How to Become Better at Throwing Putters in Disc Golf | Beginner Tips and Tutorials

If you’ve watched a video targeted towards beginners you’ve most likely heard them say that you should throw putters early on. Honestly…I’ve said it countless times on this channel. Today though I want to highlight an additional reason I think people should throw putters more often as well as get more comfortable throwing these types of discs. Today we’re going to give some hints and tips for helping you throw those putters a little better. What are the tips?? You’ll have to watch to find out!

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0:00 Intro
0:36 Setting the Table
2:16 Tip 1
5:37 Robbie C Drop
8:32 Tip 2
12:39 Tip 3
16:44 Tip 4
18:28 Wrap Up


27 Replies to “How to Become Better at Throwing Putters in Disc Golf | Beginner Tips and Tutorials”

  1. Jimmy G says:

    Picked up a few “It” molds for me and my sons live today and y’all they look great. Perfect stamp and disc selection for a Robbie C first drop. Congrats again on the signature stamp Robbie! (And the successful sellouts!)Wishing you many more to follow.

  2. chad hasler says:

    I have those exact same Goodrs 🎉

  3. KBone295 says:

    So question about my grip . I grip every disc with my pointer finger on the rim of the disc . Is this a bad thing?

  4. Man I have a champion It and I absolutely love it and use it a ton. It's a great disc. I hope you sell a ton of those, they're great

  5. 10 hours after you uploaded, the discs are sold out😢

    Congratulations! I'll try and grab one on the next run.

  6. I can't love this content more, Robbie! Great work once again!

  7. Daniel Hogan says:

    Will these discs come back? I’m just seeing this and want the robbie c collection

  8. Aaron Wells says:

    Bigger order next time please. Lol. Figures I’m on night shift and been asleep all day. I catch this 9 hours late and all your Foundation discs are sold out. Lol. Just my luck.

  9. Byron Prince says:

    Sold out! In just 9 hrs. Hopefully they'll be back soon. Robbie is the reason I started throwing the pig. If love to have one with his stamp.

  10. Joe Calvo says:

    What do you recommend for someone who can't stand the way a putter feels , don't like the way they feel in my hands for throwing. Always end up throwing a crave for short shots.

  11. House13 says:

    Looks like you’re sold out on foundation bro! Bummed I missed it but congrats on selling out!

  12. Adam S. says:

    Thank you! Niiiiice content, as always. I’ve learned so much from you lately. my putting and my confidence levels have totally increased since we met at that NE DG expo here in MA. I was that old dude that you encouraged me to sign up for the Putting tournament. WoopWoop that was so fun.😎 Robbie,you’re great. You LISTENED to all my ranting and shared the best putting input I could ever have. As old an stubborn as I am, I still applied your wisdom 🦉 to the basket.😉 For real! Have fun with practice and it doesn’t even feel like practice. My up-shot practice game is, taking Ollie, the dog, for his run out at the pits behind my house. I have two putters… Pure&aPolecat, or Pure&aPig,orPure&aSonic. I find a target throw a backhand Pure shot, walk about half way there, find another target and throw a forehand Pig..and walk to my first putter and pick it up and repeat for a mile or so.I Mix it up, like throw forehand goin out and backhand on the way home.Ollie loves me 🐶.

  13. It's all about the T.A.P.S. method of playing better golf…

  14. Rich says:

    Got my first ace ever today with a pig.

  15. I was just talking to a fellow disc golfer about having problems with this. Thanks for the perfectly timed advice. Also I just went and checked out Foundation and your discs are already sold out! 😮

  16. Pig isn't a 3 or 4, it's a 5.5; pig = thumbtrack caiman

  17. Robbie C when will you challenge James Proctor for his Polecat Champion belt. 😀

  18. Jim Sitzler says:

    Scored a Robbie C stamped disc this afternoon and just realized they sold out in about 5 hours. Now I wish I had bought my own “precious child” pig. Keep ‘em coming!

  19. OvertPumkin says:

    5 hours up and they are all sold! will be looking for round two of pigs!

  20. Yes – putter series is helpful

  21. Mark says:

    I went to order an IT on Foundation, but only 2 light weight options are available. Are all the other colors and weights sold out already? I left a comment earlier but it doesn't show up here in the comments. Update: Now I see all discs are sold out. Did they only make a few of each disc?

  22. Caleb Carl says:

    I MISSED THE DROP! hecking poop bro

    But the vid was fire

  23. Hey Robbie, where'd you get those rad sunglasses? I got the purple and teal smack disc golf bag for Xmas and those glasses would match it perfectly

  24. Wow, 4 hours and the Pig, and Wraith are sold out. 😢

  25. RLBadKarma says:

    You've definitely got my attention!!

  26. Ian Moffatt says:

    nice set of hooters you got there

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