How To Be Better At Your Chipping Technique

Have you ever wanted to get good at golf practice drills, golf technique troubleshooting, vj hide feed content. Well look no further than this educational resource on How To Be Better At Your Chipping Technique. Follow Videojug’s experts as they steer you through this tutorial.

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    7 Replies to “How To Be Better At Your Chipping Technique”

    1. Simple effective and easy to follow instructions. I haven’t seen any pro in my life swing the the club like him, effortless and stylish 10/10

    2. much better video than the other videojug chipping video with they guy indoors. you do NOT move your wrists in a chip shot, Rick dis it perfectly

    3. Juan Penate says:

      Thank you. I did improve my game

    4. A. Simonds says:

      watching golf vids all day… yes, it's raining. 🙁

    5. @titelistfan99 … srixon

    6. FriedFifa7 says:

      what make of club was he using

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