In this tip, I teach you how to hit your fairway woods consistently. So many beginners and even experienced golfers end up topping their fairway woods or just don’t hit them solidly. There’s a reason for that which I share with you in this tip.

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A lot of hitting your fairway woods better comes down to how you think. That’s right. In order to hit these clubs solid and consistently you need to think of the right thing. Once you have the right thoughts it’s about technique. This doesn’t mean you have to change your swing. You just need to do this one thing that will allow you to hit your fairway woods higher and more solidly.

So watch this tip and try it out the next time you’re at the range. If so, I guarantee you will learn how to hit your fairway woods consistently long and straight.

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    1. Now I can work with you live with my new app called CoachLink. If I can see you, I can help you no matter where you are in the world. I can assess your swing, check your grip or swing positions, watch you at the range or even when you play. Find out more here: Thank you for your support!

    2. Zach Brown says:

      Gnarky 3 wood strike!!!!! So good man 👌

    3. Justus says:

      Love your videos

    4. Paul, I love your messages on 'not distance' just relax and enjoy the swing, I am sure it would be very enjoyable rib tickling lesson. I was in Vegas 2 weeks back, wanted to come and book a lesson but my conference schedule did not allow it. Maybe next time.

    5. Kevin Allen says:

      Paul you are absolutely spot on about the situations that lead to hitting poor fairway woods. My best shots from 200+ yards out have come from a more effortless swing with less emphasis on nailing a heroic shot to save par. Have recently acquired a new 7 wood and I am struggling a bit off the deck – I will use your advice and see if I can't hit it better. Thanks!

    6. H says:

      Hello Paul, how do I stop pull hooking my 3 wood? I hardly ever top it but usually pull hook it. Could you do a new video on this? This video got over 270k views! A lot of people I play with are so intimidated by woods that they don't even hit em.

    7. Daniel Kamau says:

      Thank you. Much needed after today’s round of golf. I’ll apply the lesson next time I play. #StressFreeGolf

    8. Not working, I don't swing fast, I think my issue is swaying into the ball trying to get through the ball for fairway woods.

    9. Brent Mason says:

      Can you post more wood/hybrid videos? Thanks for the great tips that have helped me on my last few rounds

    10. Greg Harback says:

      It's like you're some kind of golf wizard. What sorcery are you using that you somehow know exactly what I will do with a fairway wood before I even do it.

    11. Dan Youse says:

      Hi Paul – I love the Spalding Lee Trevino woods story – aounds like Spalding knew their buying market! You are so great and animated in your videos – with all the experience you have teaching golf, you could definitely do stand-up comedy! Thanks for another great golf tip!

    12. Todd O says:

      I just really love the way you teach…. you include the head game and how to correct that. And it works!!

    13. I’ve learned to hit my fairway woods solid by swinging more vertically. The temptation is to sweep at them because they are long clubs and resemble a driver. Instead these are hit off the ground. You cannot sweep at these shots. It will also help to choke up a bit in those long fairway woods and long irons so you can be more precise with them.

    14. Mary Lodato says:

      Great video. Wish I where a few years younger. ( many years younger) Will keep trying. Thanks

    15. I used to be a topper or duffer of the fairway wood, last week I tried hitting the fairway wood at the range, slowed down my swing tucked my right elbow, and damn 200yrds, I'm 62 just getting back into the game after 26 yrs dormant, finally I have another club in the bag..

    16. Keaton Grant says:

      Thanks, Paul. Ironically, I started doing this on my own with my 3 and 4 hybrid during the last round I played. I can’t tell you how unbelievably well this worked out for me. Now that you’ve said it, it’ll be stuck in my game forever. An 80% swing with clean club face contact is way better than a topped 1000% effort swing.

    17. I'm literally talking to the screen and agreeing with you as you so perfectly describe my issues to me. Thanks so much!!

    18. Gabe A. says:

      where do you position your feet?

    19. Adam Hess says:

      Paul I just want to say thank you. You helped me fix my grip and hit fairway woods better. shot my lowest score of 80 today thanks to you. Cheers

    20. Lenny jung says:

      Hi Paul. I really enjoy your YouTube vids. Does your swing setup change if you want to use the fairway wood as a pinch shot versus a sweep. How does this pinch differ from punching the ball by delofting the irons?

    21. Raj Srini says:

      Excellent, thanks

    22. Mike May says:

      Paul I love your tips. When I hit my fairway woods I try and think of hitting the bottom of the ball which seems to help me hit them well. Whenever I try to take anything off of them I seem to pull them left and I feel out of sync. When I use your method I am so fluid that I can feel it when I don’t stay on tempo. So as a result I am now finding myself using different clubs for shots I used to hit my 7 wood for because now it’s going 220 yards instead of 200 yards . So now I have to carry my 4 iron so I don’t fly the green.
      Would you suggest chocking up on the club or just taking a shorter backswing? Because when I use the longer irons I still feel myself wanting to hit the ball hard, which as you know isn’t what you teach.

    23. N Johnson says:

      Thanks for stating the truth. Better to try to salvage score with a putt versus hitting a 3 wood from too far away!!! Thanks for the honesty and practical advise!

    24. This is me all over quite often a distance thought when playing with bigger hitters.

    25. R Roy says:

      Hi Paul. Your instructions are just so enjoyable to watch, and I think they really work. Atleast they do so for me. I also like the way you build levity in your instructions. Way to go…👍👍

    26. Stevie Fresh says:

      “Your never gonna make the green”…haha. Loved this video. So true

    27. The Spaulding sole budge — funny!!!!!

    28. Seve Sellors says:

      Great tip for probably the hardest club in the bag for most amateurs. Thanks Paul!

    29. You truly have been a great help to my game. Thank you for your videos. Just bought some used Golden bear fairway woods. Can't wait to use these tips tomorrow. Thanks again.

    30. I have trouble hooking my hybrid 5 to 6 times out of 10

    31. This one felt directed at me personally. Haha! So good. Definitely taking this to heart.

    32. So.. it's the same reason I top my irons??

    33. Eggs Mann says:

      Paul knows the ' why's ' and ' what you should do's to fix it ' more than anyone else.

    34. Thank for the tips Paul…this is really my problem…

    35. Yeetskeet says:

      I never looked up and saw a nice shot💯💯

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