How to check lie of a golf club

I love golf. I play golf. Technically a Professional Golfer, but there is a big difference from me and the guys on Tour. Lol.

PGA Member in Tucson, Arizona. I am working on building my business to be a full time Teacher. Teaching the game of golf is my passion, if there is a way I can make the game better for someone, I know I’m doing my job.

Thanks in advance for the follow!

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    27 Replies to “How to check lie of a golf club”

    1. Paul Holland says:

      This is going to be one of the stupidest tricks or ideas I've ever heard of

    2. John Henry says:

      It didnt work call me stupid

    3. Eddy Choe says:

      Or buy a lie board and some tape for like $15 total and get a much more accurate reading…

    4. John M Blake says:

      Check your grip. I have an issue of having the grip in my lead hand wrong. This causes me to have the club too flat.

    5. Dylan dobson says:

      You literally drew on the club 😂

    6. —1— says:

      I like this cheers

    7. Aj Lui says:

      The ink will set permanently by the time I land a shot 😅

    8. Snake GS says:

      I prefer the 50k golf simulator launch monitor instead.

    9. So is this an exercise to check the lie your golf clubs or the angle of your swing?

    10. I think you've mixed up your lines. Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm very avid golfer eight handicap and used to work in a pro shop but if my shaft are two upright then the heel of my club digs into the ground it's going to bring my toe of my club off the ground more which will cause the line to go from the low heel to the upper toe. And if my clubs are too flat then in my swing heel of my club will be off the ground and my toe of my club will be taking more grass. So the line from the guild ball will reflect from low toe to high heel?

    11. Hey everyone watching this! Your not good enough for this to matter! Go have fun. Drink beers and hope you keep it under 90!

    12. Assuming you have a repeatable swing. Most people don’t

    13. j says:

      You drew it on the clubs gahah

    14. Duke Lailey says:

      Worst suggestion ever. Closed and open face will influence the line you are talking about. Also, when you make a full swing the toe of the club bends down. That is not happening in this video. Get fit, don't do this.
      Search toe down effect for more info on why you need to hit shots at your normal swing speed. As a "teacher" of golf on YouTube I really recommend you look into this and stress the importance of getting fit properly for all aspects of your clubs. One club does not fit all.

    15. Use tape …. It’s better

    16. Sharpie dries faster than it can copy to the club..fake

    17. All that shows me is that the ball was not straight when you laid it down🤷🏽‍♂️ why would you do this lol?

    18. Jay Walk says:

      I saw a video where a guy used athlete's foot spray on the face of his club so he could see where he was hitting the ball. Great idea less work

    19. 🤣 😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂

    20. Or it means you can’t strike a ball to save your life

      Just sayin’

    21. 😳😳😱 I know you didn't just use the collector set of TW TaylorMade irons to draw lines on!?!? I really hope you didn't, but I know you did, because I saw it!

      I'm still cringing from it. 😱😬🥺🥺

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