How To Get BACKSPIN With Your Wedges | ME AND MY GOLF

How To Get BACKSPIN With Your Wedges – In this video we show you the simple steps to getting backspin on your wedges! Not only will we be giving you our best tips on how to get backspin, but we will also be explaining to you the golf equipment you will need to make this happen!

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    32 Replies to “How To Get BACKSPIN With Your Wedges | ME AND MY GOLF”

    1. Meandmygolf says:

      If you could have one tour pro ability what would it be?! Let us know your answers down below!👇🏌🏻‍♂️

    2. The puzzling softball concordantly confuse because statement untypically fit toward a sincere company. industrious, faded carp

    3. evWd Studio says:

      please include high handicaper join your session, we can see where is the mistakes occurred…and what is the best solution for it..

    4. Dave Malin says:

      Time for practice

    5. TheMusketeer says:

      A bit confused, i just watched 2 videos back to back on this topic, and in one they wanted me to hit down on the ball, and decrease loft angel down to 40° but brush the grass, but here they are saying that is not a good thing because the ball will launch like a rocket. Am i missing something? Also some other youtubers said yo decrease to about 40° to get much spin and low ball flight.

    6. Gentlemen, Could you please remove your subtitles or remove the black background or something, cant see slot of the intresting things!!!!

    7. Them shoes are awful

    8. jguitar29 says:

      MY pro shot choice ABILITY would be LONG IRON play….

    9. How much does the ball you're using matter for these shots?

    10. DappperDan says:

      Americans upon hearing only 2.5 months of lock down hahaha… ha ha… 😢😭😭😭

    11. Carlos alem says:

      hola la verdad excelente video lo disfrute bastante aguardo por el proximo video me retiro les mando cariños muchas gracias

    12. DWSLloyd says:

      Thanks chaps, these are great tips. Love all the videos and podcasts.

    13. Fred Davis says:

      Show some super slow motion of the club striking the ball.

    14. I used the very week left hand and it worked wonders around the green and flop shots

    15. Very good tip! Cheers

    16. attacking pins from 100 to 150 yards away. usually 3 put.

    17. andrewmci89 says:

      I'd love Mickelson's escape game to make up for how bad the rest of my golf is!

    18. Mcweeever says:

      To create spin is it important to wear identical clothing? 🤦‍♂️

    19. Will C says:

      Good tips 👌🏽 cheers for that

    20. 04hulatt says:

      So is on any wedges for back sip?

    21. mattsniz says:

      You mentioned the ball but I'll have to add fresh wedges are also key. Noticeable difference between my wedges in the first few months vs 2 years of play. I've tried to sharpening tools but still not the same as a fresh wedge.

    22. Gary Hague says:

      What club you hitting there? 60* wedge?

    23. I just today hit a "low thinner spinner" when I thinned my 60. I was hitting almost a full shot with it, probably 60ish yards, and it flew about 25ft high is all, and when it came off the face I was like, "oh boy, here we go, and it pitched about 1ft short of the flag and stopped pin high. Me and my playing partners were absolutely speechless. Ordinarily that wouldn't hit near the pin and then rolled through but today I got away with one! lol.

    24. ahastar1141 says:

      Is an old wedge with a high spin ball going to enact more spin than an brand new wedge with a mid teir golf ball?

    25. these two…honestly. Love how they wear the same outfits, keep up the good work boys.

    26. Rufuss Thoo says:

      'Hitting down' on chip chops is a throw-back to the 'old days' when it was crucial that we squeezed the balata balls against the turf to generate spin. Strike a 90's balata with a shallow attack and it wouldn't stop before Christmas.

    27. Peder Jensen says:

      The main thing if you want to get spin is not to create any divots, but just brush the grass. Seems a lot of amateurs believe by hammering down in the ball with a big divot gives backspin

    28. SkolJeff says:

      I watched this at noon. I played this afternoon and on hole 2 had a 60 yard pitch shot on a par 5. I specifically tried to remember these tips while hitting my 58 degree to see if it made a difference. I hit the ball 10 feet past the hole and it spun back and went in for my first ever hole out eagle. I guess this works!

    29. Dang, this is a REALLY good video😄

    30. Luke Edwards says:

      I’d love to be able to do this, but if I just brush the grass I tend to heel the ball off the back of the green 🤷🏽‍♂️ any posture fixings on that? You guys are getting me soo close to breaking 100 I love this channel!

    31. Guys how do you control the pace of your putts

    32. Tigers escape shots

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