How to Easily Square the Clubface at Impact for Straighter golf shots.

How to Easily Square the Clubface at Impact for Straighter golf shots with PGA Golf Coach Mark Wood
In this video PGA Golf Coach Mark Wood shows you some easy ways to square the golf club at impact for much more consistent and straighter golf shots.

To hit the golf ball long and straight you must have a square clubface at impact relative to the ball to target line. The clubhead being square at the address is just the starting point and with just a simple thought you can keep the clubface square throughout the golf swing.


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    14 Replies to “How to Easily Square the Clubface at Impact for Straighter golf shots.”

    1. Josh Johnson says:

      Thank you this really helped !

    2. Thanks Mark never heard of those tips im an advanced golfer and think they can help any player.

    3. John Lucas says:

      I want to give everyone an update on this drill and how good the results have been for me.

      I seen this drill a couple weeks ago and thought to myself, "this is interesting". I have never seen a drill like this so I was leery on how it would actually work. I hadn't played golf for a year so I started doing 30 swings a day using this drill then I would then hit foam balls into a net at home. My first round out after a year, I was making solid contact and hitting the ball very straight in the beginning of the round and thought like most golfers do, I have 16 more holes to go, somethings bound to happen. At the end of 18 holes I was pleased to see the wrist/forearm motion was ingrained and I finished with a respectable round. Still keeping with my 30 swings a day, I'll fast forward to 2 weeks later, I played 9-holes and killed it. I hit 6-GIR straight and parred those 6-holes. This drill is a game changer so I'll keep this drill as part of my daily routine. Thank you for explaining the drill the way you have Mark.

    4. It doesn't make any sense to turn the club around, wouldn't it be a better visual to see the club face actually squaring up vs looking at the club backwards? And also teaching a player to flip the hands, that is a terrible advice.

    5. GARY DEACON says:

      Does this same drill work with the driver for a someone ie, me who suffers from a slice?

    6. Thanks Mark, all very relevant for me at this moment 👍

    7. Thank you Mark its good to reset ready for this year

    8. Tim Fowler says:

      Do you open the club up at the top of the golf swing?

    9. I’d love to see a video on shoulder plane, I’m very flat in the backswing and downswing

    10. the upside down club is so easy to relate to brilliant

    11. Sabby Sabs says:

      Awesome channel! Check out my account and sub if you like ❤️

    12. Spakuloid says:

      That upside-down club drill is fantastic. Thanks!

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