How to improve your chipping: Mark Crossfield & Coach Lockey give you Golf Tips on how to improve strike and eventually your chipping while stuck at home.


Rory talks to Golf Professionals Mark Crossfield & Matthew Locky about Golf Tips to improve your chipping. While we’re all stuck at home and practicing #StayHomeStaySafe, let’s all get better at golf shall we?!

Professional Golf Coaches give tips to help you to improve your chipping and get better at golf.

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    1. Greg Rowe says:

      Mark, I have the same issue. Will work on it.

    2. Chris says:

      I think thinking about rhythm during chipping/bunker play is something which would help a lot of players out.

    3. Malcolm Carr says:

      Crap at chipping with a wdge/Iron/Hybrid but bought a cheap & cheerful chipping stick from Amazon, never got the hang of it so another useless buy to improve a poor technique!! Have now spent 2 – 3 hrs over last 10 days with chipping stick against a sheet hanging from garage door off a winter fairway mat and had to start drawing targets on it cos putting the practice in really has paid off! Now looking forward to taking it onto the grass and refining further – piss poor preparation used to = piss poor performance – not now. great Vid, Thanks

    4. Mark Binion says:

      I'm hitting into a net in my back yard ( garden in your part of the wold ) doing the old swing with one arm drill. Since courses are still open here in North Carolina, US I get to see the good results of my work. I do however need to get my chipping and pitching back in order.

    5. Andrew Natt says:

      HI, I play off 11 but have been much better, but up and downs has become my real weakness. Less than 10% from missed greens in reg and it is all down to the strike of my chips. I have become terrified of chipping, even to the extent of assuming that I will bogey a hole if I miss the green. I will definitely try this drill and let you know. We're all in it together! Many thanks

    6. This video is great because it sums up how much initiative you have and determination to get better

    7. Kept me occupied for the past hour or so, definite improvements seen. What is the smallest gap that is physically possible?

    8. Bob Dunn says:

      Muppets assemble!! Great to see the lads back together!

    9. Colin White says:

      With chipping it is ‘margin for error’ which is king. Using the bounce correctly is key. But practicing on carpets is unrealistic.

    10. Kevin Thorp says:

      I have the same problem with chipping hitting the ground first. Got a great mental tip. Imagine the butt of the club is connected to the zip in the middle of your jacket. Swing with the left elbow tucked in. its a body swing and helps me stay connected and helps my strike

    11. Chipping – your wedges have bounce for a reason…use it subject to one big caveat, the lie of the ball is critical. On normal fairways if you use the bounce you can even hit a little behind the ball and still get a decent shot, try that on a tight, hard links fairway and you have problems.
      Speed – spin is a function of swing speed (at least in part), a shorter swing with more speed will usually result in the ball spinning more than a longer but slower swing.
      (edit) One more thought. If you only practicing from carpet that is the equivalent to playing off a tight, hard links fairway – fine if that is where you normally play, but for others it could encourage bad habits

    12. Nic Ted says:

      I know as a golfer how we all feel at the moment in time that we can't get on on the golf course. Its videos such as this that helps keep us sane with a bit of a laugh and a few tips. I'm more lucky than most as I can hit balls in the field next to my house and my net is very useful but its not the same as the golf course. Thanks Rory stay safe.

    13. Will be trying this today

    14. Greg Lewis says:

      I'm somewhere down the tunnel of self exploration, only 4 years in…

    15. You guys hide your hatred of one another very well…great work!

    16. Great to see you all back together Rory – good tips too – I'm working on my strength and fitness first and doing a bit of speed trading in the garden – chipping and putting to follow – have also cleaned virtually every piece of golf gear I have including a stack of pick up balls in various bags – I now have a dozen ProVs, Callaway chrome/tour sorts and no end of Srixons – no need to buy balls for years!!

    17. Rich W says:

      Nice… I thought my passport would be no use for the next 6 months…. how wrong was I!

    18. MARK COOKE says:

      I really enjoyed that. I can’t wait to get back out there. Plus looking forward to the VLOGS later in the year 👍👍👍

    19. Muppets Reunion! Great to see you three back on the same screen again. Hopefully a full reunion tour when we're all allowed outside again!

    20. Sir TogII says:

      Chipping in the garden and will introduce this in the regime. In fact, it's what my coach ordered, to focus on a point in front of the ball, but with something behind it, it makes it easier.

    21. fezzer says:


    22. John Francis says:

      missing your course blogs lads, bring back the muppet tour when this is all over

    23. That TV isn’t safe 🤣🤣🤣

    24. It this a temporary truce during Covid-19 and then you all start blocking and hating each other again 😁
      Interesting discussion as we all suffer from the dreaded thin bullet now and then.

    25. Epiphany is the word your after Mark.. 😉😉😉😁😁😁😁

    26. "Itching" to get out? What's worse than an "itch"? Whatever it is, I've got it 10-fold!!!

    27. mr Turner says:

      Working on using the ground with my feet on full shots at the moment. I get a bit flat footed at times.
      How about you guys coming and playing my course sometime, frilford heath Abingdon, it's a great knock.

    28. Rob Biles says:

      Got the mat, working on the net in the back yard now that we have gone in to lockdown and the course is closed. Someone needs to tell Coach that his ear plugs are broken. The leads come out.

    29. philn123456 says:

      the boys are back in town

    30. Malcolm says:

      I've been practicing chipping since the lockdown, its a strength of my game but i want to be better, love this drill!

    31. diD Projects says:

      #StaySafe Raymondo, I’ve been in the garden, finally got my net up (Xmas gift from Mrs D ♥️) and also been chipping from a mat on the patio, working on “landing zones”.. posted vids on Twitter, FB and Insta @diDprojects. Finally, apologies for tagging you in comps, but if I win you’re more than welcome to join me. 💥🏌️‍♂️👍

    32. Malcolm says:

      I am a dumper :):):)

    33. Baba Yaga says:

      I watched these videos from the best short game golfer ever and it made my chipping so much more consistent. – Part 1: chipping starts at 34:20 – Part 2
      You're welcome.

    34. Matt Chesney says:

      Quality, good to get the Muppets back on the tube😁

    35. Tim Dovaston says:

      That went a foot!!!!
      That's the most coach has ever laughed in a vlog… Congrats Rory.

    36. I was slightly worried when I saw you chipping towards the TV Rory before you put cushion there…..cheers and stay safe Bruh..!!!!!!!

    37. So lucky i get to use my garden and I think im gonna need to order a whole skip of sand when this is over with the amount of divots 😂

    38. Home of the original "Thin Bullet", some good tips from Mark Rory

    39. Andy Tolley says: this stick helped me so much with my chipping

    40. nails0401 says:

      Brilliant! Love to see your videos, thank you!

    41. Come the videos coming Rory

    42. TheFester999 says:

      I was relieved to see the cushion being introduced. I was a bit worried for your big TV

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