How to build a golf club – EPOXY!!

Was asked a question from a community member about EPOXY. We cover to how prep for epoxy, to distribute EPOXY, how mix EPOXY, How much shaft bead to put in the EPOXY, cleaning EPOXY and letting it dry, EPOXY.For Golf Club Repair Tools, Golf Fitting Tools and Select OEM’sPlease see the link below. If you require Golf Club Repairs or would like to schedule a fitting for your best golf or have a questionPlease contact us at mcgolfshop@roadrunner.comclubmaker@mcgolf.netFor more info please follow us on (IAMCGOLF)



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    40 Replies to “How to build a golf club – EPOXY!!”

    1. 34dawgsgo says:

      Hobby club builder here who is probably more like that Monkey you described? Collared ferrules wow. Use a nail to coat the inside of the hosel and shaft and twist them together. Use shafting beads every time. Your way is much cleaner and has less epoxy to clean up, which I like. Learned something new with the tape for drying. Have built over 10 sets and luckily have not had any heads flying down the fairway yet. Subscribed, always willing to learn something better. Thanks, Sir.

    2. Rom says:

      Thanks for the tutorial, and your music taste is great

    3. M. M. says:

      Should I use shafting beads when adding the Golfworks aluminum extensions to my steel shafts? Thanks. Great content!

    4. Corto caro says:

      I have a Titleist 755 CB irons. I need to change the original shafts (trispec S shafts) and I gone install Mamiya Actionlite 55 A shafts. Do I need to put on some weight on the shafts or not. What if I don’t put nothing? Please answer me something I’m in Argentina and in my city there’s no golf shops and nothing about that. Please. Thank you very much!! Best regards!

    5. DoCoMo661 says:

      Any tips and tricks in selecting the right type and size of ferrules? Is it as straight forward as 0.355 tip shaft, select 0.355 ferrules?

    6. Michael Hill says:

      Im watching this video cause I glued my first shaft and the head came flying off after 5 swings

    7. Do u need shafting beads

    8. Rick Hammel says:

      so do you use the tape as the club is curing to keep the logo of the shaft aligned?

    9. Greg Smeal says:

      Is the little metal piece before shaft goes in necessary.i,m replacing similar aged old srixon 545 irons with new steel 6.0 projectx shafts . There where no inserts in shaft or clubhead.was that an xtra weight .

    10. jim almquist says:

      Good video but you don’t clean the shaft tip and inner hosel port with acetone to remove any unseen dirt/contamination before applying the epoxy?

    11. I need some help with fitting a KBS CT Putter double bend shaft into my Mizuno M Craft 3 putter. The diameter is correct but the lie angle of the shaft is incredibly flat versus the stock shaft. I have had 2 fitters look at it and they are afraid to bend it that much and it has lost the face balance. I can send pictures.


    12. Could you explain why the weight goes in the shaft and how do I know how much weight to put in ?

    13. Kierran says:

      Hi Jim. After you have put the head on and used the tape to stop it moving how to you store it? Head straight up not touching anything or just sits up against a wall?

    14. HI Jim, after knocking in the weight into the tip, does it not create a vacuuming effect when gluing and how would you prevent this?…..I find your videos thoroughly entertaining and informative, keep up the good work.

    15. J B says:

      Great video. Thanks. My question is what position do you place the club in while it is curing the 18-24 hours?

    16. Have you ever seen an golf iron head that was tapped so it could be screwed on? I received a G410 7 iron head that has been tapped.

    17. John Powers says:

      Jim when spine aligning I did buy the bearings and PVC coupler you have and it works great. When I rotate the shaft it keeps ending in the same place which is the spine of the shaft. I also glue it at 12:00 o’clock. To the iron head in this case..! I think I’m doing it correct. Thanks for the tip on a great tool.! A must have in the club builders shop.

    18. John Ham says:

      Great videos!! Thanks.

    19. Mijato Cat says:

      Stupid question: how do you put assembled clubs to rest until epoxy hardens? upright or downright ? sometimes I use pulled shaft when old glue is removed they lose something in diameter and they twirl around the hosel, which may result in losing the alignment. How do you put clubs to rest?

    20. mike jones says:

      Such interesting videos, I have been binge watching from NZ

    21. sving says:

      Does your little sign say "RØDE"?? Danish for "red"

    22. I am currently in the process of soft stepping my 4 and 5 iron. I pulled the 4 iron shaft and it fits much looser in the 5 iron head. Do you think shimming would be my easiest fix?

    23. Clark Gruber says:

      What is the piece that you pound into the shaft?????

    24. Mark Deel says:

      In the future maybe talk about putting shaft pings

    25. Fred Sanford says:

      Love the video, thanks.
      FYI- The B.C. Open was held in Broome County NY, on the En-Joie course in Endicott near Johnson City. The tournament was held there from 1971 to 2005 . The 2006 tournament was cancelled due to historic flooding.

    26. Apparently kid sounds like him hahaha. Great video

    27. Ken says:

      Is the bead additive good enough to center a g700 head with epoxy of course..seems like a major hassle even with the correct ferrules and new shafts..Where can I find your price on a iron set of reshafts..

    28. Edgar Rivera says:

      Thanks for posting this.

    29. Vick Su says:

      Hi Jim. Quick question, instead of using tip weight, is it ok to pour tungsten power into the hosel then add epoxy into it and mix em up at the bottom of the hosel, and then install the shaft with new epoxy applied on the shaft just like you did in the video?

      Because I’m doing MOI matching instead of swingweight matching which requires much more precise weighting, and it’s nearly impossible to have the exact right weight with tip weights sometimes, whereas using tungsten powder I can get it spot on.

    30. Jim…I do things the ‘Dana’ way…split grips so can swing weight/MOI last. GW V1003 50/50 epoxy …5 min set time, 1 club at a time. Always abraid up under ferrule a tad, light epoxy swipe, slide on with light heat….push on with head. When tip id is big enough, go old time with lead powder and cork. No more tip pins except small diam lead for Steel Fiber 110s or some graphites. Most all hi quality steels FLO with label down. KBS…gotta FLO them. Love how you explain stuff…

    31. CHRIS Foti says:

      does anyone use the PETRONIO’S #8 RUBBER CEMENT to install grips(instead of the conventional way)- it allows you to just blow the grip off and re use the grip anytime you want. Its handy especially when/ if you wanna shorten or add length without having to just cut the grip off and install a new grip every time. I am constantly tinkering with length/swing weight so I have some grips I've taken off and put back on 6-7 times with no problems. Its really simple instead of sticky tape you use just plain masking tape-the glue bonds to the tape after a few minutes. You have to use something other than a Lamkin grip- most of those will still blow up(with the air hose) and have to be discarded. I use golf pride and super soft-no problems installing and re installing. It only takes about 30-50 lbs of pressure to blow the grip off when installed via the cement and I've never had a grip break lose from the glue during play. Just search for it online-a place here in Memphis sells it by the gallon. A gallon should last a few dozen set builds at least.

    32. BC open…the pride of Endicott NY. They went under in 2006 unfortunately.

    33. Douglas Lee says:

      luv ur vids! can i use abrasive powder instead of glass beads?

    34. Yura Kovalec says:

      Woodglut has a lot of designs to choose from.

    35. Is there a difference in steel vs graphite epoxy??

    36. Sungwhan Kim says:

      Hi thanks for the video. I have a quick question. Must I put the tip weight into the tip? Can I just put the shaft into the hosel without the tip weight? Does the tip weight make a big difference? Thanks in advance. Have a good one.

    37. Tom Platts says:

      Hi Jim, what epoxy are you using? Thanks

    38. Eloy Avila says:

      Is the JB WELD EPOXY any good for golf clubs ?

    39. Hey Jim. Do you spine align your clubs when you make them? Thanks, Terry

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