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    11 Replies to “How to Breakdown Your Disc Golf Form w/ Holyn Handley”

    1. Per says:

      The big juice in this video is the talk about reachback. First time ut really clicks for me How to Get the outward motion at reachback peak. All simulators say this is important for maximum power

    2. David, maybe the disc comes up because your head is rising as you pull through. See where your head is at full reach back and then at hit point. Your head has moved veritcally by almost a full head height. Mine raises a lot also. Can't imagine that is a good thing. I try to think of my baseball swing, my head does not rise as I'm about to hit the ball.
      Not sure if that is correct thinking.

    3. Great video!!
      Learned a ton.
      I just noticed that Holyn reaches out 90* from her chest on reach back. When she comes into the power pocket, she does not keep a 90* elbow for more than a fraction of a second. I like that because with the torso turning the arm straightens naturally. I like this because when I try to hold the bent elbow in the power pocket: 1) I don't know when to unhinge the elbow and 2). I feel like I have to have a stiff forearm and bicep and I have to force it to open. It has to be killing all sorts of arm speed.
      Just let the power pocket open naturally an it won't be tight and stiff. You can actually be looser and feel the "whip".
      You are delving into the exact questions I have and have been trying to break the code.

    4. 9spiderlegs says:

      So cool that you got to chat with Holyn, she's one of my favorites! David, I'm new to your channel and it looks like you have a lot of passion for this sport as well as a lot of technical skills that make me curious about more of your videos. If I can offer a touch of constructive criticism though, I think your interview skills could use some work. Multiple times you asked a question that Holyn had already answered which makes me (and likely your guest) feel that you're not listening to them, rather just moving through a list of prepared, stock questions. It's a skill to carefully listen and build on a conversation during an interview, but I think your viewers as well as your guests would really benefit from an improvement in this area.
      I hope you will not take offense to any of that, I will be subscribing and hoping for more interviews with more of my favorite players!

    5. Rydal1 says:

      how do I even get the disc?

    6. At 24:10 – Holyn mentions that the disc is a little higher than your elbow. That's been my second weakness. I call it the "elbow drop" and what I've found is that it reduces the distance slightly, because the length of the levers – relative to the plane of the the swing path – is reduced. I had a former touring pro look at my form yesterday and she told me "tits up" and that brought my chest up, and it also brought my elbow up. And after I threw the disc, I noticed it fixed another problem that I had – that I didn't know what I was doing to cause it. It was having an unintentional anhyzer in my throw. By bringing the elbow in the swing path, it brought a more natural hyzer to the throw. I wonder if this "cue" or "swing thought" might help you to bring the elbow up to where it's in line with the disc.

    7. At 5:47 – "What was the biggest hurdle in your backhand?" Holyn's answer, and the discussion of her journey from understanding what to do, doing drills, and then putting it together on the course, has been my experience as well. TY for putting this interview out there, David!

    8. I’ve definitely been contemplating signing up for your program. Just from the videos I’ve seen I like the way you teach. I want to be able to throw over 500’ consistently. That way I have good control for all shots leading up to that distance. If I sign up how likely is it that I could get to that distance?

    9. Do yall teach to full reach back after front foot hits or simultaneously full reach back as front foot hits

    10. Great video! What video app for Iphone do you recommend for recording throws so you can break it down like this?

    11. Great video, much appreciated.

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