How to get the PERFECT P4 Golf Backswing Position!

All of us need that excellent backswing place! However what you’ve got been advised to do V.S. what your physique truly needs to do might be two very various things… For more information or to guide onto our Turkey teaching journey, electronic mail:

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Marcus Bell is a registered train skilled and sports activities bio-mechanist however any workouts advisable or recommended on this video are carried out purely at the particular person’s personal danger.


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    22 Replies to “How to get the PERFECT P4 Golf Backswing Position!”

    1. You just keep upping the bar Marcus πŸ‘ A very, very good explanation and demonstration πŸ‘ For those out there just watching the videos and thinking "you'll get it", if you do, well done! Go and get a lesson with any of the Zen Team, and, I absolutely guarantee your game will ascend to a level you thought you couldn't get to.

      I'm out to Turkey before you guys and have: Faldo X2, Lykia Links, Carya, PGA Sultan & Nobilis Robinson. My Zen Team (Sam Skeldon) instruction has made my season prosperous; so I look forward to a Golf Tour with 23 other mates πŸ‘β›³

    2. 18stags says:

      Tried this drill before a Pennant match, myself and partner won the 4 ball plus our matches probably the best drill (maybe) you've shown πŸ‘

    3. Johnny Bravo says:

      Hi Marcus. The movement of the wrist at P4 only affects the rotation of the face because the wrist is radially deviated. It does not change the face orientation at P7 when the wrist is ulnar deviated. Cheers

    4. This video may have been revolutionary for me. What should my new wrist relationship feel like through impact? just maintain? or release?

    5. No wonder why I'm so bad at golf…. once I saw how dirty this iron 8 was, I couldn't focus on anything else 🀣🀣🀣 No seriously, you've been such a great help in my game. before I would focus on so many technical things… now I focus on the target and let the rest happen. I do work technically, but on the range when I find the time to go, but never on the golf course anymore. It will happen one day, I'll find a moment to book a lesson with you but working with a B&B and living in France is not easy to come and visit !!! Thanks for all the nuggets you are giving us, it's good to hear a different voice in all those "technical" coaching.

    6. Journey Golf says:

      I've found that I use a netrual grip/weak and a netrual/cupped wrist but I draw the ball kinda pull it slightly short left on irons and driver hooks short I can fade the ball on demand if I want but like you said find what works Im self taught but I enjoy every moment of practice you learn so much cheer's.

    7. Love this explanation and how you and the other Zen instructors teach golf. Keep up the excellent work. Cheers

    8. M Send says:

      Does this apply to the driver as well? Thank you.

    9. Sonny Ouyang says:

      Marcus, this was what I have struggled with for years – can not find a consistent grip as the fix – my missed was hooked too much. The more I aimed right, the more I flipped my hand – the more it hooked, then I started to swing right and up follow-through swings (instead of swinging around by body or letting the hands rotate for a nature release) – that helps to draw ball (vs hook), but it was not consistent and no power.
      My question was to bow the wrist vs pre-grip-closed-clubface (flat wrist)? – I have tried them both and must do them wrong.
      When you said keeping the same grip and clubface relationship – you meant keeping the same left-hand rotation (with right hand on) and letting it bow at the top, right?
      Do we ever pre-grip-closed-clubface at the address? (from the other video, in order to aim right – we rotate right a bit with our feet, body and shoulder around the ball for a draw shot. And the clubface pointed to the target line – in this case, at the address, the clubface did look like pre-grip-closed-clubface) – did you see that I was confused?

    10. John says:

      Marcus mate that only works for lefties , the throttles always on the right mate ..
      That said , I’m playing around with trigger finger placement atm to close face through impact and having a very nice honeymoon πŸ‘ broom broom

    11. Marcus do you rotate wrist at setup then swing or rotate wrist during swing. This is what is confusing me. If I do it at setup obviously the club face sits all wrong. Or are you meant to practise like your video and it will happen naturally eventually thanks

    12. What type of grip pressure are you using? I tend to strangle it to hold the face which creates a lot of tension and strain. Do you have a video on grip pressure?

    13. RowdySouth says:

      Does anyone know what he’s talking about. Sounds like he’s talking in riddles

    14. Bandit Baker says:

      Brilliant Vid Marcus and a must for ALL the slicers & hookers out there in Golf World!
      I have to confess that until I had my lesson with the Zen Master I hadn't got a scooby about changing the clubface angle with my wrist rotation.
      I have been experimenting with this for several months now and seem to get the best results if I preset my wrist position (50% bowed) before I set up to take the shot as it then free's me up to take the shot without any internal brain clutter. Do you think that this is ok??

    15. gtflyer says:

      I'm so glad your showing how rotating the club can help with your shots. I've been experimenting with the exact same thing, I find the flat left wrist works best for me. So far I can hit whopping hooks or scary slices. Thanks for sharing. And by the way, I use to road race motor bikes some years ago.

    16. Len S says:

      Another gem! Thanks Marcus!

    17. good content marcus. Learning new technique this mornng. thank you from Kuala Lumpur.

    18. DanF says:

      Discovered this concept this year after 10 years of slicing. Completely eliminated my slice and gained yards with a penetrating ball flight. The common terminology used by golf pros is β€œreleasing the club”. I was always confused by this. The motorcycle throttle analogy is an easier one to picture and apply for me. Thanks for sharing.

    19. iparrajorge says:

      "Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance"

    20. I’m new to the zen golf channel been watching for a couple of weeks and I’m very impressed I have built my own zen training aids and am trying to use them as you demonstrate, I’m a weak short hitter no matter how hard or easy I swing 8 iron goes 120y and 7 iron 130y, I’m desperate to find the golden sequence that will unlock some club head speed, thanks for the content Marcus

    21. Mr Kipling says:

      Great stuff, Marcus.

    22. Heydeereman says:

      Just fixed a flat tire on my Harley so I can ride to the golf course tomorrow. I will get some extra practice on the way to the course πŸ˜‚

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