How To Hit a Full Swing Wedge

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How would you like to master the full wedge swing? How do we make a powerful swing with the wedge? For those looking to hit for about a hundred yards, this video on How To Hit a Full Swing Wedge is for you. We have the golf swing and your total game broken down to the 5 most important keys in our Top Speed Golf System. If you’re looking to swing big for close, we’ll cover some key wedge tips, while improving fundamentals! Start having real control of your game. Be able to hit any shot in golf! We’ll teach you.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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    28 Replies to “How To Hit a Full Swing Wedge”

    1. I've been really struggling to hit my wedges, I just did a round on a golf simulator and I shot a 75 with several birdies but I struggled a lot with my wedges and I think the issue probably was putting the ball too far forward in my stance

    2. Really helped mate. Thank you👍

    3. Diego L says:

      When you hit these shots are you still trying to use the bounce from the wedge or slightly down on the ball thru impact and using bounce to hit ground after?

    4. D L says:

      Is it good if I can hit a pw to 148 yards. I'm sure I can do 160 though

    5. Chip Norris says:

      Horrible instructional vid

    6. jroberts25 says:

      Full swing with my wedge is my biggest strength. I swear if my pitching wedge and my putter were the only two clubs in the bag I’d shoot a lower score

    7. I don't know what's going on with my wedges. I almost wanted to snap them over my knee today. I'm hitting them too low and overshooting greens. And when I pop the ball up, it comes up short of the green.

    8. Sam Gomolka says:

      whats the club speed on that shot i wonder? Angle of attack?

    9. Really good video, thanks a lot! Great channel

    10. Nathan B says:

      when hitting full wedges, should you be using your regular iron shot stance, or a pitch stance?

    11. If there was a drinking game that required me to have a shot each time you said the word “again” I’d be blackout drunk before you hit a ball.

    12. seizethecarp says:

      Not much help here for me. Didn't say anything besides 'swing it like you would any other iron'. Full shot wedges can be my biggest problem due to yardage consistency from trying to muscle up on a shot. Its real easy to swing too hard with a wedge and de-loft it. Being a short club its most prone to throw your hands through too fast and end up with a massive flop shot.

    13. Dan Benetti says:

      This is a great video! Thank you!

    14. Is swing path on a wedge inside to inside?

    15. lolobuggah says:

      Poor instruction. You just explained how to hit every normal shot. No specific ideas addressing the wedge.

    16. mR wRy says:

      Good instructions, thank s for providing the degree of the club you're using. There's so many instructional videos where the instructor forgets to mention what he's hitting.

    17. MGN01 says:

      Thanks for the tips. I cannot hit my 56 degree wedge more than 60-70 yds max. The ball just wants to go higher as opposed to further. [I hit my driver 230 (carry) and my 7 iron 145 yds as a reference. ]

    18. Aaron Sha says:

      Great video. Thank you. How to swing 52 gap wedge please? My 52 and 56 are similar distance, would you please have some video that can improve 52 or make it swing properly? Thank you!

    19. Sananda PGA says:

      nice video guys I have a question I sometimes hit my 8-iron 150 and I hit my 7-iron 150 also I was wondering cuz I've always want to become Semi-Pro and I'm a 7 handicap and I was wondering if that would affect my game. Because other players would have a distance advantage over me i would really want to know if hitting those distances would be beneficial to my game or not. thanks

    20. RAWDOG1021 says:

      Great content. Can never get too good at the fundamentals. Anyone ever tell you that you resemble Notah Begay?

    21. Good job on the presentation Robin. You are really starting to show vast improvements during your videos.

    22. Mango Man says:

      This is the biggest weakness of my game. Either a heavy strike that shoots straight into the air and falls 15 yards short, or a thin rocket that flies 50 yards over the green, which is a hazard on literally every hole on my course. Sometimes I thin it by flipping up, other times I thin it on the way down and take a divot. No consistency.

    23. R S says:

      Really great that you testify your faith Robin! Very encouraging!

    24. Great tutorial. I always tend to decelerate my wedges and disaster ensues.

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