How to Have Margin in Your Life, Finances, and Morality // Breathing Room (Part 2)

How to Have Margin in Your Life, Finances, and Morality @vladhungrygen

00:00 Intro
21:11 Take a day off
37:57 Spend less
48:13 Make space

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41 Replies to “How to Have Margin in Your Life, Finances, and Morality // Breathing Room (Part 2)”

  1. So good.
    So many wonderfully practical points. Loved the 52000 steps!

  2. Maureen C says:

    I really needed to hear thisπŸ™ŒπŸΎ

  3. rohan singh says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful message Pastor. In a time where hustle is the way of the World, creating Margins is very important for us believers to ensure our Walk with God and with People has margin for miracles.

  4. I have no clue what’s margin is???

  5. Amazing ❀ I love this series and I’m going to remember to always ask β€œIs this wise?”

  6. Wow! Just what the doctor prescribed ❀ thank you, I needed to hear this!

  7. Marlene says:

    Keeping the sabbath stood out for me,always felt like I was running too fast and was struggling to keep up with everything. Hence, I got burnt out n felt drained oftentimes. Thank God for His Word,I am going off work one day every week πŸ™Œ πŸ™ πŸ‘

  8. Angel Onuoha says:

    Thank you for the sermon it was an I opener. What stood out the truth about resting. Having a day of rest, how Jesus does more with 90 then we can do with 100, but I took that our 10 or 20 % that Jesus has can do more for us than our 100%. Lastly change the question is this wise.

  9. Powerful message Pastor Vlad!
    Glory to God! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

  10. Calvin Cook says:

    Woah! This really blew me back to reality, in Christ Jesus. πŸ™πŸΎβ€οΈβ€πŸ”₯ I have been really wrestling so much with "partaking of marijuana or not partaking of marijuana." I have been claiming it is something that I can handle, yet steady being bombarded while under its influence and falling into sin repeatedly. Wisdom will certainly be proven right by her children.

  11. MeatMachine says:

    Why these charlatans never mention capitalism and the bankers who are at the heart of our problems? Could they be a parasite themselves?

  12. So good,Glory to God,thank pastor Vlad

  13. This is incredible! I'm a personal finance coach I know exactly what Pastor Vlad is talking about. I help individuals, married couples, veterans and public service workers fight their way out of debt and create a plan they can execute with confidence to get ahead in their finances! Great sermon.

  14. Thanks for the wonderful message from God,to live wisely…

  15. Hi, Vlad! I like the points you give! Helps me to focus better! Stood out about Sabbath, I have been too busy with much service and walking on the edge of loosing joy! Repenting today! Is this wise? Is this aligning with what God has for my life? are wonderful questions to ask daily! Appreciate Vlad! From warrior on mission field!

  16. Hi new subscriber here thank you and God bless

  17. Praise God through Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit, I thank you for the Word of seed Amen.❀

  18. Anthony says:

    We nelong to gther.Num,1.

  19. Anthony says:

    Clevk time france its not a issue my grace ist forbedteb for you and sre y there i love grad dont give up on me y are me stay out of mexico.

  20. Anthony says:

    I,m Team Number 1,

  21. Anthony says:

    It,s a seed,not a rock.

  22. Anthony says:

    I worked for the gov.

  23. Anthony says:

    Abraham loves me.

  24. Anthony says:

    Are you listening?

  25. Anthony says:

    B96 finalist dj26.

  26. Anthony says:

    I got my cd off.

  27. Anthony says:

    Team Number 1!

  28. Words cannot explain this sermon..but it's truly educating and inspirational also full of wisdom..
    16th July..2023
    Best preaching I have ever come across
    Truly about our day to day living.
    Be blessed my brother in the Lord
    I will continue to listen all of ur sermons

  29. freechr15 says:

    So much meat in this sermon, I really needed to hear the message about making room when it comes to stress level. Thank you for this sermon, pastor Vlad, I'll need to hear it again! There aren't many who preach in such an uncomromising way nowadays. I have one little objection, though. As an ex-seventh-day adventist, I find your saying 'Make the Sabbath religion, like the Adventists', a bit too extreme. I do rest one day a week, because I see the blessing in it, and you were brlilliant in explaining it, but I am always very careful not to fall into legallisim again. For example, I don't find anything wrong with doing light house work as long as it doesn't feel like work, it can be very recreational to take a few minutes to clean something, or half an hour, or cook something easy, make a desert and so on. But if I don't feel like doing it, then I don't! Defining work can be tricky, everyone should ask God. But in general, I try not to leave a lot of house work for my sabbaths. Doing creative things is also a way of resting, as long as you do it just to enjoy it, and not to 'achieve something'. A bit challenging sometimes, indeed! May the Holy Spirit keep us into the narrow way, not going to the right, or to the left!

  30. kurt kline says:

    The holy spirit spoke to me yesterday about everything you said I was tempted yesterday and the holy spirit said would Jesus do this I new in my heart he wouldn't do that so yes I was blessed β™₯️

  31. I have doubt is encouraging others(unelievers) to give bribe to get job indirectly is sin against God?

  32. Pray for my boy day trouble πŸ˜₯πŸ˜’πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½

  33. Bonnie says:

    What a good word! Thank you Jesus πŸ™Œ

  34. Great message. Thanks!

  35. Sal Rennie says:

    Pastor Vlad, great message.

  36. So blessed word, thank you Father and pastor Vlad

  37. I took a lot. I'm going to change my life according to what I know to be wise.

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