How to chip the golf ball better strike it pure video with Mark Crossfield and Coach Lockey PGA Professionals. In this video Mark and Matt discuss the best ways in how to chip a golf ball onto the green from different areas whilst trying to help you strike it pure every time. In this video are some of the best short game tips for golf with some short game golf tips for you to try next time you are at the golf course. Short game golf lessons are vital for you to chip that golf ball closer to the hole every time. Short game golf videos from Mark Crossfield and Coach Lockey, yes please!

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  1. Love the honesty Mark, I struggle with the same issues. Love the transparency, good video.

  2. hey la verdad excelente video lo disfrute bastante necesito el proximo material me retiro les envio cariños gracias

  3. Very interesting to see a very capable pro golfer struggle with a shot – just like the rest of us. Probably one of the best videos you've made. That's golf all over.

  4. Carlos alem says:

    hola la verdad excelente video lo disfrute aguardo por el siguiente grabación me voy les envio besitos agradecido

  5. Brave video to post, highlighting glaring weakness of a very good golfer. You probably don't give a monkey's, but I see your issue as a tempo thing. Your action is jerky, rushed and your set-up is hunched and tight over the ball. I recognise it well from myself. It's quite possibly a control / personality / aggression thing, which works so well for other aspects of your game. I would work on tempo, (christ knows how, btw), longer, looser, less controlled – less inside perhaps? – and give your undoubted natural ability a chance. .

  6. Another great vid, thanks for the content and tips!!

    Something I wanted to share as I've been getting better at the short game. I've found I don't need to concentrate on landing zone as much, but rather look at it and just keep it in the back of my mind. But what I have found that helps is deciding the type of shot I want to play as that seems to do a much better job dictating my swing / strike / outcome. So the first things I consider are distance and lie as those two dictate the options. Then I consider the pin placement and green to not-green ratio (is there room to run it? Or does it need to stop quickly). I can then figure out what I want to do as with any 1 club there are always many shots to play (ball forward and handle more vertical at impact, or open the face with a wider stance, or ball further back with more shaft lean, etc..). After picking, I just focus on making the shot happen as I want.

    But the biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest thing is to always commit and rotate fully through the shot with no decel!! The decel is the kiss of death and destroyer of worlds when it comes to chipping and causes all the bads! And it's so damned sneaky in that you hit a bad shot and you're brain was thinking the whole time to go through the all and not stop! But if you analyze it a bit more, you realize your brain got scared at the top of the backswing and thought it was going to be just a bit too much power, so it slowed down near impact just a fraction…. which altered the low point, or caused the hands to flip and skull it, or alter the path so you hit it out of the toe too much and didn't get any grooves on the ball or cause a shank….. the list of borkage is long and undistinguished!

    To combat this I've had to really focus on my finish!! The feeling of the club head moving through the ball continuously and fluidly and either finishing low or high based on the desired shot (so don't just think strike the ball, but focusing on through the ball so the hands and chest don't stop). I also have to not worry about the end result of possibly over-shooting the hole and ending up 10 yards away! Just focus on hitting through the ball to get on the green and putt, as that will always be better than duffing it 6 inches!

  7. Paul Ryan says:

    Ball back and hands forward is an archaic way to chip, centre the ball and release the hands, using the bound is the way to go

  8. John Bak says:

    Have difficulty with tight lies. What be the best way to approach this shot?

  9. THINK I'LL SKIP THIS ONE………….love u Mark lol

  10. Interestingly, the standard 8 iron is the same loft as the chipper, which is the go to club for some.
    I try and imagine the shot, how far to land, how far to run out, that make the decision on which loft or club to use
    I have never chipped with a lofted club, I only pitch with one,

  11. Great video guys. Will practice this when we get a chance to get out again. Until then I will continue to chip from the lounge through the kitchen and into the bedroom. And yes I am doing this with real golf balls lol.

  12. AlexNblue says:

    Awesome lesson, I love mucking around a green and playing with technique & experimenting. Much more fun than standard chips!

  13. Great video Mark. Most amateurs don't hit greens in regulation, so being able to chip and putt usually determines the handicap. I'm the opposite of you. I don't think about technique at all, I try to get the ball rolling asap and only focus on picking the landing spot and seeing the shot before I hit it. Chipping and putting is the only reason I play off single figures. Great skills to practice.

  14. My coach got me chipping in all sorts of situation but I wasn't allowed to use my 60 degree. Too many times I see AM golfers just grab the lob wedge for everything. Personally, I now have 1 club for chip and run, 1 club for chipping and if I have NO confidence at all for that day I use the good old 3-WD roll (if no bunkers in the way). I always get teased by the boys for the 3-WD but who cares when you get up and down 60% of the time with it. :-0

  15. passkat says:

    I actually got that bad at chipping,I once putted it around the bunker near the green and actually putted it into the bunker…defo got the yips.don't play at all now.

  16. frankie bean says:

    Why did you on EVERY single shot give yourself a good lie???? when we miss around green it very rarely gives you the lie you were giving yourself…u had it perched up! we have learned nothing…are you really a coach ?

  17. Strike is key but that was an excellent tip from Coach Lockey regarding the landing area…"margin of error".

  18. shawn199500 says:

    Your flight seems very low for a 52 degree, mine would be up around 5 to 6 feet high and roll out about 6 to 8 feet. P-Wedge should be 1 part flight, 2 parts roll. A 9I= 1 to 3, 8I = 1 to 4, 7I = 1 to 5. Isn't that what you find?

  19. markeileneth says:

    Mark, when you talk about “imagination” are you able to see, in your minds eye, the landing zone?
    I have a condition known as “APHANTASIA”
    Which means I cannot see anything in my minds eye. Just black.
    Consequently I find chipping very difficult.
    Coach Lockie said your imagination was improving. What does that mean for you?
    Excellent video.

  20. Toby Borg says:

    Really good clip to learn from your specific thoughts of a golf shot. This is what I am looking for and it is more helpful / useful for my own practise and game especially in tournements.

  21. Nick Marr says:

    Very relevant to me this, chaps – thank you. Although you’re a far better golfer than me, Mark, we’re chipping twins – duff one in the bunker, then hole one… A patterns that plays out the whole round.

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