in the trail foot. As you make your swing over the lead shoulder, say left and feel the pressure move to the lead foot. Make a few practice swings repeating this, then step up and take a shot. These senior golf swing tips will help you improve rhythm, tempo and balance, helping you increase club head speed.

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    24 Replies to “How Older Golfers Can Increase Distance (Golf Swing Tips)”

    1. George Douty says:

      This reminds me of a figure 8 swing I was taught

    2. Wolf Gang says:

      I think the drill that teaches the golfer to entrust the swing to the movement of the body, wind unwind, is a better method than the circle drill. Why break the face of the clock when that doesn't ever happen in the golf swing.🚮

    3. B Canada says:

      Good for people to be versatile. Playing as an older player allows people to adapt better over the next few decades. Good for all ages

    4. shtak21able says:

      Great video. I have a question, does flaring out your left foot at address not restrict your shoulder and hip rotation?

    5. alam khan says:

      as simple and great, U da man

    6. Bob Burch says:

      Am I right about the weight on your foot

    7. Bob Burch says:

      I did put the foot out but I made a mistake because my weight want to the outside of my foot and that was a mistake I made

    8. Art Hull says:

      Good tips, any suggestions for a one arm (right) golfer who lost his left side to a stroke?

    9. Ken Harper says:

      Great tip Todd! I found that putting about 70 percent of my weight on that front leg helps me get a better turn in the backswing and I'm more stable in the follow thru. Hearing "nice drive" from my buddies feels good!👍

    10. Ron_Google says:

      Also you can lift your left heal on the back swing for more rotation. Irons….right should kept down & throw it a bit towards the target…outward….sorta Arnold Palmer style, but less violent. Helps me at 74.

    11. Robert Scott says:

      I find that a narrower stance helps me shift my weight, get fully turned and get to the finish position easier and avoid swaying or finishing on my back foot. I'm 74 years old. Love your videos and watch them frequently.

    12. US GOLF TV says:

      If you are still struggling with your slice, here you go

    13. Pat Osler says:

      Hey Todd: love the videos, very doable/practical. Have been working on hitting up with driver on the tee. Bumping hip, dropping right shoulder. Feel like I am swinging stronger/faster, BUT, back to slicing more than I was. Any advice?

    14. Dave Austad says:

      Great tips Todd. Just what I needed! Can't wait to try them next round.

    15. Mark Astle says:

      Great Drills! appreciate the tips, and how they will help!

    16. Rickoh75 says:

      Todd, The arm swing has saved my golf game. A few lessons ago, actually a few weeks ago you mentioned the arm swing in one of your lessons. I decided to give it a try in my golf swing , I've always had trouble with fat shots and mishits from my all my clubs except my driver. I incorporated this swing as I understood it, I've never hit my irons consistently like I'm hitting them now and if I can stay in the shot ( not standup before I hit the ball ) I'm hitting my hybrid and fairway wood much better. The best part is I haven't detected a loss of distance, for me it was a win win. Thanks for the tip.

    17. Good info and concise as well as keeping it simple.

    18. Great video Todd 👍🏌️‍♀️⛳️

    19. Steve Wright says:

      Great tips as usual, enjoy watching all your videos, thank you Todd.

    20. This is the first golf video that I watched that advocates one to swing with ur Arm…
      Thank you. I enjoy the video

    21. Great Video thanks..

      Will you not lose consistency by swing with arms and no weight Shift..

    22. Tim Ford says:

      This is a great video
      I went to Graphite shafts
      I was playing TT elevate R shafts 96 gram
      went to Kuro Kage silver , Older shafts But 83 gram Stiff
      Gained 10 yards per club in my irons

    23. james carter says:

      I absolutely loved this video. This will help me tremendously.⛳🏌️✌️

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