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    30 Replies to “How To Hit A DRAW WITH YOUR DRIVER!”

    1. Tommy Tucker says:

      James I'm struggling trying to hit up on the ball with my driver have you any tips please

    2. How to hit low…stingers …in windy conditions would be good guys…thanks

    3. I would love something to help me increase clubhead spedd. I top out at 90mph and that is me absolutely killing it. Usually more around 85.

    4. I would love to see how to choose the correct compression golf ball. I’m sick of prov1 golf balls being sold to slow swing golfers the golf ball is so firm especially around the green

    5. james goldie says:

      Great tips and advice, watch and learn from every one. Thanks

    6. Awesome awesome bloody awesome

    7. Martin Gore says:

      Love this channel, I am not the biggest hitter About 220 but straight but always looking to gain distance 👍

    8. Lexx White says:

      Wouldn't mind seeing a couple of drills for tempo if you have any good ones in your arsenal

    9. Blackjacks21 says:

      I will take any straight shot 😂
      If you agree

    10. Rafa Bonati says:

      I normally hit a draw, but I have been experimenting with hitting a fade. I imagine the ball needs to be slightly lower on the tee peg and slightly further back in the stance. Is this correct???

    11. Straight to the point. I could actually feel what you were talking through and all that my pro was trying to tell me with a thousand words, I could literally see as you were "showing" it. From the feet to the knees to hips, torso, shoulders, arms, club. Boomshanker!!! Thanks 👍 👋

    12. How to a big high fade 😀

    13. Love this… and Loads is a very scientific term.

    14. Loving this channel. Great tips and so very easy to follow. From me stop using my 60* to shallowing my attach ever so slightly it is transforming my game.

    15. John P. says:

      I find it interesting that to hit draw you need an open face. My ball flight is a pull-hook. You mention that the pull hook can be from a closed clubface. I know my clubface is closed at impact, I take lessons at Golftec and have seen the closed clubface on the lesson videos. I can't help but wonder if my pull-hook is caused as you said in the video. I'm definitely having this conversation with my PGA pro. I love you guys, please keep up the outstanding content.

    16. robh316 says:

      Big high baby fade works fab for DJ so I'll stick with mine I miss only a few fairways

    17. Nick Millar says:

      I’ll give it a go

    18. How do you hit a fad when your natural flight is a draw.

    19. Draw😂😂😂😂 He said draw😂😂😂😂 I’d like to see a straight shot …😂😂😂😂

    20. Tom Ashworth says:

      Great video, thanks James

    21. Like to learn how to hit a draw

    22. Watched the video about not slicing the other day.

      I've always been a slicer, went out and put in to practise what I watched, stopped slicing but the ball is now going straight but a long way right 😐

      I need to rethink where I am aiming or start trying to draw it now.

    23. baccattack says:

      Orange castles for me. Perfect hight for my M4 👌

    24. Paul Winsor says:

      Easy to follow James keep them coming

    25. Ian Burton says:

      Simple mechanics well explained. Another gem Mr. Robinson.

    26. Blaze Can says:

      Great help. Thank you 😊

    27. Joe Kivlin says:

      Great video… as usual. Thanks guys!

    28. Mark K says:

      Chris and James, so my "natural" shot with the Driver is the big high draw…never been a slicer of the ball. However, I really would love to know the technique to hit the fade with the driver. I have never been any good or consistent hitting the fade with a driver….usually I double cross myself. Thanks guys!

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