How Stop Hitting Golf Shot Fat

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How Stop Hitting Golf Shot Fat with Mark Crossfield PGA skilled answering extra golf questions by his AskGolfGuru Q&A app. Study why you may be topping or hitting your irons fats and the way you would cease that fault. Play your finest golf and have enjoyable doing so with Mark’s simple to observe golf suggestions, drill, and classes.


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    6 Replies to “How Stop Hitting Golf Shot Fat”

    1. Knightlore10 says:

      Hi Mark, I never used to have this until I started to do a crunch to overcome early extension.. My feeling is that I do a crunch away from the ball to start my downswing and then push with my left foot straightening my left leg but I'm hitting half and 3/4 shots fat. Any sUggestions?

    2. lim3head says:

      One of my favorite drills that really helped my irons strike better. Great vid!

    3. Primary reason is their weight is not forward enough at impact and/or their heads are moving. 

      Golf is somewhat intuitive, meaning people want to find the ball. So yea, drills like this can work. 

      I would also say that a lot of amateurs have the ball too far backward in their stance. Again, golf being intuitive, they want to find the ball, what do they have to do. Lean back, flip the wrist, cause if not then they would hit the top of the ball. 

    4. David Hoyles says:

      I struggled with the same thing when hitting my 3wood. Tried this quick fix and within 100 balls I was hitting them consistently well. Great simple drill and very effective

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