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How To Hit Your IRONS PURE – This coaching plan will give you the best practise drills to transform your irons. It will give you a better understanding of some of the confusing golf lingo you may often hear. Help you to make better use of your equipment & improve your scores on the course by learning new strategies.

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    29 Replies to “How To Hit Your IRONS PURE | Me And My Golf”

    1. Randy Mahony says:

      Brilliant, gentlemen. Altitude also effects club distance. I moved from Connecticut to Florida and lost a full club if not more plus bermuda grass is also a deterrent of distance.

    2. Do you have videos for left handed golfers? Thanks for your consideration.

    3. Thomas Kraft says:

      I played about 3-4 rounds of golf/yr. always poorly, but some glimmers of hope (rarely). took this video lesson about 12 days ago, and went to the range and practiced what was taught. Started feeling it so I played 9 holes (cannot hold up for 18, games just falls apart after so many holes). On the 3rd hole, a par 3, set the ball on the tee just like they showed, prepared myself according to how they presented, hands, forewarms, feet, weight, then with my 7 iron I drove the ball. It landed about 5' in front and 4' right of the pin, which was at the bottom of a sloping green. It rolled up, then gradually curved to the left, hesitated and then began a low curving path back toward the pin, then disappeared out of sight, a hole in one. I know this is just freak luck, but that I was doing all the "right things" according to the video may have pushed this improbability more to my favor. Needless to say, back to the practice range, watching more of their videos, and feeling thanks for a thrill I really didn't deserve.

    4. MultiTroll84 says:

      Great video. Unfortunately for me all the golf clubs around me only have artifical grass with areas you can practise swing haha.

    5. rooboy69 says:

      Greg Norman is one of the golfers that use the ball position technique 👍

    6. 3:00 that ball position seems a bit too far forward. I would say that it should be one club head length for woods and long irons, and two club head lengths for mid irons, and more mid to back of stance with wedges.

    7. The only problem I have with this video is weight on front leg during set up and backswing, there are 3 types of pivots front center and back depending on body type

    8. Thank you. God bless. Always remember that Jesus Christ loves you all so much! Jesus Christ forgives all sins. Jesus Christ is God, King, and Savior!❤️🙏

    9. If you look a few inches past the golf ball it will help that low point of contact occur after the ball as well.

    10. Golf is hard but you guys have a way of simplifying it and allow us to get out of our head during play. Liked how you explained the science behind the shot which is great for the right visual and intent in the swing.

    11. Paul Rollins says:

      This video is bang on for my current issues. Cheers

    12. This is a very similar comment to many below, you guys are great! Thank you for the simple instruction and explanations to all your videos, you help make sense to the average golfers out there.

    13. Paul Dubar says:

      My biggest issue is I cannot hit 5 iron and above…i.e. longer irons. This tells me my fundamentals must be wrong…but I can hit below 5 , driver, hybrid etc. So I always avoid the long irons. I worry that if I try to fix this, it will destroy my other shots. Any suggestions?

    14. Does this apply to wedges as well? I tend to thin a lot of with the higher lofted clubs

    15. mick Banks says:

      Excellent video. One of the best I’ve seen for iron play.

    16. Chris Clark says:

      Great advice!!! I just started and your tips and hints are amazing 🤩 thank you

    17. Adam Clarke says:

      Geesus….this is, by far, the best and most informative golf channel on YouTube!

    18. nathan lyda says:

      On my 4th round of golf now, my most consistent error is hitting the ground first….t
      This video has given me some great things to work on! Thanks for the info!!

    19. al chavana says:

      Where would the ball be for a six hybrid? Is it the same as irons?
      Thanks for the videos, they have helped me a ton.

    20. Struggle most with shots starting straight and over drawing

    21. Ray Smith says:

      I have a question about my 3wood setup. Does it differ if I hit it from the tee box vs. hitting from the fairway?
      Ray Smith
      WA State

    22. Absolutely epic video! Struggling with my irons and love the practical elements I can put into place!

    23. J G says:

      I wish I could see Andy’s swing in person. It looks so effortless on video.

    24. epatetta says:

      I've just started getting into golf and your videos have been great in helping me understand how to play.

    25. Scott Smith says:

      Oh, by the way I'm 67 years young. 6'3 240

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