How to Build Control into your swing, One Armed Swings 100/day

ON MARCH 14th 2017
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    47 Replies to “How to Build Control into your swing, One Armed Swings 100/day”

    1. I was told you need to do this with your left arm ? Can you make a video on that ?

    2. jcsoxx says:

      Makes sense to me I like this lesson a lot thanks

    3. swardmusic says:

      Doing the same but for my Lead arm!

    4. Chuck Meyer says:

      You mentioned that you didn’t go with Mike Malaska’s swing. Who’s swing did you go with?

    5. I just did this drill. I found that I correct my downswing sequence. Also when I put both hands, naturally my backswing perfectly fits me to swing even faster. I might use this drill as my pre shot routine, cause it works 😂 thanks brandon!

    6. Tim Horan says:

      Fantastic…how did I miss this in many years of following you?????

    7. Mike Chafins says:

      Your right elbow is not fling it is under, thanks for the great video. Maybe turn more though the swing to keep the club more in front of the body. I am going to do this 100 day drill and see if I improve.

    8. mike anda says:

      I like your drill. I've been doing it, My other hand/ wrist and thumb is fused so your drill will help me get back in golf maybe with just one hand, while the other hand heals … great drill thank you

    9. kidpoker007 says:

      It’s like Mike Austin swing… throw the club

    10. kidpoker007 says:

      Are you doing all 100 at one time?

    11. markp1tom says:

      Brendon, I wanted to ask if you could demonstrate how you would swing with your right arm if you could only use your right arm to hit the ball. Is the swing you are using in this video the swing you would use to hit a ball? How far would you expect to hit the ball compared to using two arms? I hurt my right arm and compared to your swing, I think I am bringing the club back to far. Thank you.

    12. markp1tom says:

      Thanks for the great video. I am a one arm golfer. I had a stroke and my left side is not functional but am able to do fairly well with one arm. It’s difficult to transfer the body weight from the right side to the left but do get through the fairly well despite my deficits. My biggest problem is that I hurt my shoulder earlier this year and am currently rehabbing it. Diagnosed with Tendinitis. It’s an injury similar to hurting your arm throwing a baseball. I think your swinging drill will help strengthen my arm once it has healed properly and should be useful in warming up. I’d like to see your recommendation on how far to bring the club back. I may be bringing it back to far and that may be putting too much strain on my shoulder. I can hit the driver 200 yards, fairly straight when I hit it solid. Thanks for any tips you could provide.

    13. Joel Wesley says:

      Has this drill increased your clubhead speed or distance?

    14. nice job B. really consistent low point control.

    15. R2d2 says:

      Incredible tip.

    16. R2d2 says:

      Why cant golf be played single handed? Feels real good to see club get released with such force…

    17. John Traylor says:

      I like this drill, but only do about 25 at a time. X 4 times and I'm done with my 100 and not sore or overworked.

    18. John Lysic says:

      Ok, this makes sense to me – I’ll start in the morning – thank you

    19. Poida says:

      Hi. You used this method with Jack to get more turn in his back swing and to get more club head speed. Have you ever tried to see what speed you can get using this drill on the swing caddie? Thanks Pete

    20. MartialGolf says:

      Love this! Will start doing today!

    21. Tech Support says:

      so are you saying most of the power of your swing should come from your right arm and right side? I was always to believe the left created the power…..

    22. Ian Tweedie says:

      Excellent video! Is it not recommended that (if you are right handed) that it is advisable also to also work the opposite side of the body?

    23. Fantastic videos in general from this channel!!! It all makes tremendous amount of sense. Good job!!!

    24. Still recommend this? Progress after the 30 days?

    25. jazzforJamie says:

      Hi, like your videos, you have talk to many prof. Have this question only. Your Wright arm in top of backswing and elbow stickning out very much? Check Ben Hogans wright elbow in same backswing as yours, big diffr! Svar is best? \ Johnny

    26. I started doing this when I'd read some Bob Toski stuff and watching Mike Malaska. I've been doing this for 20 days now and added a smaller waist to waist size swing that stays on the address plane – the meld of the two is working its magic – hitting the ball so cleanly. I do equal reps of left arm, right arm, and both arms – so that's three versions and two swing lengths – kinda 9.30 to 2.30 on a clock-face and then just beyond 12 to 12. 50x of each twice a day. Man this is the fittest for golf I've been in quite a while … if I can do this at 71 …… don't come up with excuses for yourself!

    27. freddy says:

      It's no wonder "pulling" with the lead side became so pervasive in swing teaching. In Bobby Jones teaching movies he taught you should control the club and pull the club all the way through impact with the lead arm. He even said the average golfer would be better off leaving the trail hand and arm totally passive. Nobody could argue with his results.

    28. Ask Kenny Minter of the UK, if he needs a right arm to play championship caliber golf….

    29. ron greco says:

      Nice brushing the ground. what about the left only.

    30. Ghost Ops says:

      Excellent ! This is exactly my problem. I am cross dominant ( play tennis left handed, throw ball left handed, write right handed, play golf right handed, softball batting right handed). My problem always is the left side is so much dominant in my golf swing that the right side has a feeling of total detachment. As such, game can be very erratic if my tempo is off. I am going to try this drill daily and see if it helps make my right side feel more connected.

    31. plentyofouts says:

      Definitely try and toss the clubhead behind you when you start down doing this. The real benefit of the right arm only is training a sidearm throw feel. So the club really shallows first when you start down. It's still possible to yank the club down with just the right hand and steepen the club. Be disciplined with the external rotation feel at the start of the downwing. Skipping stones feel is important, make sure the move is shallow.

    32. Allan Wright says:

      for years I have struggle with an over the top/outside move at the start of my downswing that throws everything off effort I have a chance to react to it and save it. tried hundreds of drills and none had the right feel for me to correct it. This one just might have done the trick…it all came from me using my left shoulder to initiate the transition and pull everything round instead of driving through with my right arm/shoulder. I am so excited to get on the course to see what a difference this makes.

    33. MrSLY DS says:

      I use to watch Christo Garcia's channel and liked the idea but after watching your channel it's very informal because you include multiple trainers which is awesome and it helped me more. I love everything about your channel because you do all kinds of different things like match play vlogs and stuff. Your channel is so awesome, thanks for everything you do and keep it up. can't wait for the next one.

    34. Right flying elbow is only showing up because the left arm is not attached. otherwise it would restrict things.

    35. Bob Peterson says:

      Brendon. Love the channel. Would really like to see some updates on how this drill is going and working out in your game.

    36. josmetra says:

      Thank you , now I got something to do because Not only is it really cold I got snow in the ground..🏌🏼⛳️✌️

    37. In it to win it. I'm doing it with my orange whip though in the garage. Can't get to a range/course every day. I'm ready for the resulting flush-a-palooza.

    38. Alan DLC says:

      i would really like for you to explain how you make time to make all this happen, honestly respect to you man i only work 40-50 hours a wekk and cant practice twice a week and im single with no kids….

    39. Yo B, I wanted to share a tip that's been helping me not get underneath in my backswing, really improved my striking on my downswing, and helped me immediately get focus into my right arm. When I start the backswing, I imagine pushing my right arm down and away from my body as opposed to pulling it back. It naturally carries the club back and on a straighter line as my arm folds upwards. On my downswing Im really trying to feel the club in the last 1/4 of the arc before impact. It almost feels as if Im throwing the club away from myself, or that Im coming in over the top. For some reason this has helped my swing plane, my impact, and allowed me to swing with more confidence. Im not used to feeling the club in that portion of the downswing, and I think that lack of awareness has caused a lot of impact problems in the past.

    40. Would this help with pulled shots or snap hooks

    41. Hi Brandon. I note your comments about using a light club e.g. a hybrid. What are your thoughts on just using a golf shaft? Or do you need some weigh on the shaft for the drill to be effective?
      As commented variously below, I agree that building up to 100 swings over time would appropriately balance the trade off between doing enough of the exercise to benefit against the risk of injury and the consequence of not being able to practice or play golf. I am going to build from 20 a day to the 100 over time. Also the flamingo drill has had the single most impact on my swing. No more slices! Yay! Thanks for highlighting it via your channel.

    42. Todd Mummert says:

      Did 100 swings today and there is no chance I'm doing it everyday. I'm already sore in my right shoulder and feel like I have carpel tunnel in my right hand while typing at work today and I haven't even slept on it to let soreness really kick in. However, I see the benefits it brings to right arm coordination and timing with the body. You can't swing well if you go too fast with the lower body on this drill. I have the same issues as you Brendon with quick lower body.

    43. HI Brendon
      I am going to try your drill for 2 months, I am doing the flamingo drill all ready and the flamingo drill with 1 arm all ready ( maybe 20 years back ) but not at that level, when I do the flamingo drill or the flamingo drill with 1 arm, I will maybe do 10 in a row but not 100 time in a row, I will do 100 a day for the next 2 months and tell you what it does to my swing. have a good day

    44. I've been looking into and having great success with Malaska's swing method. What is the difference between Mike and Tony's swing concepts? Seems like your dedicated to Tony's methods. Pros and cons on both? Can they be combined? if so which concepts work well together? Any info on your experience of both swings would be much appreciated !

    45. Paul Malone says:

      It would be even better to hit balls using that drill.Maybe hit 25 and put your left hand behind your r upper arm it will make you turn upper body 👊🏻

    46. Fred says:

      This is a great drill! I put down a ball marker. It gives you something to aim at

    47. JON COKINES says:

      In reference to you wishing for a plastic piece to click at the end of the video. Never tried the training aid, but….

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