How To Get Customized PGX Single Length Golf Irons

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    15 Replies to “How To Get Customized PGX Single Length Golf Irons”

    1. Thanks for doing this review I never knew they existed. I play Cobra rad speed irons and love one length also

    2. Ho X says:

      thank you! would be great if you could compare the few one length you've reviewed (Pinemeadow, Pinhawk, Orlimar, etc).

    3. I might pull the trigga on these.

    4. I really want graphite shaft!! But did you ever have one break on a swing like sometimes I break hockey stick on slap shot .. I don't want this to happen with my golf club 🙄🙄🙄

    5. David Smith says:

      Do you have any one lengths iron sets for sale? Any that you have reviewed?

    6. Sean Smith says:

      Highly do not recommend pinhawk 🤢
      I bought the same single length looked good and then after week the heads were coming off got it fixed and even the golf repair guy said they looked like cheap material and then broke again the following week I sent them back got a refund you are better off looking for cheap cobra or pinhawk on eBay that’s what I did got f8 for same price and love them

    7. expomm says:

      Dude, make more videos on this one length clubs, can you make video from GIGAGOLF single length as well? Cheers from Germany! Kudos for your channel

    8. Devin Wesley says:

      I finally pulled the trigger on a set of single length irons, I got the PGX set 4-SW with graphite. Thanks for the help!

    9. Wilburbruh says:

      Too bad they don’t offer them in LH dexterity. Was really ready to pull the trigger on these!

    10. Weave says:

      I love your content bro!

    11. Paul says:

      Pinhawk Vertex dual length is another option. 6-SW are 7 iron length and 3-5 are 1.5" longer to help with distance gaping on long iron. They are sold by Value Golf or Hireko Golf.

    12. Wow … finally another brand that come and join the single length wagon. I game the Pinhawk SL and these can also be build however you want them. Seemy vids about these and soon I will post a 2 year review. I will check these and see if they also deliver to Europe the Netherlands. Coolio. Stay metal, Eric. 🤘🏻😎🤘🏻

    13. You should Collaborate with Rob Braxman Tech you guys would hit it off.

    14. Edward Dunk says:

      Pete, do they make a driver ?

    15. Caleb Suttle says:

      Hey Peter Von Panda!I love your golf content.⛳ I have been looking for some one lengths for a while. Do you have any contests to win any of your equipment? (I was the first to watch this video😉🤓)

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