The muppets are being treated to a short game clinic from Dean Burmester, DP World Tour and Srixon golf professional. Dean has been put in tricky situations and is explaining how he gets out of all the different situations. From bare lies, short sided chips, grass growing against your ball and many more. The types of shot you hate when out on the golf course.

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    38 Replies to “HOW TO CHIP LIKE A Tour Pro GOLF CHIPPING TIPS”

    1. KC Code X says:

      Made harder than necessary, I'd be inside the leather on all of them.

    2. Slow Hand says:

      One of the best videos I've ever seen!
      Need more of this – next part in the bunker?

    3. Great video. Easy to follow your instructions. You talk in a way that is calming and understandable. I've noticed you cover topics with a view that is down to earth. Not too much technical jargon. Kudos to you. I'm a new fan.

    4. Jim Saddler says:

      One of my best rounds this past weekend (72) and it was ALL due to CHIPPING and PUTTING!!! This was a great instructional video Mark!

    5. Tom Blake says:

      short game wizard!

    6. John Francis says:

      Great instructional video – I struggle with my short game, and as a result become somewhat complacent .. I'll try and put some of these tips in to practice!

    7. Brock Kunz says:

      Short game wizard…I am NOT

    8. “short game wizard” great content ; keep up the good work😃

    9. Benny Case says:

      Short Game Wizard indeed!

    10. Short game wizard, indeed

    11. John M says:

      I love doing varied short game practice and really took on board the thoughts around expectation and what a good result would look like eg 5-10ft . Great vid as always MC.

    12. Sami D says:

      I was up Worplesdon last week. It’s in lush condition. Love that place

    13. Armin Fritz says:

      Great session with Dean; well explained by Dean and Mark

    14. David King says:

      Short game wizard. So much information in this short presentation. If only I was clever enough to remember it on course😂

    15. Wizard of thy short gamus

    16. Anton Dzurej says:

      SHORT GAME WIZARD. Mark thanks for great video… once again 🙂

    17. PAULH S says:

      Myself I would hit PW OR 5 iron on rare occasions I've hit DRIVER PAUL

    18. Mark Reed says:

      Short Game Wizard

    19. Matt S says:

      Short Game Wizard. Excellent. Great tips!

    20. Keith Finley says:

      Short game wizard… always shocking how proficient pros are vs even scratch players…

    21. Dean Brady says:

      1st one I'd thin in the bunker.
      2nd one I'd putt.
      3rd would be a lucky dip, could be a thin, fat or nice chop.

    22. James Copsey says:

      imagine a shallow bladed Haileys Comet power floops vapor roasting the ionosphere. just one. just cracklin back down the fairway Rory flub jacked up on steroids

    23. I envy you those nice tight lies. Here in Michigan, especially in spring, there are a few feet of fringe and then you're into deep lush grabby rough. Almost impossible to get out cleanly especially if the grain is against you. You can either leave it in the rough or knock it past the hole. I always go for more pace. I hate to leave one in the rough.

    24. Short Game Wizard.
      Enjoyed that video a lot. Very informative, great content!

    25. MS says:

      Crossfield and Lockey should come and play in Sweden.

    26. Roy Holmes says:

      Short Game Wizard – this is my biggest problem. I drive OK, my irons are OK, my putting is OK. I'm a 61 year old , 14 handicapper who, from 30 yards to the green, cannot hit the ball ! If i could play these sort of shots half decent, I'd be a single figure handicapper, and my blood pressure would go down too. I'll give this a go.

    27. glen burr says:

      Short game wizard

    28. Sodthong says:

      Hey Mark, could you get Cleveland to get some Smart Sole Chippers in the shops. They are not available anywhere…

    29. wayne allen says:

      Brilliant video. This is so informative, not easy for the average golfer to see this close up. Well done mark

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