3 woods or fairway woods are often the most difficult clubs to use as they are the longest clubs that we play from the ground.

In this short video Chris covers the delivery needed to be successful with this club, along with some swing principles that will get you hitting the 3 wood more consistently than ever before.

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Galvin Green

Golf Poser


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    1. Adot911 says:

      Subbed liked notified

    2. Great explanations i've never been told before. Thank you, my fairway hits improved very much.

    3. Carolyn says:

      Closeness to the ball how do you measure.

    4. Scott Spiby says:

      Spray mine to the right all the time

    5. John Powell says:

      Wow…who knew??? I've been struggling with my 3 wood specifically because I have been hitting the ball with the bottom of the club face, never knowing that I may have better results using the middle to upper sections of the club face. Heading to the range now for validation. Thanks.

    6. I hit my 5 wood the best. If I could only hit my driver. Most times I will just use the 5 off the tee just to keep it in the fairway. Now I am only hitting it 180-210 which leaves me some distance on my second shot with par 4/5

    7. Glad I found this video I was crushing the ball with the 3 wood at the range today

    8. MrEric0822 says:

      So. Much. Talking. Very little information.

    9. I watched this video a few days ago; I went to the range, nothing but tops and low hangers.

      I re-watched the video yesterday; I Went to the range and hit proper 3 wood shots of the mat for the first time in my life.

      Thanks, bro

    10. Very Ryanesque…clear, concise, simple, spot one.

    11. This is a great video Chris, good job! A little tip for those who struggle to end their shots with their belt buckle and chest at target is to push the chest down towards the ball on downswing as this ensures rotation of hips, improves strike and removes slice. The old saying 'keep your head down' is actually 'keep your chest down' and is part of the reason why Chris' technique is so amazing to watch.

    12. Thanks for your thorough explanation of the club head,. Most helpful in understanding how to hit the challenging three wood..

    13. t borch89 says:

      Is there a difference between a 3-wood and a 3-iron swing? I can’t think of any. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong

    14. Eric Shields says:

      You explain things well and I've had heaps of problems topping the 3 fairway wood off the deck, I'll try and move the ball a bit back, thanks 🙂

    15. Bob Reidy says:

      3 wood is my "leave in the bag club". Problem is, now I am in my 70s I need a 3 wood for most second shots. This swing tip may help but I have trouble getting front on after hitting the ball.

    16. David Smith says:

      You covered exACTLY what I've been doing wrong w/ the 3w!!! Can't wait to get out and try the new setup and swing! Thanks for yet another SUPER lesson!!

    17. Excellent job Chris on explaining "bulge" on FW club face! Also, learned what causes low shots with the fairway woods. Ball position is definitely important and something that I am aware of when hitting these clubs. I think my main problem is moving through the ball properly. Good Job!

    18. ShoChikuBai says:

      will have to try this negative attack angle and taking a divot with fairway woods technique. I usually sweep the ball with fairway woods. also great info on the construction of fairway woods. must have knowledge for all new golfers.

    19. Shahid Khan says:

      Thank you so much Chris

    20. JjinMiSang says:

      Negative attack angle. Thank you

    21. J. C. Crimm says:

      Ok, got it. But I do wish you Brit types would take the gum out of your mouth while instructing or slow down the chat.

    22. Derek Houle says:

      Thoughts on a 3 wood where anything hit center or above is too spiny and high? Thanks

    23. Paul Brown says:

      3 wood is a game changer to be honest especially tee off life saver for those who struggle with the driver, and remember ball to inside foot distancing most people tee off and keep their feet and ball the same as their driver.

    24. Thanks for sharing this info Chris. I am going to implement this on my next range session

    25. I recommend woodglut to every beginner and not only.

    26. Thanks forthe explanation on the ball face. I will be working on that today. I play on a muni course with little grass here in Florida. I think this will help me on the hardpan in lifting the ball. I have become a terrific worm-burner hitter, firing with lots of roll but really want to get lift. Thanks again

    27. Excited to try this out on the course! Love your straightforward teaching!

    28. Mr. Beavis says:

      Excellent instruction in less than 9 minutes!!!

    29. Excellent explanation. Thank you. Now to try to put this into practice…

    30. BREAKTHROUGH says:

      Great video. However the most critical part of the golf swing being the waist turn to start the down swing; If you not at 45 degrees waist turn toward target (or further) before your clubhead touches the ball, you can try all kinds of "solutions" but nothing will ever work for you. Waist turn is key to everything else having the possibility to work.

    31. just what i needed as a reminder 🙂 had been overswinging and thinning balls all evening on the rage. – too far forward and leaning back, you got it 😀

    32. Deborah says:

      Really appreciated that 3 wood lesson. I had never been told about loft of 3 woods & the angle to hit down on the ball. I will be trying this with my woods as i avoid using them at all costs. Thanks

    33. Sydney says:

      Very helpful. I did try it to get a divot and it works for me. It 's better than trying for slide on top the grass. But as usual use full force, follow through and end in style. Good advice.

    34. actng says:

      my 4 wood is a really good excavator

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