How To Be Better At Your Uphill Chipping Technique

Have you ever wanted to get good at golf practice drills, golf technique troubleshooting. Well look no further than this advice video on How To Be Better At Your Uphill Chipping Technique. Follow Videojug’s industry leaders as they guide you through this educational resource.

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    10 Replies to “How To Be Better At Your Uphill Chipping Technique”

    1. kyawthet ee says:

      How to practice body rotation swing in my house?

    2. "Perfect! The Widdeo Jug Way!!!" Ho Ho Ho!!!!!

    3. Unbelievable! This works. I use to do this chipping all wrong. You totally simplified what to do. I improved 100 percent right from the get go. Hit it at perfect direction and total confidence. Now if I can make those three foot putts. Jim Koczara

    4. Mehr Arshadi says:

      Is this the same as the bump and run?

    5. thanks gor tips miss the sign off

    6. Manny B says:

      the videojug way lol

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